iPhone Overheating When Charging? Reasons and How to Fix


In these times, you can't do without a smartphone. Whether making calls and sending text messages or playing your favorite game when you're stuck on long commutes, a smartphone comes in handy. But, the more you use it, the most likely it can run into issues. It could cause your device to overheat as you charge it. The iPhone overheating when charging problem is very common, but that does not mean you should not take fixes or precautions to safeguard the durability of your device. This article will discuss some tips for solving this problem in the future.


Part 1. Why My iPhone Is Getting Hot While Charging

Most users often have this question: "Why does my iPhone feel hot when charging?" What is wrong? If iPhone overheating when charging, this might indicate that something is wrong with its internal components and the iPhone system itself, which means that it requires timely repair. Here are reasons to iPhone gets heated while charging problem:

1. iPhone charger doesn't work properly

When the charger is defective, it can cause overheating of your device. In this case, you will need to replace the charger immediately to prevent your battery from damage.

2. Improper usage

If your device becomes hot when charging, maybe you are charging it too much. Otherwise, you could be pushing it too hard by using too many applications at once, making it overheat when charging.

3. Effects of the external environment

Overheating of your iPhone when charging could be caused by the room being too hot. Also, the problem could occur if the device is exposed to excessive direct sunlight.

4. iPhone software problems

Your problem could be caused by unknown system errors or bugs that can cause abnormal heating when charging. To fix the problem, you need to repair your operating system as soon as possible.

5. Too many applications are running in its background

Your device system may fail to support normal operation when you run too many applications at the same time.

6. Hardware problems

It could be that your phone battery is seriously damaged. If this is so, you might need to remove the battery and replace it with a new one. Also, you can visit the nearest Apple shop to get recommendations from their experienced attendants.

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Part 2. How to Fix iPhone Overheating While Charging Problem

This section will discuss the best solutions to your problem of iPhone overheating when charging. You need to go through all of them and choose the one that will return your device to the proper operation and increase the durability of your battery.

Fix 1. Remove the Phone Case

You first need to cool down the device by removing its cover before you try repairing it. To begin, you have to remove the iPhone from the protective case. A phone case traps some heat, causing even more phone overheating. By removing the case, you will allow the heat contained to be released, and your iPhone will start to cool down.

Fix 2. Check Your Cables

Confirm that your charger cable is in good condition. If your cable is bulging or damaged, replace it immediately because it might be the one causing overheating of your iPhone when charging. It is worth noting that you are supposed to use an original Apple charger because other chargers might overcharge your device, causing overheating.

Fix 3. Keep CPU Activities at a Minimum

Sometimes you may find yourself using Navigation, transferring large files, calling people and watching videos, etc., all at once. This makes the processor of your device heat up. To fix this problem, you need to ensure you don't run too many applications simultaneously.

Fix 4. Check for Possible External Factors

Ensure your iPhone is free from excessive direct sunlight by placing it in a moderately cool place. You do not want your device to be exposed to severe hot conditions while it is charging since this could make it overheat.

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Fix 5. Remove a Crashing App

If you notice that your iPad or iPhone has overheated, crashed, or slowed down after installing a certain application, you must identify this app and remove it. Simply touch and hold the app with your finger and press the X key to remove it.

remove a crashing app to fix iphone overheating when charging

If you do not know which application is causing your problem, open your Settings. Under the Privacy menu, select Analytics and then Analytics Data.

find which application is a crashing app

Here, you will find the application that is making your phone crash. Next, return to the home page and remove it.

Fix 6. Disable Background App Refresh

The idea of background application refresh is downloading up-to-date info from the internet, even when you aren't using the application in question. However, if your application downloads large amounts of data while you're using your phone for other things, it can heat up the whole device. You are better off switching this off. Here is how to do it:

Step 1. Open your Settings, then choose General.

