How to Delete Apps on iPhone? [Full Guide]


Everyone who owns an iPhone always downloads different apps. However, after using these apps for some time, the users get bored, find better ones or realize that the apps are not as good as they thought them to be. Most applications consume a lot of space on the gadget. If you install too many apps, you might run out of storage. When you check some screen devices, you will find many app icons that have not been opened in years.

It is why it is advisable to offload or delete apps on iPhone once in a while. Over the years, the process of eliminating apps on iPhone, iPod and iPad has not changed too much. The following are some of the methods that can be applied to offload apps from an iPhone.

Method 1 - How to Delete Apps on iPhone (Professional Way)
Method 2 - How to Remove Apps from iPhone from Settings
Method 3 - How Do I Remove Apps from My iPhone with 3D Touch
Method 4 - How to Remove Apps from iPhone 7 by Tapping and Holding
Method 5 - How to Delete Apps & App Data on iPhone for Good
Method 6 - How to Uninstall Apps from iPhone with iTunes

Method 1 - How to Delete Apps on iPhone (Professional Way)

By using the Coolmuster iOS Assistant, iDevice users can manage data and files from their iDevices which includes iPhones, iPad, and iPods. And of course, you can uninstall iPhone apps on computer systematically with it.

Tips: If needed, please back up apps on iPhone before deleting them.

Here's how to delete apps on iPhone as below:

> Download the right version of this program on your PC or Mac. Please make sure to install the latest iTunes on your computer for connecting your iOS device.

> Connect your telephone to your PC/Mac using a cable. Check what to do if iDevice fails to connect to the program.
> After the software has accepted the program, all the files, apps and folders will be displayed in the main interface.

coonnect your iphone to pc to delete iphone apps

> Enter the "Apps" folder and preview all the app information.
> Select all the apps that you want to uninstall from your iPhone.
> Select the "Uninstall" option and start the process. Now your iPhone apps will be removed from your iPhone immediately.

how to delete apps on iphone

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Method 2 - How to Remove Apps from iPhone from Settings

How to remove apps from iPhone directly? The Settings app is often used when one is unable to delete an app with a 3D touch. The following are the steps that need to be developed to complete this process successfully;

> Tap on the Settings app on your device, which could be an iPhone or an iPad.
> Click on "General".
> Tap on "Usage" to check on the space occupied by all the applications.
> Choose the app that you want to remove
> Select the "Delete App" option.
> Tap delete to confirm that you really want to erase the app and they will automatically be removed.

how to delete apps on iphone from settings

Method 3 - How Do I Remove Apps from My iPhone with 3D Touch

These days, iPad pro users can now trigger widgets as long as their devices can support 3D touch, thanks to Apple. The widget can be triggered by long pressing an app, or just pressing and holding on to it for one second. Apart from creating a widget, this action also allows you to move the app to any position across the home screen without having to delete it.

It is an advantage and especially to the telephone users who accidentally erase phone apps when trying to move them. If you intend to uninstall the app, follow these guidelines.

> Lightly hold onto the app for close to two seconds without pressing it down. The Delete button will be triggered after about one second.
> Hit on the "Delete" button and the app will immediately be removed.
> Repeat the same strategy on all the apps that you want to get rid of. You can use other methods in case you are not able to activate the "jiggly" mode on your device.

how to delete apps on iphone with 3d touch

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Method 4 - How to Remove Apps from iPhone 7 by Tapping and Holding

Some people may be not clear how to delete apps on iPhone, asking that "How do I delete an app?" Here is the simplest way to scrap an app from your handset because you get to do it from your Home screen. It involves the following steps;

> Tap and hold on the app icon or the folder that contains the apps that you want to remove.
> After holding for several seconds, the icons and the folders will begin to wiggle.
> You will notice that an "X" icon will appear on the upper left side of the symbol.
> Ensure that you do not press the icon too hard and especially if your device supports the 3D touch. Doing so will introduce a different screen menu and arrangement rather than the normal one.
> Tap on the X button to delete the app.

how to delete apps on iphone by tapping and holding

If you want to make the process easier and faster, you can drag the apps on top of each other in order to create a folder and then obliterate it. Sometimes, iPhone users might want to remove apps that are within folders. If you are in such a situation, you need to tap on the folder to expand it and then choose the items that you want to remove.

However, some people get worried about the subscription they made on an app. this should not be an issue because deleting the app does not mean that you are throwing away the money that you spent on it. The payment you make on an app is always attached to your Apple ID. In case you need to use the application again, you can still download it without it for free without having to spend more money.

Method 5 - How to Delete Apps & App Data on iPhone for Good

One of the most effective ways of deleting applications is using the Coolmuster iOS Eraser. The best thing about this software is that it eliminates and wipes out all apps permanently, with just one click. The following are the steps that you need to follow to ensure that you get rid of all the unused files from your idevice.

Ensure that the software has identified your device. The first step is making sure that the program has detected the device. The recognition is ensured by doing these: Install the latest iTunes to the computer that you are going to use. If you start launching the program before installing the latest iTunes version, it will pop up a prompt as below.

install itunes on computer to connect your iphone to pc

Also, note that this software removed all the phone data and applications permanently and can never be recovered. The users are therefore advised to back up all important files before erasing the data to avoid permanent loss.

Here the steps to follow:

> Download the Coolmuster Eraser software in your personal computer, install and then launch it.

> Connect the iPhone to the computer to ensure that the Eraser recognizes the device.
> In case the connection has been created successfully, an interface will be displayed on the screen.
> Click the "Erase" button on the main interface to start erasing the data.

connect iphone to pc to erase iphone apps

> If your phone's "Find my iPhone" feature is enabled, turn it off by tapping on the Settings icon, then iCloud, Find my iPhone and then hit on the disable button.

disable find my iphone on iphone

> The other step involves choosing the security level (Low, Medium or High).
> Click on the "ok" button to confirm your desired security level.
> Type the word "delete" into the blank space and then click on the "Erase" button. Confirm that you are ready to wipe the phone applications.

choose security level to erase iphone apps and app data

The erase process will automatically begin. After erasing, it will continue to overwriting your iPhone data. It is vital to ensure that the connection is stable until the erasing process is complete.

overwrite iphone apps and app data

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Method 6 - How to Uninstall Apps from iPhone with iTunes

There before, it was easy to manage applications through iTunes. Things are now different since the latest version of iTunes does not allow users to do so. If you want to clear apps from your iPad using this method, you have to:

> First, download the previous version of iTunes and install it on your machine.
> Open it.
> Connect your device to the Windows PC using a USB cable.
> Wait for a few minutes to allow the device to create a connection.
> Since you are already on iTunes, check the top-left area to check the icon that represents your handset.

click your iphone icon on itunes

> Select the Apps icon on the left sidebar.it will introduce several images of the home screens and the app folders that are in the phone storage.

uninstall apps on iphone with itunes

> Open or expand the folder by double-clicking them.
> Using the mouse cursor, click on the X icon that is displayed on the top-left side of the app that you want to uninstall. It will automatically be removed from the screen.
> Click on the "Apply" button at the bottom of the window to ensure that the process has been completed successfully.
> Repeat the process on all the apps that you want to clear.

The Bottom Line

Deleting apps from your iPhone is important because it helps in cleaning up some space. Sometimes, we might not know how to get rid of the various idle applications consuming the phone storage. The above information can provide guidance on all the methods that can be used to do so. Choose the technique that suits you best.

By the way, the Coolmuster iOS Assistant should be a great one to delete apps on iPhone and also manage iPhone files with iTunes easily. You might have a try on it.

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