How to Delete Files on Android? Never Miss the Top 3 Ways


You might have known how to delete files on Android phone directly, however, do you know the other ways to remove files from Android so as to meet different purposes? To have Android files deleted, there are so many effective and professional ways. Here this article will show you 3 ways of them. Let's get started.

Part 1. How to Delete Files on Android in Batches
Part 2. How to Delete Files on Android Phone
Part 3. How to Delete Files on Android Permanently

Part 1. How to Delete Files on Android in Batches

One of the most common situations that you might encounter is that you don't want to delete files from Android directly one by one, since there are so many files you don't want but some of them are what you really need, and you really need to free up space on your Android phone. Anyway, to fix this problem, here comes the Coolmuster Android Assistant to help you bulk delete files from Android phone as required.

With this Coolmuster Android Assistant, you can freely manage (delete/import/export/edit/add/copy/move) files from Android phone or tablet, of course, you can take full advantage of it to delete unwanted files from Android device in a batch, such as contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, videos, music, audios, apps, books (PDFs, ePubs, audio books, etc.), etc. What's more, it works for almost all Android phones and tablets from Android 2.0 to Android 13 (or later), including Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra/S23/S22/S21/S20/S10, Honor 80 Pro/80/70 Pro/70/60 Pro/60/50 Pro/50/50 SE. etc.

Now, please download and install this software on your computer and follow these steps. Please choose the right version (Windows version/Mac version) to download below.

Notes: If needed, please back up files from Android phone before removing them out from your phone.

Step 1. Make Android device recognized by the software.

Launch the program after installation, then connect Android phone with Wi-Fi or USB cable. If using USB cable, please enable USB debugging on Android and then follow the onscreen prompts to have your Android device detected.

connect android to pc

After successfully recognizing your phone, the software will show you the main interface of it as below. Now, you can start to delete unwanted files from Android device.

delete files from android phone

Step 2. Preview and delete files from Android phone in batches.

Now, please enter the corresponding file tag from the left panel so that you can preview and choose the file(s) that you want to delete. For example, if you want to delete SMS from Android, please click "SMS" tag from the left panel, preview and tick off the unwanted SMS conversation and click "Delete" button to bulk delete SMS from Android phone immediately.

Alternatively, if you want to separately delete one message from a thread of conversion, simply locate the unwanted message and tap the "X" button to remove it right away.

how to delete files on android

See? It's that simple. To delete other files from Android phone, simply use the same way above to complete it. If you want to learn more info about this software, please visit its official website, which is listed above.

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Part 2. How to Delete Files on Android Phone

If you do want to delete files directly on Android phone without a PC or Mac, except for the Delete option from Android phone, you can also rely on the Coolmuster Android Assistant (Android Version), which is the Android version of Coolmuster Android Assistant and designed to manage files on Android phone directly. So you can use it to delete files on Android, such as the junk files, documents, images, music, movies, apps and other files from SD card. Besides, you can also use it to uninstall apps, stop apps, copy/cut/add files on Android SD card, free up Android space with one-click, connect Android phone to computer with Wi-Fi, etc.

Now, let's go through the steps to delete files on Android phone using this Android version of Coolmuster Android Assistant.

Step 1. Firstly, please install the software on your Android phone.

You can download and install it below with the download button, or use the QR code or from its official website to get it installed on your phone.

Step 2. Now, launch the app, you can start to delete unwanted files from Android phone with it.

To delete apps from Android phone, please tap "App Management" > "Uninstall" > tick of unwanted app(s) and confirm it to remove the apps from your Android phone immediately.

click junk files from Android phone

To delete media files and documents, please tap "File Management" > "Image" ("Music", "Movie" or "Document") > "Delete" > check unwanted file(s) and confirm your choice to get the unwanted media files deleted from your Android phone.

To delete files from SD card, please go to "File Management" > "SD Card" > "Delete" > tick of the files that you want to delete and confirm it to start deleting.

click junk files from Android phone

To clean up junk files from Android phone, simply tap the circle from the primary interface to free up storage space on Android phone with one click.

click junk files from Android phone

Part 3. How to Delete Files on Android Permanently

Some users might want to permanently delete data on Android phone so that their privacy info will be safe when the phone is going to be sold or given away. It is praisable that users are clear that the simple delete option will not help with data erasure on Android phone and a professional data eraser tool is definitely needed. Some users may be thinking that "Where are deleted files stored on Android phone?" Well, they are not really gone from your Android phone and stored on somewhere of your Android internal storage. Importantly, they might be recovered with third-party recovery tool.

To avoid this situation, here comes the Coolmuster Android Eraser to help you completely and permanently erase files on Android phone or tablet with one click. This software applies the highest standard of data erasure (based on the U.S. DoD 5220.22-M) to ensures the highest security of your Android data. Besides, not only deleted files, privacy files and system data will be wiped out from your Android phone with one click. Also, you can delete miscellaneous files on Android, too. So you don't need to worry about your privacy from leakage.

If you want to permanently erase files from Android phone, please remember to back up needed files from Android in case of further need. Now, let's start to delete files on Android phone permanently.

Step 1. Make your Android phone recognized by the program.

Download, install and launch the Coolmuster Android Eraser on your computer, then connect your Android phone to computer with a USB cable or via Wi-Fi. After successful connection, you might see the following interface.

launch android eraser to delete files on android

Step 2. Choose erasing level you need to delete files on Android.

Click "Erase" button and click the button besides Security Level to choose either High Level, Medium Level or Low Level. After selection, please type "delete" into the blank for confirmation.

set up security level to erase android files

Step 3. Start to delete and overwrite files from Android phone.

After quick scanning, the program will start to erase data and then overwrite files from your Android phone. Please wait till the whole process is complete.

start to overwrite android data

See? It's that easy to protect your phone data and privacy.

Words in the End:

This page has shown 3 ways to delete Android files using Coolmuster products, which is known to be great in the field of Android phone cleanup. Don't just hit the Delete button again, try these Coolmuster Android Assistant, Coolmuster Android Eraser and Coolmuster Android Assistant (Android Version). You must like them if you try.

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