[Samsung Tips] A Comprehensive Samsung Notes Backup Guide (3 Methods)


As we live in a fast-paced digital age and rely heavily on our smartphones for everyday tasks, protecting our digital assets is essential. Samsung Notes is one of the many apps available, but it's particularly useful for taking notes, sketching, and having essential information close to hand. But the issue of how to protect these notes comes up frequently. We will answer some frequently asked questions concerning Samsung Notes in this extensive tutorial, along with providing step-by-step instructions for efficient backups. Read to learn about them!

samsung notes backup


Part 1. Brief Answers to the Questions Regarding Samsung Notes

To provide a basis for a thorough knowledge, let's address these basic concerns before getting into the details of Samsung Notes backup:

Q1. Are Samsung Notes Automatically Backed Up?

Samsung Notes does have a backup feature, but it requires manual configuration to ensure a regular backup. Typically, as a Samsung user, you can use your Samsung account or sync your notes with other cloud services like Samsung Cloud, Microsoft OneDrive, or Google Drive.

Q2. Where Does Samsung Notes Store Its Data?

The data is stored in dedicated folders on the internal storage of your Samsung device. Here are the common paths where Samsung Notes are stored:

Internal Storage/Android/data/com.samsung.android.app.notes/

Internal Storage/Android/data/com.samsung.android.app.notes.addons/

where are samsung notes stored

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Part 2. Samsung Notes Backup Guide

Ensuring the safety of your Samsung Notes is a simple yet vital task. Here, we present 3 distinct methods for backing up your valuable content.

Method 1. How to Back Up Samsung Notes Directly

In fact, Samsung's Notes app itself comes with an export feature. You can not only export it as a PDF but also export it as a TXT or other types of formats. Here are the steps to do so:

How to back up Samsung Notes directly

1. Open the Notes app on your Samsung and choose the note you want to back up.

2. Tap the three dots in the upper-right corner and choose the "Save as file" option to export the note.

samsung notes save as file

3. Choose the format and the folder to save your notes. Then, you can freely save the note on your phone, your computer, or Cloud services.

export samsung notes

Method 2. How to Save Samsung Notes with Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud is a cloud-based service provided by Samsung that enables users to store, sync, and back up various types of data from their Samsung devices. It offers a seamless and secure way to access and manage your content across different Samsung devices, providing convenience and data protection.

Main Features

  • Data backup and restore functionalities.
  • Sync data seamlessly across multiple Samsung devices.
  • Employ encryption and authentication measures to safeguard information stored in the cloud.
  • Include a "Find My Phone" feature, allowing you to locate your lost or stolen device and remotely lock it for additional security.

How to save Samsung Notes with Samsung Cloud

1. Open the Notes app on your Samsung and tap the three lines in the top-left corner.

2. Go to "Samsung Notes settings" > "Sync with Samsung Cloud" and enable synchronization.

samsung notes settings auto sync

You can also achieve it in the Settings app

1. Start by accessing the "Settings" app on your Samsung device and go to "Accounts and backup".

accounts and backup

2. Select the "Samsung Cloud" option and log in using your Samsung account credentials.

samsung cloud screen

3. Within the Samsung Cloud screen, click on the three-dots icon located at the top-right corner. From the drop-down menu, choose "Settings" > "Sync and auto-backup settings".

samsung cloud settings

4. Activate the switch next to "Samsung Notes" to initiate the backup of your Samsung notes. Afterward, tap "Sync now".

samsung cloud settings sync and auto backup settings

5. For automatic synchronization of your notes, turn on the "Samsung Notes" syncing option within the "Auto back up" tab.

Method 3. How to Export Samsung Notes with Smart Switch

Smart Switch is a powerful tool developed by Samsung to simplify the process of data transfer between Samsung devices. This convenient tool offers various features to ensure users can easily and quickly move their data, whether upgrading from an old device to a new one or performing backup and restore operations.

Main Features

  • Comprehensive data transfer.
  • Seamless upgrades.
  • Backup and restore functionalities.
  • Cross-platform support.
  • User-friendly interface.

How to export Samsung Notes with Smart Switch

1. Begin by installing Smart Switch on your computer and connecting your Samsung phone to the computer using a USB cable. If a pop-up window appears on your Samsung phone, click "Allow" to authorize the connection.

smart switch pc

2. Open Smart Switch and select the "Backup" option. You'll be presented with various data types; choose "Samsung Notes" for backup. Then, click "OK".

smart switch backup

3. The computer will initiate the backup process automatically, ensuring your data is securely preserved.

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Bonus Tip: How to Back Up Your Samsung Phone in One Click

Beyond Samsung Notes, safeguarding your entire device is crucial. Coolmuster Android Assistant provides a comprehensive solution for one-click backups.

Coolmuster Android Assistant is a data management tool designed specifically for Android devices, aiming to simplify the process of data transfer, backup, and management between a computer and an Android device.

Main Features

  • Easily back up data on Android devices, including contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, etc., and restore it when needed.
  • Provide an intuitive interface for users to conveniently manage and organize data on their Android devices from the computer.
  • Supports one-click backup of the entire data on an Android device, streamlining the backup process and ensuring data integrity and security.
  • Allow users to install, export, and uninstall apps directly on the computer from their Android devices.
  • Support connections with various brands and models of Android devices, ensuring broader applicability.

How to use Coolmuster Android Assistant to back up Samsung

01Install and launch Coolmuster Android Assistant on your computer. Connect your Samsung device via a USB cable or Wi-Fi following the instructions on screen.

back up samsung using android assistant

02Select "Super Toolkit" > "Backup". Choose the data types you wish to back up and click "Back Up".

android assistant backup

Ending Part

This article introduces 3 convenient methods for Samsung users to back up their notes and provides answers to some commonly asked questions. In addition, by using Coolmuster Android Assistant, you can ensure the security of your important information. This way, regardless of any unexpected situations, you can promptly retrieve your priceless possessions - your data.

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