How to Back up Whatsapp Messages on iPhone

Kathy Price
Sep 02, 2022

With the advancement in technology and WhatsApp gaining popularity, professionals are widely using iPhone WhatsApp to make formal communication. Almost every institution and family have their WhatsApp groups where they address both official and individual interests. This has played a major role in bridging the gap between bosses and their subordinates as well as that of the children and the parents. Members can share even the comic clips and bring out some healthy humor in a professional manner. Updates concerning various departments are also posted and individual assignments. This makes it important for the user to backup this message as they may use them for future reference.

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Why Need to Backup iPhone WhatsApp Messages?

Nothing happens by chance, you really must have enough reasons for your backup as this guides you on where to transfer the WhatsApp messages to. The period in which you want to keep your iPhone WhatsApp messages is also a determining factor. This is because long-term information needs to be transferred to a safer platform compared to the short term information. The following are the possible reasons for the backup.

• To keep information safe for future reference.
• To keep the data away from anybody who may use the iPhone.
• At some point, you may lose your iPhone. This would lead to the loss of every piece of information.
• Convenience is also another reason as we can back up the messages on a platform where we are sure to access it when we need it.
• When the iPhone has some defects and needs to be repaired we may transfer the WhatsApp messages to another device and restore them when the iPhone is fully recovered.
• There may need to view the WhatsApp messages from a big screen and this calls for the user to back them up on the computer.

User Guide: How to Backup iPhone Whatsapp Messages

iOS Assistant (Windows/Mac) software - this is a very important program that helps you meet all your iPhones needs. It is fully compatible with all iOS devices and is a fantastic way of managing data on the computer. The software allows for a selective data transfer and gives room for batch transfer making it possible for users to transfer as many WhatsApp messages as possible. It provides grounds for the users to intelligently export all sorts of data from the iPhone to the computer.


The following are the steps:

• Run the software and connect your iPhone to the computer. Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch the installed software by double-clicking on its desktop app.

• The software automatically detects your iPhone and displays your iPhone information on the main interface. The display is inclusive of the iPhone WhatsApp messages.

• Preview iPhone files as displayed on different folders in the left panel. Click on the WhatsApp folder and check details on the right panel.

• Mark all the WhatsApp messages you want to backup and click "export" on the top of the interface.

• After you backup the messages, a pop-up window will appear to show you the progress.

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Extra Bonus: Alternative Way to Back up WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

While backing up iPhone WhatsApp messages is good, it does not work for everyone especially for those who may not be having a computer. Backing up your WhatsApp messages on your email is a cheaper and universal option.

• Open WhatsApp and click on the conversations or the group you want to email their chat list.
• Swipe right on the conversations and tap "more" and click on the email conversations.
• Choose on whether to attach media or not.
• An email will be sent containing the selected WhatsApp messages into an attached TXT document.
• The media will be uploaded as individual attachments.

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