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Are you looking to incorporate PDFs and images in documents or PowerPoint presentations? If so, understanding ways to convert such documents to image file formats like TIFF is crucial. Changing PDF to TIFF may also be necessary if you have pictures on a PDF document you wish to print. You should know that most pictures used in PDF documents have a low resolution.

Usually, such images may appear fine when you view them on your system screen. However, they'll eventually become pixilated after you have printed them. Changing the PDF to an image file before printing them helps to improve their quality.

In this guide, we share some of the best offline and online PDF-to-image converters to help you safely and securely convert your documents.

pdf to tiff


Part 1: How to Convert PDF to TIFF Offline

Regardless of the offline PDF to TIFF converter you use, you're assured that you'll enjoy quick and efficient conversion of your documents. Unlike online tools with limitations on the file size you can convert, you'll enjoy batch file processing with most offline tools.

Such tools will also allow you to convert your document into different image formats, such as JPG, TIFF, and BMP while preserving your document's original layout. Here are a few tools you may want to try out.

Tool 1. Coolmuster PDF to JPG (Recommended)

Coolmuster PDF to JPG Converter provides users with seamless conversion of PDF documents into image files in a few simple steps. In addition to converting files into the TIFF format, users also have the option to convert PDF to GIF or PDF to BMP, among other file formats.

After uploading the files you wish to convert, you can select the pages or page ranges you want to convert into an image. This is a great option if you're looking to process large documents faster and more accurately.

When you use Coolmuster to convert PDF to TIF, you can preview your files before converting them. This function lets you locate and choose the pages you want to convert accurately. During the conversion, you'll also retain your document's original graphics, hyperlinks, text formatting, and images.

Here are the key features of the Coolmuster PDF to JPG Converter you should know about.

  • Preserves the original font and document layout during conversion.
  • Enjoy a fast and accurate conversion process.
  • Benefit from an easy-to-use user interface that's ideal even for beginners.
  • Preview and choose the page or page range that you can convert.
  • Convert multiple PDF files simultaneously.

If you're ready to convert PDF to TIFF image format, here are the steps you need to follow.

01Download, install, and launch the Coolmuster PDF to JPG Converter application on your computer. Click the Add File or Add Folder option to upload the documents you wish to convert. Alternatively, drag and drop the files on the user interface.

02Select the TIFF image format by tapping the image icon under the Mode section. Select your preferred page range and then the output folder by clicking the … icon.

how to convert pdf to tiff with coolmuster

03Click Start to begin the conversion process. A progress bar will pop up indicating the status of your task, including the completion percentage. Once completed, click on Show in Folder to view your converted file.

convert pdf to tiff image

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Tool 2. Preview on Mac

Preview is a default application developed by MacOS that allows users to read and edit PDF files. You can also use it to make simple changes to images, such as adjusting saturation, contrast, exposure, etc. You can even apply changes like adding text to the image. This application can also be helpful if you wish to convert PDF documents into image files.

Check out the steps you need to follow.

Step 1. Find the PDF you wish to convert into an image on your computer and right-click on it. Choose Open With and select Preview.

convert pdf to gif with preview on mac

Step 2. Click File on the Menu bar options and tap Export.

Step 3. A dialogue box will open. Under Export As, enter the name to use for your image. In the Format section, select TIFF. Click Save to save your converted file.

export pdf as tiff

Part 2: How to Convert PDF to TIFF Image Online

Online PDF to TIFF converters are perfect if you want to convert a few PDF documents to images quickly. Most online tools guarantee the security of your documents because they will remove any uploaded document within 24 hours or a few hours after conversion. You're also assured that the output document will be of high quality because the converted document will not be distorted.

Here are a few tools you may want to consider using today.

Tool 1. PDF to TIFF converter

PDF to TIFF Converter quickly converts PDF files into multiple TIFF files. The advantage of using this tool is that the different pages of the PDF will be rasterized before being combined into a TIFF file. Rasterizing PDF documents means that the pages of the documents are converted into pixel grids, which is the case with images. By doing so, you can change the pixel of each image, something that's not possible with a vector PDF.

Here's how to use PDF to TIFF converter to change PDF documents into images.

Step 1. Click UPLOAD FILES and select the PDF document you want to convert from your computer. Alternatively, drag and drop the files on the user interface, and they'll convert automatically.

pdf to tiff converter online

Step 2. You have the option to download a single converted image, or you can click on DOWNLOAD ALL to download multiple images at the same time.

Tool 2. SODA PDF

SODA PDF ensures quick conversion of PDF files to TIFF without changing the text or graphics of your document. While using the tool, the safety of your document is guaranteed because your converted file will only be accessible for 24 hours before being deleted automatically.

Here's how to use Soda PDF to convert PDFs into image files.

Step 1. Tap CHOOSE FILE to upload the file you wish to convert from your computer. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your images on the main interface. You also have the option to upload from Dropbox and Google Drive.

convert pdf to bmp with sodapdf

Step 2. The uploaded files will convert automatically. Tap DOWNLOAD FILE to save the converted files on your computer.

Tool 3. ZAMZAR

ZAMZAR offers quick conversion of PDF documents to images in three simple steps. First, you need to choose your desired files up to a maximum of 3MBs. You'll then select your desired file format. Besides the TIFF format, you can convert PDF to BMP or PDF to GIF, among others.

Here are the steps to use the ZAMZAM PDF to TIFF image converter.

Step 1. Select the files you wish to convert from your computer by tapping Choose Files. You can also consider other options when uploading your files, including OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and website URLs.

convert pdf to gif with zamzar

Step 2. Click on Convert Now to convert your PDF document into an image file. After conversion, click on Download to download your converted files. Remember that your files will only be stored for 24 hours before being automatically deleted.

Tool 4. AvePDF

AvePDF offers the best encryption tools for quick and safe conversion of PDF documents into images. The conversion process is complete in a few clicks, with the converted file retained on the server for 30 minutes before being automatically deleted. You also have the option to delete the converted files manually by tapping on the bin icon.

Check out how to convert PDF to TIF online using AvePDF.

Step 1. Tap Choose File to select the document to convert from your computer. Alternatively, drag and drop your PDF documents on the user interface. You can also upload your documents via website URL, Dropbox, and Google Drive. The maximum file size allowed is 128 MB.

convert pdf to tiff image with avepdf

Step 2. Choose your preferred image resolution, which can be small, medium, or large. Select all pages or the range of pages you wish to convert and click Convert.

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Tool 5. CleverPDF

CleverPDF lets users convert PDF documents to different image formats, including TIF, in a few clicks. You also don't need to sign up or provide your personal information before using this tool. Using this tool, you cannot convert PDFs that are more than 20 MB. However, the safety of your documents is guaranteed because the files are deleted immediately after the conversion process is complete.

Check out the steps you should follow while converting your files.

Step 1. On the CleverPDF main page, select Choose file. You can also drag and drop your files on the user interface or upload them from Google Drive and Dropbox.

convert pdf to tiff with cleverpdf

Step 2. Set your preferred image resolution and click Start Conversion to begin the conversion process.


If you're looking for a way to easily convert PDF files to images, the tools mentioned in this guide will give you the best experience. Regardless of whether you choose the tool you choose, you're assured that your image and text formatting will remain the same. As for the online tools, most of them will guarantee the security of your documents because they will delete them immediately or a few hours after being uploaded.

Overall, the top tool you should consider when converting PDF to different file formats is the Coolmuster PDF to JPG Converter. Try it today and enjoy a seamless conversion process on an easy-to-use interface.

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