3 Easy Ways to Clone SIM Card

Keisha Alice
Aug 31, 2022

A SIM card is used in many mobile phones today. These cards are essential to communicating with others in a number of different forms including making a simple telephone call to texting others with a quick message, these are not a luxury but a necessity. In fact, if these cards are not inserted into a mobile phone, it will have very little to no use for most users. This is because the SIM card holds the identification of the information that is needed and it is unique to that device. This card also the identification information needed for the mobile network that is associated with it.

Part 1: Which SIM Cards Can be Cloned?

Not all SIM cards can be cloned. First of all, let's learn a little knowledge of SIM hacking. Actually there are two sorts of SIM card:

COMP128v1: The most mainstream and clone-capable adaptation of SIM Cards, Distributed generally till 2004 in USA (2007 In ASIA Countries), Of the quantity of casualty is more seasoned than 2004 in USA or 2007 in Asia, Chances are you can clone it pretty effectively.

COMP128v2: The more up to date SIM’s, Capable of better 3G Reception, Video Call Support, New and Secure firmware, Complex Design, Very ( I mean exceptionally fu*king) Hard. On the off chance that the SIM is purchased after 2004, it is likely this rendition.

clone sim card


Part 2: 3 Ways to Clone SIM Card

The reasons for cloning a SIM card can vary from one situation and person to another. This is because some people may want to clone the SIM card so that it can be used as a backup. This is normally the case when people are afraid their SIM Card is stolen. So, for those who want to know how to clone a SIM card can keep on reading. And we also have a post telling you how to clone phone number.

Way 1: Clone SIM Card Using Mobiledit
Way 2: Clone SIM Card via IMSI value and KI value
Way 3: Clone SIM Card with MagicSIM

Way 1: Clone SIM Card Using Mobiledit

If an individual is interested in what methods that people use to clone a SIM card, they may find that there are different software applications that can assist with this duplication. For instance, one popular tool that can be found online today is called Mobiledit Forensic. This tool is available for use with any operating system. There are a host of cloning tools that can be found online too including the following;

- USB Cell Phone SIM Card Cloner
- SIM Explorer by Dekart
- Mister SIM

All of which have specialized instructions that tell people how to do and how it is being done to hack into various types of mobile phones. The time that it takes to use these software applications for cloning will also vary. Check the following steps to see how to clone a SIM card using SIM Cloning tool - Mobiledit Forensic.

Step 1: Download the Mobiledit Forensic on your computer first.

Step 2: Take out the SIM card from your phone and insert it to a SIM card clone device. Then, connect it to the computer.

Step 3. Launch the Mobiledit Forensic on your computer.

Step 4. Choose "Read SIM" button on the SIM Clone window and the software begins to read the content of your SIM card.

read sim card

Step 5. Choose the data you would like to copy. And when the writable SIM card is inserted, Write SIM button will be enabled. Wait until the process is end.

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Way 2: Clone SIM Card via IMSI value and KI value

Additional options for cloning a SIM card online. One of which provides the proper instructions for cloning a SIM card using the IMSI and the Ki number. Because these 2 identification pieces can be foundon Android phones, these can also be used for cloning a SIM card. Both numbers are distinct in use and they are as follows.

* IMSI stands for the International Mobile Subscriber Identity Number
* Ki Stands for the Authentication Key

Let's see how to use IMSI and Ki number to clone a SIM card:

1. Turn off your phone and remove the battery, as well as SIM card from the device. Copy the IMSI number that appears on the SIM card.

2. Insert the SIM card reader into the SIM card slot.

3. Connect the SIM card reader (with SIM card inserted) to your computer and the Ki number begins to copy the contents in your SIM card.

4. When the copying process is finished, you can put the new SIM card on your device and use it as a twin card.

clone sim card

Way 3: Clone SIM Card with MagicSIM

Well, not every SIM card can be cloned. Generally speaking, SIM cards are made based on three algorithms, including Comp128V1, COMP128v2 and lastly COMP128v3. And only COMP 128v1 SIM card can be cloned. The good news is that 70% of the SIM cards are COMP128v1.

What you need to prepare: A blank programmable SIM card, a SIM firmware reader/writer, download and install MagicSIM, download and install USB SIM Card Reader.

Step 1: Remove the SIM card from the phone and insert it in the card reader. Click read from the card in magic SIM. After the connection, you should choose crack SIM in the toolbar.


Step 2: Tap on KI is found and the crack is complete. Then, click File > Save As > Save your cracked SIM info to a file.

Step 3: Click disconnect from the file menu, which prevent your beloved SIM cracking.

Step 3: Once you disconnect the SIM card, retrieve the SIM and put it into your phone. Check if it works. It should work.

Above are the 3 common methods for you to clone a SIM card. Actually we have some other ways for your reference. For example, you can add the same phone numbers in several SIM card. Then, you will be able to have the same phone number on different devices. Just select your favorite way and follow the steps to clone your SIM card with ease.

Part 3: Recommended Tool to Clone iPhone and Android Phones

After you have learned how to clone SIM card via the three different ways above, let's explore more about a reliable way to transfer your data from one phone to another. You can do it by using Phone to Phone Transfer. It perform a professional cross-platform transfer between iOS, Android and Windows devices on major version of Mac and Windows system.

Key Features of Phone to Phone Transfer:

- Transfer data between two devices, even if they are running different OSes, i.e iOS to Android.
- Transfer contacts, SMS, photos, videos, notes and many other file types.
- Easy to use, fast and secure.
- Supports almost all models of iPhone, iPad, iPod, as well as 8000+ Android devices.

download win version download mac version

Step 1. Launch the Phone to Phone Transfer tool on your computer and connect two of your devices to computer via two USB cables. When its primary window appears, you can see there are 4 different options are displayed.

launch iphone to iphone transfer

Step 2. Select "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode and the two connected devices will be detected by the program and displayed side by side. In the middle of them, there are all the transferable file types listed.

clone an iphone to another iphone

Step 3. Choose the files you want to clone from your source phone to the destination phone and then click the "Start Transfer" button to begin the clone process.

start iphone clone process

Wait for a few while and the data transfer will be completed.

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