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Nokia to Huawei Transfer - Switch from Nokia to Huawei

Switching data from a Nokia phone to a Huawei mobile can be challenging because Nokia is running Symbian system while Huawei is from Android. They are totally different operating systems. However, whether you can realize the data transfer between Nokia and Huawei smoothly is based on the software solution that owner uses. If the software that is used for the transfer is not all-encompassing or designed to take care of common issues, the user will most likely encounter problems. But if you fortunately use an efficient tool, the result would be totally different.

To better protect your phone and phone data, you had better pick up a 100% secure program at the beginning. You can look no further than the Nokia to Huawei Transfer, one in which will eliminate the normal issues that users encounter when they are trying to transfer their data from their Nokia to Huawei Ascend/Honor/Mate/P9/P8/P7. This is popular and powerful phone to phone data transfer software enabling you to transfer almost all types of data, including contacts, SMS, photos, videos, call logs, music, apps, calendar and more from Nokia Symbian to Huawei Android in an easy way.

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To transfer your data from your Nokia to your Huawei, all you have to do is following the steps provided for you below.

How to Transfer Content from Nokia to Huawei Ascend/Honor/Mate/P9/P8/P7?

Step 1. Connect Nokia and Huawei phones to computer

Install and launch the Nokia to Huawei Transfer program on your computer. Connect both your Symbian Nokia and Android Huawei devices to the computer using two USB cables.

launch nokia to huawei transfer

Step 2. Enter Phone to Phone Transfer window

Click to go to the mode of Phone to Phone Transfer, and the program will recognize the two connected devices directly. The new window displays all the contents i.e. photos, videos, contacts, apps which are all can be transferred here.

connect phones to computer

Step 3. Start Nokia to Huawei transfer

Choose all the data you want to transfer and click the button of "Start Transfer". Then, all the selected contents saved in your Nokia device, will be transferred to the Huawei mobile phone instantly. That's totally easy, right?

transfer nokia to huawei

Except Nokia and Huawei devices, this phone transfer can also transfer data between other Android, iOS, Symbian and even BlackBerry devices.

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