How to Perform the Lenovo Mobile Recovery? [Best Lenovo Recovery Tool Included]


Lenovo phones made a surprise comeback these days as one of the sponsors of Formula 1 Grand Prix 2022 raging over in Miami, USA. Although the current Lenovo phone sales are far less than that in the past, this once-popular mobile phone brand still greatly influences people, and many old Lenovo users must have one Lenovo phone in their hands.

Suppose you own a Lenovo mobile phone, and for some reason, you lost precious data from the device. In that case, how to make a successful Lenovo mobile recovery? Well, you can do much more than wait and get emotionally upset. Below are the four effective solutions.

lenovo mobile recovery

Part 1. How Do I Recover Deleted Files on My Lenovo Tablet via Lenovo Mobile Data Recovery Software
Part 2. How Can I Recover Data from My Lenovo Phone with a Computer Backup
Part 3. How to Restore Deleted Files from Lenovo via Google Drive Backup
Part 4. How to Retrieve Deleted Data on Lenovo Phone with an SD Card
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Part 1. How Do I Recover Deleted Files on My Lenovo Tablet via Lenovo Mobile Data Recovery Software

Losing essential files from your Lenovo phone is not the end of the world. With Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android, you can easily recover the deleted data from your Lenovo internal memory or SD card even if no backup file exists. Moreover, you can also export the existing phone content to your computer for backup.

Key features of Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android:

  • Selectively recover the deleted photos, videos, music, documents, contacts, messages, and call logs from the Android internal memory and SD card (if any) to a computer.
  • Back up the existing content from your Android phone and SD card to the computer.
  • Preview all files before choosing items to recover or back up.
  • Offer two recovery modes to fulfill different needs.
  • Cause no file format change and data quality loss.
  • Widely compatible with Lenovo phones running Android 4 to Android 13, such as Lenovo Legion Y90/Legion Y70/Legion Duel/Legion Pro/K14 Plus/K13 Pro/K13/K13 Note/K12 Pro/K12, etc.

lenovo mobile data recovery software windows versionlenovo mobile data recovery software mac version

To use the Lenovo (Android) phone data recovery software:

1. Install and run the software on your computer and tap Android Recovery to continue.

launch the lenovo recovery tool on your computer

2. Connect your Lenovo phone to the computer via a USB cable and enable USB debugging on your phone as prompted.

enable usb debugging on the lenovo phone

Once connected, it will display the data types that you can recover from your device. Choose the content you wish to recover and tap Next to proceed.

choose the file types you want to recover

Follow the on-screen instructions to move on until it shows different categories on the left panel.

Note: If you cannot find the wanted files, try rooting your device when required before recovery.

root your lenovo phone if you cannot find the wanted files

3. Select the data type you want to recover on the left panel and preview all the content. Next, tick off the desired items and hit the Recover button at the lower-right corner to recover them to your computer.

start the lenovo mobile recovery without backup

Tip: If needed, switch on the Only display the deleted item(s) option to check the deleted files.

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Part 2. How Can I Recover Data from My Lenovo Phone with a Computer Backup

Assume you have backed up your Lenovo phone to the computer previously, like photos, music, videos, and documents. You can directly restore them to your Lenovo phone via a USB cable. Note that the protected and DRM media files are not supported this way.

Here's how:

1. Plug your Lenovo phone into your computer using a USB cable.

2. Once detected, double-click My Computer/This PC on your computer > your Lenovo phone under Removable Storage.

3. Choose the files you want to restore from a PC folder.

4. Copy and paste them into the phone's internal storage. Once done, disconnect your Lenovo phone from the computer.

recover data from lenovo phone via a computer backup

See also: How to Back Up Android Phone/Tablet to SD Card

Part 3. How to Restore Deleted Files from Lenovo via Google Drive Backup

You can also retrieve deleted files from Google Drive if you have enabled auto-syncing of files to Google Drive before.

Here are the steps:

1. Open the Google Drive app on your device or visit drive.google.com from any browser.

2. Sign in to the same Google account you used to back up your Lenovo data.

3. Tap the My Drive section, select the file you want to download, and hit the three-dot icon next to it > choose the Download option.

4. Wait until the downloading process is complete.

restore deleted files from lenovo via google drive backup

What if the data is not seen in the My Drive section? You can select the Trash option on the left side > locate and right-click the file you wish to restore > hit Restore to get them off Google Drive.

Part 4. How to Retrieve Deleted Data on Lenovo Phone with an SD Card

Suppose your Lenovo phone supports an SD card, and you have ever moved the files to the SD card before getting lost. In that case, you can restore the deleted files from the SD card to your phone.

Here is what you can do:

1. Keep your SD card inserted into the Lenovo phone and connect the device to your PC. Or, take out the SD card from your phone and plug it into the PC via a card reader.

2. When detected, open My Computer > the SD Card under Removable Devices > DCIM > choose the content you want to restore to your phone.

3. Drag and drop the files to the phone's internal storage or the computer.

retrieve deleted data on a lenovo phone via an sd card

That's it! However, you need to ensure that enough internal storage is there to store the recovered files.

Bonus Tips You May Like

Below are some tips you may also be concerned about. Let's explore.

1. How to Recover Data from Dead Lenovo Phone?

In some cases, your Lenovo phone may get damaged or dead, and you cannot use the above common ways to get the files back. At this moment, you can refer to this guide to recover data from a dead phone.

2. How to Factory Reset a Lenovo Phone/Tablet?

Option 1:

  1. Open the phone Settings from the Home screen.
  2. Click Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone.
  3. Tap Erase everything.

Option 2:

1. Turn off your Lenovo phone and don't connect it to any charger.

2. Press and hold the correct combination of keys together to get the device into Recovery mode.

  • Volume Up + Power buttons.
  • Or Volume Down + Power buttons.
  • Or Volume Up + Volume Down + Power buttons.

3. Select the Wipe data/factory reset or Reset factory option with the Volume keys.

4. Confirm the operation with the Power button.

5. Once finished, choose the Reboot system now option to restart your device.

factory reset your lenovo phone in recovery mode

The Bottom Line

All the above solutions will make the Lenovo mobile recovery, but the latter three options only work when you have made a backup beforehand. Thus, only Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android is the best way since it works for recovering data without a backup and exporting the existing content from the device. That's also why I will highly recommend the Lenovo recovery tool to you.

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