Quick Fix: How to Access Music on iCloud


iCloud music library from iPhone helps you to store your music online on the iTunes store. You can even upload songs. Then, you can stream online or download songs. When you subscribe to Apple music, you will also get iCloud music library as a part of it.

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Simple Guide: How To Access Music On iCloud

iCloud music library stores up to 10,000 songs with an Apple music or iTunes subscription. You can enable iCloud Music Library on the computer also.

When you subscribe to Apple music, Apple scans your iTunes music library to check and see which tracks are your own music that are also listed in your iTunes Store. Any songs that are not matched with the iTunes tracks, will be uploaded to iCloud in their natural form. After your songs are uploaded, they either get stored or matched to your iCloud music. You can stream or download music from it.

Method 1: Access Music on iCloud with iTunes

Step 1- If you are signed into your iTunes account, open iTunes and open the "account" menu.

Step 2- You can sign out then.

Step 3 - Click on the "Match" tab that appears and select your subscription.

Step 4- Enter your Apple ID and password.

Step 5- After the subscription, you have to select "Use iCloud Music Library".

Step 6- Tap "Add to Computer" to upload and match your computer’s music library to iCloud music library.

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Method 2: Access Music on iCloud within iPhone/iPad/iPod

You can also use your own iPhone or iPad to access all the music you have on your iCloud account. Just follow these steps below to do it.

Step 1- Connect your device to a wireless network.

Step 2- Open the Music app that you can find on the Home screen.

Step 3- Then, tap the "My Music" tab which will display your music library.

Step 4- In "My Music" tab you can find the list of songs, artists and genres. With internet connection, you don't need to download songs to listen. Without it, you will have to buy the music.

Step 5- You can also download the music that you purchased or that is stored in your iCloud Music library.

Step 6 - Tap the song, artist or album that you want to download.

- Tap the iCloud download button to download your selection.

- Find the downloaded music in the "My Music Tab".

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Extra Bonus: Downloading your purchases on the computer

Here is how you can download all your purchases easily.

Step 1- Open iTunes.

Step 2- Sign in to your Apple ID.

Step 3- Click the "Music" tab and then tap on the "iTunes store".

Step 4- When the tab opens, click the "purchased" click to see all your purchases.

Step 5- Then, click on your "Not in My Library" option that will show all the music that you don’t have.

Step 6 - Click the "Download All" option to download all the songs that you don't have.

Step 7 - Return to the "My Music" list, to see which songs are being downloaded.

In the End

That is all that you need to do to access your iPhone and iPad purchases on your iCloud account. You can download all the music that you want on any of your iDevices and use them. Plus, you might want to use a software like this Coolmuster iOS Assistant software to help you to backup data and transfer everything from apps to music between your phones.

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