[Full Guide] How to Recover Data from Bricked Phone?


"My PH1 locked itself after the update, and it is telling me that it cannot load the Android system. I am assuming this means that my essential PH-1 is bricked. But is it possible to get my data back? I have lots of data/photos/videos on it, which I did not back up using Google Photos. Is there any way to recover the files from my Essential PH-1?"

- Cited from Reddit.com

When using our Android devices, the chances are that they may run bricked. If you are in such a situation, do you know how to recover data from the bricked phone? Don't fret! You will get a complete understanding of Android data recovery on a bricked phone in this tutorial.

 how to recover data from bricked phone

Part 1. What Is a Bricked Android Phone?
Part 2. Why Does an Android Phone Get Bricked?
Part 3. What Happens When an Android Phone Gets Bricked?
Part 4. How to Fix a Bricked Android Phone?
Part 5. How to Recover Data from Bricked Phone?
Bonus: How to Avoid Getting Your Android Phone Bricked Again?

Part 1. What Is a Bricked Android Phone?

When it comes to bricked Android devices, we mean the phone that you cannot turn on. When a phone gets bricked, the main software gets corrupted and fails to command the hardware to do things, making the phone useless.

There are two types of bricking on Android devices - soft brick and hard brick. The soft brick indicates that a phone's power is on but cannot perform any other functions. If your Android device gets soft-bricked, it may:

  • Boot itself into the recovery mode.
  • Freeze at the boot screen.
  • Get stuck at a boot loop.

Meanwhile, if your Android device runs hard-bricked, it will not be turned on in any way. Generally, it is impossible to fix the issue and recover data from a hard-bricked Android device. However, don't worry too much. The hard brick rarely happens on your Android device, and most of the time, your Android device may get soft-bricked.

Part 2. Why Does an Android Phone Get Bricked?

Many factors may lead to a bricked Android phone. Generally, your Android device gets bricked when you try to do something around the bootloader. Below are possible causes of a bricked Android device:

  • Root the Android device.
  • Install a custom ROM on your Android device.
  • Interrupted Android firmware update.
  • Virus or malware attack.
  • Physical damages affected the bios chip motherboard, such as water damage or falling the device onto a hard surface.
  • Incompatible firmware.
  • Your Android device runs out of battery.

Part 3. What Happens When an Android Phone Gets Bricked?

No matter your Android device gets soft or hard bricked, it will become useless and unusable. Specifically, you cannot boot the ROM on a soft-bricked Android phone, and it keeps restarting again and again but cannot be powered on. Besides, it gets freezes when you try to enter it into Recovery mode.

Compared with the soft-bricked device, a hard-bricked Android device becomes completely useless. However, the soft-bricked Android device is fixable if you adopt the right solutions like factory reset, wipe cache partition, etc.

Now, move onto the next part to learn how to fix the bricked Android device.

Part 4. How to Fix a Bricked Android Phone?

To fix the bricked Android phone to normal, follow the ways below:

Solution 1. Wipe Cache and Data

If your Android device keeps rebooting after you flash the custom ROM, you may have forgotten to wipe the cache and data of the former ROM. To wipe cache and data:

  1. Press and hold the Volume Up + Home + Power buttons simultaneously when you turn on the device.
  2. Press the Volume Down button to choose the Recovery mode as prompted.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue. You can use the Volume buttons to select the options and press the Power button to confirm your choice.
  4. Press the Volume keys to navigate to Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache and confirm your choice with the Power button. Next, return to the main screen to select the Wipe Cache Partition option.
  5. Select the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option with the Volume keys to erase all leftover data and settings.
  6. Restart your Android device.

fix the bricked android phone via wiping data

Solution 2. Force Restart Your Device

In most cases, force restarting fixes any glitches. To start with, power off your bricked Android device. You can remove the battery to restart it immediately. Then, place the battery back to its original position and press the Power button to restart your device.

Once done, check if your Android device can run without bricking.

restart the bricked android device

Solution 3. Flash a New ROM

Booting an Android phone may go straight to Recovery mode, especially when there is a problem with the flashed ROM. Thus, you can reflash the ROM to fix the bricked Android phone. Or, you can also restore the stock ROM when you boot your phone into Bootloader.

Solution 4. Wait for 10 Minutes

After installing the new ROM, please wait for about ten minutes since it takes time to adjust to the new ROM. If it does not respond for a long time, remove the battery and reboot your device by tapping the Power button for 10 seconds or so.

Solution 5. Disable Xposed Modules in Recovery Mode

The Xposed Framework is not as common and safe as it was before. However, it is still one simple way to fix your bricked Android phone. If you get stuck in a boot loop after installing a new Xposed module, try this method below.

