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Detailed Guide on How to Backup iPhone Contacts to iTunes


If you've an iPhone, you need a good way to keep all your contacts safe. Your photos, data and contacts can be kept safe, if you can take care of a few simple things.

What is the need to backup iPhone contacts?

It is essential to have a backup of your data especially your contacts from your phone. This is because contacts are sensitive, vast information that cannot be stored in human memory. It is impossible to keep track of all the contact numbers in your memory. In case you flash your memory or lose your phone, these data will be lost. Gathering up of all the contacts again and entering them manually all over again is a hectic task. This imposes the prime requisites to have a backup of your phone contacts. iPhone grants this feature that lets you have a backup of your phone contacts and permits restore process.

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How to Backup iPhone Contacts to iTunes?

iPhone lets you take a backup of your contacts into iTunes. The following steps are to be followed in order to do the same.

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB data cable.

2. Launch iTunes on your computer.

3. From the "Devices" list find your iPhone and select it.

4. Right click on your iPhone, this will display a series of options from which select "Backup."

5. This process takes a while. Wait for it to complete.

Once this is done, the backup data will be stored on your computer.

Disadvantages of iTunes backup:

• iTunes has its known complaint of running slowly on many computers especially on Windows software.

• It consumes a drastic amount of the system RAM.

• It slows down your system, and you would have to restart it again.

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Bonus: iTunes Alternative to Backup iPhone Contacts

Looking for an alternative to iTunes? The Coolmuster iOS Assistant software enables the users to transfer data from Apple devices to your computer and keep a backup of it. This software is available for systems of both Mac and Windows OS. It provides equal support on systems of both the Operating Systems which is absent in iTunes which when run on systems of Windows OS exhibit poor performances.

- It allows quick transfer of data between your Apple device and your desktop irrespective of the operating system. It reports a special filter that lets you take a quick search through your files.

- They permit you to transfer all kinds of data like messages, videos, photos, and notes.

- They provide standard compatibility with all generations of Apple devices and marks an user friendly environment to work with. This lets you transfer of data with ease.

- The downloading of this software is very easy. You can take up a trial version and later register and then acquire the full version. Once installed, you can start using the software right away.

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How to Use This Software On Your Device?

Follow these three simple steps after installation to get the transfer of data done in no time:

• Open the software after installation.

• Connect your iPhone to the desktop.

• You will get a clear view of all the files and folders on your iPhone.

• The folders or categories like music, and photos will be displayed on the left.

• The files that are inside will be displayed on the right. You can select the required files with the help of checkboxes.

• Now click on Export to transfer contacts from iPhone to the computer as a backup.

Words in the End

This will result in file transfer from your Apple device to your desktop. The speed, user-friendly environment and compatibility with both the operating systems is what makes this Coolmuster iOS Assistant software the best to acquire a backup of data.

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