Step 2. Tap on Background Refresh. Now you can switch it off.

disable background app refresh to fix iphone overheating when charging

Fix 7. Disable Airplane Mode

Controlling your device's temperature is related to closing some of its features that could consume much of your CPU power. Its various connections (cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.) could make your device overheat when charging. Turning on the Airplane Mode switches off these features. Here is how to do it:

Step 1. Open your Settings.

Step 2. Select the Airplane Mode option, and switch it on.

disable airplane mode to fix iphone getting hot when charging

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Fix 8. Update iPhone and Apps

Updating your apps and the iPhone firmware can help solve the issue of your Phone overheating when charging. Here is how to do it:

Step 1. Open your Settings.

Step 2. Select General and then tap on Software Update.

Step 3. You can now check whether there're new updates. If yes, select Download and Install.

update iphone and apps to fix iphone gets hot when charging

Fix 9. Use Low Power Mode

Sometimes you may note that your iPhone overheats when you keep its screen awake for a long. Therefore, you need to limit your device's use time. Enabling Low Power modes will help fix your iPhone heating up when charging issue. Here is how to do that:

Step 1. Open your Settings and select Battery.

Step 2. Switch on the Low Power Battery mode.

use low power mode to fix iphone gets hot while charging

Fix 10. Turn on Auto-Brightness

If the iPhone's brightness becomes too high, the battery can be affected, leading to overheating of your device when charging. To avoid this problem, you should set your iPhone to auto-brightness settings.

Step 1. Open your Settings, scroll through, and select Accessibility.

Step 2. Tap on Display & Text Size, and you will see the Auto-brightness tab. Just switch it on.

turn on auto-brightness to fix iphone heating up while charging

Fix 11. Remove Lock Screen Widgets

With the latest iOS Updates, Apple Widgets have gone to another level, supporting many applications you use daily, like Health App, Weather App, and more. You need to avoid using Widgets, especially the Lock Screen Widget, to prevent overheating and save your battery. Here is how to fix Phone overheating when charging:

Step 1. Touch & hold any part of your phone Lock Screen.

Step 2. Tap on the Customize option to activate the Edit mode.

Step 3. Click on the minus(-) sign to remove the Widget from the Lock Screen.

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Fix 12. Reset All Settings

Resetting the iPhone settings isn't ideal, but you can try it if all the other solutions have failed. This may work if some unknown settings make your device overheat while charging. Her is how to fix iPhone 12/13/14 overheating when charging:

Step 1. Open your Settings and select General.

Step 2. Scroll through until you find the Reset option. You will now see the Reset All Settings option. Click on it to begin the process.

reset all settings to fix iphone overheating while charging

Part 3. The Best Way to Fix iPhone Getting Hot When Charging Problem

When you find your device's battery is overheating or having other issues related to the operating system, it might be a result of a corrupted file. So, you should quickly repair the device using iOS System Recovery software. It's a robust tool that fixes any iOS system-related problem without data loss, such as iPhone blue screen of death, iPhone grey screen of death and so on. It is easy to use and solves the iPhone gets hot when charging issue in a few clicks.

Key Features:

  • Repair iPhone gets hot while charging issue in a few clicks to normal.
  • Easier to use and secure.
  • Fix almost all iOS systems problems on iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  • Support the latest iOS versions.

Here's how to fix iPhone 13 overheating when charging to normal:

01After installing the software, launch it and choose More Tools > iOS System Recovery options.

run ios system recovery to fix iphone overheating when charging

02Click on the Start button and boot the device to DFU mode.

detect the iphone overheating when charging problem

03Tap the Repair option to download iPhone firmware.

start to repair iphone overheating when charging

04Once you install the correct firmware, the software will repair your iPhone to normal.

wait to fix iphone overheating when charging

Summing Up

iPhone heating up while charging issue shouldn't be taken lightly. It should be addressed immediately after it starts occurring. This article has discussed the top ways to resolve such an issue. But, the best way to fix the issue and be sure it will be gone is iOS System Recovery; it removes all glitches that cause an iPhone to get hot when charging.

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