How to Get More Storage Space on Samsung Phone with Simple Clicks


As the usage time of mobile phones increases, we may encounter the problem of insufficient storage space on the phone. It not only affects the performance of the device but also limits our ability to use new apps or save more precious memories. Fortunately, there are various methods to expand the storage space of smartphones, thereby enhancing the functionality of the device and our user experience. This article will show seven effective tips to get more storage space on Samsung phones, helping you make the most of your Samsung device and turn it into a reliable assistant in your daily life.


Way 1. How to Get More Storage Space on Samsung Phones by Coolmuster Android Eraser

How to expand my Samsung phone's storage? Do not worry if you do not have the time to manually go and clean the storage space to increase it. Thankfully, there are simpler and effective ways of doing it. A time saving and most efficient way is to use Coolmuster Android Eraser. This app is designed specially to keep the phone clutter free and clean out all that is not needed.

This software provides advanced functionalities for completely erasing all data, such as contacts, messages, photos, videos, and beyond. It guarantees that sensitive information cannot be retrieved by any method, making it an optimal choice for safeguarding personal privacy. Whether you're looking to get more storage space on your phones or simply aiming to safeguard your privacy, Coolmuster Android Eraser presents a dependable solution for thoroughly wiping everything from your Android device.

Key features of Coolmuster Android Eraser

  • Erase all data on Android devices, encompassing deleted files, private data, system settings, and additional content.
  • Guarantee 100% permanent deletion to thwart the recovery of personal data effectively.
  • Select from three escalating levels of data erasure: Low level, Medium level, and High level.
  • Compatible with a diverse array of file formats, including text messages, contacts, videos, photos, and others.
  • Work with the latest Android 14 operating system.

Follow these steps to get more storage space on Samsung phones by Coolmuster Android Eraser:

01First, install and download Coolmuster Android Eraser on your computer. Once installed, activate the software. Next, use a USB cable to connect your Samsung phone to the computer.

launch the software

02Once your Android phone is successfully connected, simply click the "Erase" button to begin the process.

tap the erase button

03Choose your desired security level: Low, Medium, or High. Once you've made your selection, tap on the "OK" option to continue.

select the desired security level

04After confirming your selection, the program will swiftly scan your Samsung phone to access files and promptly commence the data deletion process.

get more storage space on samsung phones

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Way 2. How to Expand Storage on Samsung Device by Transferring Data to Computer

When your phone storage space is running low, consider transferring photos, videos, and other files to your computer, which not only frees up phone space but also serves as a data backup. Coolmuster Android Assistant is an excellent Android data management software. It allows you to transfer various data between your Android phone and computer, including contacts, pictures, videos, music, and more.

Additionally, it offers one-click backup and restore functions for Android phone data. Coolmuster Android Assistant supports multiple Android phone models and systems, including Samsung, and even the latest Android 14 version. In terms of phone management and data backup, Coolmuster Android Assistant provides you with a simple and effective solution, making your Android phone usage easier and more secure.

Key features of Coolmuster Android Assistant

  • Effortlessly back up and restore all your Android device data with a single click.
  • Export/import contacts, SMS, call logs, music, videos, photos, books, and more.
  • Perform contact-related tasks such as adding, transferring, deleting, and editing directly from your computer.
  • Compatible with a diverse array of Android phone models, including Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, and others.

Here's how to transfer your Samsung data to your computer using Coolmuster Android Assistant:

01Upon installation and launch of the software, you will encounter a toolbox interface. Please navigate to the "Android Assistant" module to access Coolmuster Android Assistant.

run the software

02Connect your Samsung phone to the computer using a data cable or via Wi-Fi. If prompted, please ensure that USB debugging is enabled on your Samsung phone.

connect device to computer

03Now, navigate to the "My Device" module, where you'll discover all the data stored on your phone. Select the data you wish to transfer, then click "Export" to initiate the process.

how to get more storage space on samsung phone

Certainly, you have the option for a one-click transfer of all the data you desire. Once connected successfully, navigate to the "Super Toolkit" module, select "Backup", choose the data types you wish to transfer, and then click "Back Up" once more to commence the process.

how to get more storage space on samsung galaxy

Way 3. How to Get More Storage Space on Samsung Galaxy by Adding an External SD Card

Many Samsung phones support the function of expanding storage space with an external SD card. By adding a high-capacity external SD card, you can easily expand your phone's storage space to accommodate more photos, videos, and applications. Below are the specific steps for moving files to an SD card:

Step 1. Open the "Settings" app on your Android device and navigate to "Apps" > "Manage Apps". Here, you'll find a list of all the installed applications.

