Top 10 Free SMS Websites for Your Reference


Text messaging, which is also popularly referred to as SMS communication has been one of the most convenient and popular means of communication in the world today. Unlike the use of unique Messenger and Social networking applications like Viber, Whatsapp, BBM among others, SMS can be used by individuals with both Internet enabled and basic phones hence bridging the communication gap. This article will educate you about the top 10 famous free SMS websites that you can use to send unlimited domestic and international messages at absolutely no cost. What's more, these online communication sites also allow you to send communicative messages to your loved ones even when you do not have your phone with you.

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List of the Best Free Texting Websites to Send Messages Online

1. Yakedi

Yakedi is a unique free text messaging website that is best used by the people living in New Zealand and Australia. You can send an unlimited number of absolutely free 160 character text messages to your contacts after following a provided simple 2 step registration processes. Another great advantage of the website is that you are required to provide minimum information during the registration process.


- The user interface is not only user-friendly but also very easy to navigate through.

- No amount is paid during the registration process.

- You have a right to change your number at any given time and all the text messages come straight from your phone.

- Users can enter in email promotions and competitions to earn even more free SMS.


- The registration on the website is currently open to Australian residents alone.

- Sending of SMS messages is restricted specifically to New Zealand and Australian numbers.

- Users can only send three free text messages by default unless they win the available promotions.

2. ICQ

ICQ is more than a website as it has also been successfully developed into a unique mobile app that is supported by both iOS and Android platforms. Its unique cheap services and ease of access have made the website to be quite popular among the youth.


- Users are provided with the ability to send free messages globally.

- Beneficial additional services like video and voice calls are provided.

- There is a wide range of communication stickers to choose from.


- Users are required to pay for some of the services offered by ICQ.

3. 160by20

160by20 is among the most popular websites that are extensively used to send unlimited free SMS services. Unlike other websites whose services are restricted to a specific region, 160by20 can be found and used in India, UAE, Kuwait, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore among other countries. Users are required to create a functional user account with an active phone number to use the services. This ensures that their contacts are completely synchronized with their online account.


- 160by20 is currently operational in numerous countries.

- The website's interface is user-friendly and quite easy to be used.


- International messaging services are not provided by 160by20 at the moment.

4. SMSFun

If you are looking for a website that allows you to be part of an interactive community of users while providing you with unlimited access to user forums and user tools, and then SMSFun is the right service for you. You can also send unpaid for text messages on the site.


- Users can send their text messages straight from their email.

- Upgrading to the premium Gold subscription that costs $2 per week gives you even more features than regular users.

- Premium users can access even more text message options.


- The registration process is quite longer.

- The service also offers a lot of intrusive advertisements.

- Users are required to earn their free SMS.

5. AFreeSMS

AFreeSMS is a unique service that allows you to send free SMS globally. The website covers most of the global regions including Africa, South America, North America, Asia, and Europe. No registration is needed when using the service, making it a better option for individuals who value their privacy. Users can send their sincere messages by crafting the intended message, providing the relevant receiver details and hitting the send button.


- Provides global services and covers nearly all parts of the world.

- Users are not required to sign up in order to use the services.


- No record is kept hence the website is good for casual conversations alone.

- No additional services like bulk messaging are provided.


Skebby which is both a communication website and mobile application allows users to send instantaneous text messages globally. The service is quite easy to use as no registration is required when being used to send SMS to worldwide mobile phone users. However, you can always create a free account if you like to back up your conversations while receiving messages on your account.


- Provides various additional services like advertising and SMS marketing in addition to sending free text messages.

- No account is required to use the service.

- An easy to navigate and very user-friendly website.

- Users can receive messages directly on Skebby.


- Creating an account is essential in order to use premium services and keep a detailed record of your chat history.

7. YouMint

YouMint provides a variety of services under one dedicated platform. One can register from multiple accounts, including Google and Facebook on the website. This will help synchronize all contacts and account information contained in the sites. Apart from communication, YouMint also provides users with a reliable online shopping platform.


- Integrates information from multiple accounts into one dedicated platform.

- Users are provided with huge discounts and other rewards when shopping on the platform.


- The YouMint online service is only available in India alone.

8. SMS Pup

The message sending service also provides users with dedicated online surveys that they can use to win a variety of prizes.


- SMS Pup contains a reliable phonebook feature.

- Message scheduling is available.

- You can send messages through email, the web among other methods. Contains a phonebook.

- All the sent messages indicate that they come from the user's number.


- Sent text messages may contain advertisements.

- Only 136 message characters are provided.

- The increasing advertisement and survey notifications may be disruptive.

- It is a requirement to take one minute survey before using the service.

9. FullonSMS

The FullonSMS service is a reliable and fast text messaging service that makes it possible to deliver the intended messages in a span of as little as 10 seconds. Users are allowed to create personalized groups and phonebook lists. All the messages are restricted to 160 characters and message scheduling is available.


- Among the fastest text messaging service providers.

- Chat customization is allowed.

- Unlimited group and individual chats.


- All the services provided in the website are limited to India alone.

10. Messagebird

Messagebird is an online messaging forum that can be used to send free text messages online. Various leading brands like IKEA, TNW, Dominos and Levi's prefer using the website in communicating. Online messaging forum to send SMS online. There are numerous pricing policies and measures that are targeted for various customers based on their needs and preferences. A free trial is offered to test the effectiveness of the site.


- Provides additional services like SMS to speech, email to SMS conversion and mobile marketing.

- Useful for entrepreneurs and business owners.


- Not really efficient for casual conversations.


After considering various factors like privacy, the number of SMS offered, the availability of additional services, regional availability, ease of use, among others, it is safe to say that AFreeSMS takes the leading position in the top 10 free SMS websites to send SMS online category.


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