Simple Ways to Delete iCloud Backup

Kathy Price
Sep 19, 2023

As iCloud saves backups on the basis of the device ID, so it is possible that more iCloud backups than you really need are saved on your device. And the key is that there may be duplicate backups on your device and too many iCloud backup will of course take up much precious storage space on your device. So this passage tells you how to easily delete unwanted iCloud backups. And actually, you have more than one ways to delete iCloud backup:

Way 1 - Delete iCloud Backup Directly from iPhone/iPad

Way 2 - Delete iCloud Backup from Windows/Mac Computer

Way 1. How to Delete iCloud Backup Directly from iPhone/iPad

> Open your iPhone/iPad device and launch the Settings app. Then tap on iCloud and Storage option to continue the process.

how to delete icloud backup

> Now, select the backup you would like to delete and then tap on Delete Backup. Finally, wait for the process to complete.

how to delete icloud backup

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Way 2 - How to Delete iCloud Backup from Windows/Mac Computer

From Windows Computer:

> Go to the Start Menu> all Programs> iCloud Folder. Launch iCloud and then Click on "Manage".

how to delete icloud backup

> Choose Backups option and then select the backups you would like to delete. Finally, click on Delete option and confirm the deletion.

how to delete icloud backup

From Mac Computer:

> Go to Apple Menus> System reference> iCloud> Manage> Backups.

> Select the backups you want to delete and then click Delete. Finally, just confirm the deletion.

how to delete icloud backup

Now, you can choose either way to delete iCloud backup in one click. But sometimes you may receive this message "cannot delete because backup is in use", don't worry! You are not the only one victim. When facing this situation, just wait for several hours and try again since there is not a clear solution yet!

Extra Bonus: Free More Storage Space on iPhone/iPad

As mentioned in the above, deleting iCloud backup can free up some space to a certain degree. However, you should know that aside from the burdensome iCloud backups, the junk files invisibly lurking in your device greatly occupy the precious storage space. So you also need to clean up these useless files to free up more space.

Here, you can't miss this FREE but powerful Coolmuster iOS Cleaner software, which allows you to easily and quickly clean up useless files from iPhone/iPad, so as to free up more useful space.

This software is quite easy to use:

> Open the installed software and link your device to the computer via the USB cord. Then choose the Quick Clean mode to continue the process.

> Then choose the files you want to clean up from iPhone/iPad and click StartScan option to preview more detailed info.

> Finally, click on Clean option to clear these junk files. Just wait for the process to get completed within a little while.

free up space on iphone ipad


To delete an iCloud backup directly from your iPhone or iPad, navigate to the Settings app, tap on iCloud, select Storage, choose the backup you want to delete, and tap Delete Backup. Wait for the process to complete.

Alternatively, you can delete iCloud backups from a Windows computer by accessing the iCloud folder from the Start Menu, selecting Manage, choosing Backups, selecting the backups you want to delete, and clicking Delete. Confirm the deletion.

Additionally, to free up even more storage space on your iPhone or iPad, it is recommended to clean up useless files that invisibly occupy storage. Coolmuster iOS Cleaner, a powerful data cleaning program, can help you achieve this. Install it on your computer, and then remove your iCloud backups completely.

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