Step 2. Choose an application from the list, then tap on "Storage" followed by the "Move to SD card" option. This action will transfer both the app and its data to your external storage.

expand my samsung phone's storage

By following these steps, you can free up more storage space on Samsung phones.

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Way 4. How to Add More Storage to My Samsung Phone by Emptying Recycle Bin

One method that we often overlook is emptying the recycle bin. On Samsung phones, deleting files doesn't necessarily mean they are permanently removed immediately. Instead, they are moved to the recycle bin, taking up valuable storage space. By regularly emptying the recycle bin, you can free up storage space on your phone.

To empty the recycle bin on a Samsung device, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the "Gallery" app or "My Files" app on your Samsung phone.

Step 2. In the "Gallery" app, tap on the three-dot menu icon located at the top right corner of the screen. In the "My Files" app, tap on the three-line menu icon located at the top left corner of the screen.

Step 3. From the menu that appears, select the "Recycle bin" or "Trash" option.

add more storage to my samsung phone

Step 4. Once you are in the recycle bin or trash folder, you'll see a list of files that have been deleted but not yet permanently removed.

Step 5. Tap on the three-dot menu icon or select the "More" option. Choose the "Empty" or "Empty trash" option from the menu.

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Way 5. How to Add Extra Storage to My Samsung Phone by Uninstalling Unused Apps

Many of us have installed some apps on our phones that we haven't used for a long time. Uninstalling these apps can not only improve the device's performance but also free up storage on Samsung phones. Follow these steps to uninstall unused apps:

Step 1. Navigate to the Settings page on your device and tap on "Apps" > "Manage apps". Select the app you want to remove from your device and tap "Uninstall".

add extra storage to my samsung phone

Step 2. In the pop-up window, tap "OK" and wait for the app to be removed from your device.

You can also directly uninstall an app from the main interface by long-pressing the app you want to uninstall and then selecting "Uninstall" from the options that appear.

free up storage on samsung phone

Way 6. How to Free Up Storage on Samsung Phone by Deleting Duplicate Files

Most of the storage space on the phone is taken up by duplicate photos, videos, and documents. If you don't want to use a tool, you'll have to manually sift through and delete these duplicate files one by one. Of course, you can also easily identify and clean up these files using a file manager or dedicated duplicate file removal tool to increase Samsung phone storage.

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Way 7. How to Increase Samsung Phone Storage by Clearing App Cache

App caches can speed up the performance of apps, but accumulated over time, they become another significant consumer of phone storage space. By regularly clearing app caches, you can expand storage on Samsung devices while ensuring that apps maintain good performance. To directly clean the app cache on a Samsung device:

Step 1. Open the Settings app on your Samsung phone and scroll down to select "Apps".

Step 2. Tap on the app you wish to clear the cache for, then select "Storage".

Step 3. Within the Storage menu, tap on "Clear cache" to remove the app's temporary files and junk data. This will expand my Samsung phone's storage.

increase samsung phone storage

Wrapping Up

By following the methods introduced in this article, you can easily get more storage space on Samsung phones, giving your phone a fresh start. It's worth noting that using Coolmuster Android Eraser can thoroughly clean useless data, freeing up even more storage space, while Coolmuster Android Assistant is a great mobile management tool that helps you better manage and transfer your phone data. Why not give these two tools a try to keep your Samsung phone in optimal condition? By effectively managing storage space, you can more easily enjoy the convenience and fun brought by your phone.

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