To install the Xposed Uninstaller with ADB Push:

  • Download the Xposed Uninstaller on your computer.
  • Connect your Android device to the computer using a USB cable and boot it into Recovery mode.
  • Open a command window on your computer and use the cd command to change the adb directory.
  • Enter adb push [full path to xposed uninstaller.zip][full path to destination].
  • When it finishes copying files, flash it via the Recovery mode.

open command window to install the xposed uninstaller

To disable the Xposed module in the Recovery mode:

  • Boot your bricked Android device into the Recovery mode and head over to Advanced > Terminal command > create a file named /data/data/de.robv.android.xposed.installer/conf/disabled.
  • Reboot your Android device.

You can also prevent the Xposed modules from running:

  • Boot your phone into Recovery mode.
  • Open the File Manager and go to the folder named /data/data/de.robv.android.xposed.installer/conf/. Next, delete the file modules.list.
  • Reboot your Android phone.

Solution 6. Restore a Nandroid Backup

Nandroid backup completely snapshots your Android data, apps, and the operating system. Suppose you need to remove other system mods, replace the tweaked system file, or Solution 5 fails to work. In that case, you can try this method to access the custom recovery and get a Nandroid backup and makes your bricked Android run smoothly.

  • Boot your Android device into the Recovery mode and go to the Restore option.
  • Choose a backup file from the list, confirm it, and wait for it to finish restoring the backups.
  • Restart your phone.

You can also recover data from the Nandroid backup:

  • Install the Titanium Backup from Google Play Store.
  • Click the menu button and head over to Special Backup/Restore > Extract from Nandroid Backup > choose the backup file.
  • Ensure whether to restore data and apps or hit the Select All button.
  • Click the green tick icon to start the recovery process.

 fix the bricked android phone to get data back

Solution 7. Use Odin Mode to Fix Bricked Samsung on PC

Odin mode is the Download mode on Samsung devices. Suppose you use a Samsung phone and get it bricked. In that case, the following operations may be helpful.

  • Download the latest version of Odin mode on your Samsung device and extract the firmware folder that you download before.
  • Enter your Samsung device into Recovery mode and connect it to a Windows PC.
  • Open Odin and check if the blued COM button is at the top-left corner. Then, tick F.Reset and Auto Reboot options below and tap the Start button to fix the bricked Samsung device via Odin.

 use odin to retrieve data from bricked samsung android phone

Solution 8. Contact the Manufacturer Service

If nothing works to fix the bricked Android device, try to contact the mobile manufacturer or visit the nearby repair store for professional repair. Except for the expensive bills, it will safely fix your device to its original status.

Part 5. How to Recover Data from Bricked Phone?

Besides repairing your bricked phone, you may also want to retrieve data from bricked Android device. Broken Android Data Extraction is the best method to recover data from the bricked phone. Not only that, it also helps you to fix the bricked, crashed, frozen, and virus-attack Android device to normal.

The key features of Broken Android Data Extraction:

* Support to fix various broken Android devices to normal: Virus attack, black screen, system crash, water damage, frozen/screen-locked Android phones, etc.

* Get data from the damaged phone's internal memory and SD card.

* Support different data types, including contacts, call logs, messages, message attachments, WhatsApp, WhatsApp attachments, audio files, videos, photos, etc.

* Preview data and recover the wanted items.

* Safe, easy, and user-friendly.

* Work with most Samsung models, like Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra/S23/S22/S21/S20, Samsung Galaxy Note 20/Note 10/Note 9, and other Android devices (coming soon).

broken android data extraction free download

How to recover files from bricked Android phones directly?

1. After installing the program on your computer, please run it and choose the Broken Android Data Extraction from the left panel.

install and launch broken android data extraction on your computer

2. Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone with the computer and ensure that the program can detect your device automatically. After that, tap the Start button and choose the device name and model from the drop-down list.

Once done, agree to the disclaimer, tap the Confirm button, and follow the on-screen instructions to enter the device into the Download mode and fix the device.

connect your bricked android device to the computer

3. After repair, it will automatically scan the device data. When it displays the content on the interface, choose one data type from the left window, preview the files, and check the desired items to recover. Finally, hit the Recover button below to start recovering data from the bricked phone to the computer.

how to recover data from bricked phone directly

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Bonus: How to Avoid Getting Your Android Phone Bricked Again?

After getting to know how to get data from bricked Android devices, are you considering how to prevent your Android phone from getting bricked in the future? If yes, check the following tips:

  • Install a custom recovery before installing the custom ROM. Doing so will restore the device to its original status if needed and avoid bricking the device.
  • Know something about ADB commands, hard reset, or fast reboot.
  • Back up your Android device regularly.
  • Make sure to choose a compatible ROM for your device.
  • Enable the USB debugging on your Android device since it is the precondition for many repair solutions.
  • Ensure that the battery is enough, or plug your device into the power source before installation.
  • Never download or install apps from unknown sources.


You've mastered how to recover data from bricked phone after checking the complete tutorial. Undoubtedly, Broken Android Data Extraction is the best choice to fix the bricked Android device and recover data from it simultaneously. It is optimal to fix bricked Samsung devices and extract files, and soon, it will support more Android models. Let's anticipate!

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