iPhone Screen Black and White? Fix It in 5 Methods Easily


Are you unable to use your iPhone due to the iPhone screen black and white error? Being unable to use your iPhone is very disappointing, especially if you want to make a serious call or access an important document stored on the device. Although iPhones are known for their reliability, iPhone users have complained of this unusual error.

However, you don't have to worry if your iPhone went black and white because there are several ways of fixing the issue. Let us discuss several techniques for fixing the iPhone stuck in black and white error.

how to fix iPhone screen black and white


Part 1. What May Cause iPhone Screen to Turn Black and White?

Why is my iPhone black and white? Several things can make your iPhone's screen turn black and white. They include:

  • iPhone's settings - The main cause of the iPhone's white and black screen is changing the iPhone's software settings. iPhones offer a myriad of features, and one of them is setting the iPhone's screen to black and white colors, a feature that is very helpful to people with seeing problems.
  • Corrupted iOS system - Corrupted iOS system may cause your iPhone's screen to turn black and white. Your iPhone iOS system may get corrupted when you connect it to a computer with malware, download a file with a virus, and more.
  • A jailbroken iPhone - Another thing that can make your iPhone's screen display white and black color is jailbreaking it. Apple's safeguard measure does not protect a jailbroken iPhone.
  • A hardware issue - A hardware issue may make your iPhone's screen display black and white color.

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Part 2. How to Fix Black and White Screen on iPhone

Looking for a way of fixing your iPhone's screen that turned white and black? We have discussed a few ways of fixing this issue:

Fix 1. How to Get iPhone Off Black and White Screen Using a Professional Tool

The most efficient way of fixing the iPhone is black and white problem is by using a professional iPhone repair tool. Many iPhone repair tools exist, but choosing the right tool is daunting. However, you should select the right iPhone repair software to fix your iPhone easily without losing your data.

One of the most reliable iPhone repair tools is iOS System Recovery. This application repairs iPhones without losing data and is trusted by millions around the globe. It uses the latest technology to repair various iPhone issues, such as iPhone's black and white screen, iPhone stuck on the Apple logo, water-damaged iPhones, frozen iPhones, and more.

iOS System Recovery application works natively on Windows and Mac computers. It also supports almost all iOS devices, including iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11, iPad mini, iPad Pro, and more.

Below are some iOS System Recovery application's cutting-edge features that make it peerless:

  • Fix almost all iOS issues, including iPhone's white and black screens, frozen iPhones, water-damaged iPhones, etc.
  • Support almost all iOS devices, including the latest ones.
  • Support Mac and Windows computers.
  • Have a high iOS repair success rate.

Do you want to learn how to turn off black and white on iPhone 11 using the iOS System Recovery application? Follow the below simple step-by-step guide:

01Move to iOS System Recovery application's official website and download the latest application for your Windows or Mac computer. Run the application on your computer, launch it, and tap on the iOS System Recovery option.

ios system recovery toolbox

02Link the iPhone to the computer using a USB cord. Authenticate the connection by clicking the Trust button when you receive the Trust This Device popup on your iPhone's screen.

03Click on the Start button to initialize the iPhone repair process and put the iPhone into the recovery or DFU mode by following the instructions provided on the computer screen.

start using ios system recovery

04Select the repair mode as Stardard Mode so that your iPhone will be repaired without losing the stored data.

choose standard mode of ios system recovery

05Click on the Repair button so that the application will fix the iPhone's black-and-white screen issue. After that, wait for a few minutes, and the issue will be fixed permanently.

ios system recovery working

Fix 2. How to Turn Off Black and White on iPhone 12 by Disabling the Color Filters Feature

As discussed earlier, unintended settings are among the most common causes of the iPhone's black-and-white screen error. This issue normally appears after accidentally enabling your iPhone's Grayscale Filter feature. Or maybe someone is playing a prank on you by enabling the iPhone's Grayscale Filter feature.

Below are the simple steps for fixing the iPhone's white and black screen problem by reconfiguring the iPhone's settings:

Step 1. Launch the Settings application on your iPhone. Scroll down the device's screen and click the Accessibility button. Tap on the Display & Text Size button.

accessibility settings of iphone

Step 2. Hit on the Color Filter button on the screen that appears, and toggle the Color Filters option to the off status.

color filter of iphone

Fix 3. How to Remove Color Back on iPhone by Setting the Zoom Filter to None Option

Below are the simple steps for setting the Zoom Filter iPhone feature to the None option:

Step 1. Launch your iPhone's Settings application and tap the Genearal button. Locate the Accesibility option and hit on it.

Step 2. Tap on the Zoom option in the Vision section. Scroll down the screen and tap on the Zoom Filter option.

zoom settings of iphone

Step 3. Select the None option from the available option, and the iPhone issue will be fixed.

Fix 4. How to Fix the iPhone White and Black Screen by Erasing All the Settings and Content

You can also fix the iPhone's black-and-white screen issue by erasing all its settings and content. However, this method is not recommended because it deletes all your iPhone's data and settings. Follow the below steps to erase all your iPhone's content and settings:

Step 1. Launch your iPhone's Settings application and tap the General button. Scroll down the screen and hit on the Reset button.

Step 2. Hit the Reset All Settings option and tap the Erase All Content And Settings button. Authenticate the action by keying in your iPhone's password.

reset settings of iphone

Fix 5. How to Fix iPhone's Black and White Screen Issue by Force Restarting

Sometimes, the iPhone's white and black screen problem may arise due to software glitches. However, force restarting the device can fix the error. Below is a guide for force-restarting various iPhone models:

1. How to force restart your iPhone 8 or later models?

Step 1. Begin by pressing and then releasing the iPhone's Volume Up button, and then do the same using the Volume Down button.

Step 2. Press the iPhone's Side key until you see the Apple logo on the screen. The iPhone will restart, and the problem will disappear.

force restart iphone8

2. How to force restart your iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 models?

Step 1. Hold and press the iPhone's Volume Down and Side keys until you see an Apple logo.

Step 2. Release the key and wait for a few munites, and the problem will be fixed permanently.

force restart iphone7

3. How to force restart your iPhone 6S and earlier models?

Step 1. Hold and press the Home and Sleep/Wake keys simultaneously for a few seconds

Step 2. Release the keys, wait for a few seconds, and the problem will be fixed permanently.

force restart iphone6

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Part 3. FAQs on How to Get Color Back on iPhone

Q1. Why is my iPhone screen black and white even after turning off the grayscale mode?

In some cases, though rarely, your iPhone screen may continue showing black and white color, even after turning off the grayscale mode and factory resetting your iphone. In such cases, the cause of the white and black screen iPhone issue may be a software problem, and the only way of fixing the issue is to use a professional iPhone repair tool such as iOS System Recovery application.

Q2. Is using iOS System Recovery application secure?

iOS System Recovery application is a reliable iOS device repair tool that fixes various iOS issues without losing the device's data.


One of the most nagging things today is being unable to use your mobile device whenever you require it. The iPhone black and white screen problem is one of the issues that can hinder you from using your iPhone. You can use the troubleshooting tips discussed in this article to fix the issue and continue using your iPhone normally. However, we recommend using the iOS System Recovery application as it is easy to use, secure, has a high repair success rate, and is already trusted by many users.

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