Top 12 SHAREit Alternatives for Android, iOS & Windows PC


Summary: Here are the top 12 SHAREit alternatives you can use to transfer files from one device to another in a snap.

SHAREit is a great file-sharing application to transfer files among Android, iOS, and desktop. It is a go-to app for many people to share files like photos, videos, contacts, and apps. However, flooded with annoying ads and bloated with unnecessary sections, SHAREit is becoming unbearable to most users. If you are now looking for a SHAREit alternative, you've come to the right place.

In this article, we will show you 12 simple, safe, and efficient SHAREit alternatives. They allow you to transfer files between different devices. Most of them have wide compatibility, which means that you can do cross-platform transfers like Android to iOS, iOS to Android, iOS/Android to computer, etc.

shareit alternative

List of the top 12 SHAREit alternatives in 2023:

1. Coolmuster Mobile Transfer
2. Send Anywhere
3. Feem
4. Coolmuster Android Assistant
5. Files by Google
6. Zapya
7. Xender
8. ShareMe
9. SuperBeam
10. Windows Nearby Sharing
11. AirDroid
12. Pushbullet

1. Coolmuster Mobile Transfer

Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is a desktop application that allows you to transfer files between two mobile phones or tablets. This SHAREit alternative supports Android and iOS, and you can do the cross-platform transfer without any difficulty. It is available on Windows and Mac computer. Download the required version, and you can start the transfer with less hassle and higher speeds.

Tip: Click here to see how to transfer data from Android to Android in 1 click via Coolmuster Mobile Transfer.

shareit alternative - coolmuster mobile transfer

Key features of Coolmuster Mobile Transfer:

  • Transfer multiple files between Android phones.
  • Migrate data from iOS to iOS.
  • Move files from iOS to Android and vice versa.
  • Files remain the original quality.


  • Completely ad-free.
  • Move large files quickly and smoothly.
  • Allows you to connect Android via USB or Wi-Fi.
  • Easy and safe to use.


  • It is not free to use.

Compatibility: Android 4 above; iOS 5 above.

Download it from here:

shareit alternative - coolmuster mobile transfer windows versioncoolmuster mobile transfer mac version

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2. Send Anywhere

As an efficient and powerful SHAREit alternative, Send Anywhere allows you to send files to anywhere in the world. With this app, you can use a 6 digit security key to send and receive files. If you want to share files with multiple people, you can generate a sharing link.

shareit alternative - send anywhere

Key features of Send Anywhere:

  • Share files in real-time using a 6-digit key.
  • Share files with multiple people via links (valid for 48 hours).
  • Transfer files to a specific device without keys or links.
  • Comes with free version and pro version ($5.99/month).


  • You can transfer files across different platforms.
  • Send files with the original size.
  • Files protected by the 256-bit file encryption protocol.
  • The ads in the free version are not intrusive.


  • Takes a long time to send files with large sizes.
  • Not easy to use for offline users.
  • The Pro version is expensive.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, web

Download it from the Google Play Store.

3. Feem

Feem is an app like SHAREit that allows you to transfer files offline smoothly. The transfer speed is 50 times faster than Bluetooth. It is your ideal transfer app if you need to transfer large files a lot. In terms of safety, it uses TLS to encrypt all local transfers. It even comes with a built-in chatting feature that allows you to send files and links between devices.

shareit alternative - feem

Key features of Feem:

  • Transfer files using a personal hotspot or the same local Wi-Fi router.
  • An interrupted large file transfer can be resumed without missing a byte.
  • You can send files using the Feem chat.
  • Supports cross-platform transfer: PC to PC, PC to phone and vice versa, and phone to phone.


  • Transfer large files quickly.
  • Simple and efficient, no unnecessary sections.


  • Users may run into glitches when transferring files to some platforms.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, Web

Download it from Google Play Store >>

4. Coolmuster Android Assistant

If you are looking for a SHAREit alternative for Windows PC to transfer files from Android to PC, Coolmuster Android Assistant is highly recommended. It makes the file transfer between Android and Windows computer extremely simple. You can browse all your data on your Android from computer then transfer the items you want. One great feature of this software is its ability to back up & restore your whole Android.

shareit alternative for pc - coolmuster android assistant

Key features of Coolmuster Android Assistant:

  • Transfer files between Android and computer.
  • Back up and restore Android data with 1 click.
  • Export SMS/call logs/contacts from Android to PC in readable formats.
  • Send/forward/delete SMS on computer directly.
  • Supports apps, contacts, SMS, music, photos, videos, books from Android to PC.


  • Transfer large files quickly.
  • Two connection modes for Android: USB & Wi-Fi.
  • Simple to use.


  • Doesn't support iOS.

Download it now:

download coolmuster android assistant windows version for android backup to pcdownload coolmuster android assistant mac version for android backup to pc

Tip: If you are looking for an SHAREit alternative to transfer between iOS and PC, you can take a look at Coolmuster iOS Assistant.

Compatibility: Android 4 above; Offers Windows & Mac versions

5. Files by Google

Files by Google is a file management app integrated with many useful features. The peer-to-peer sharing feature allows you to share offline files with others quickly without consuming mobile data. It is a reliable replacement for SHAREit when it comes to file transfer between Android phones. In addition to transfer files, you can use this app to free up space on your device and browse files easily.

Tip: Click here if you want to learn more Android to Android data transfer app.

shareit alternative - file by google

Key features of Files by Google

  • Transfer files like photos, videos, documents, apps to nearby people who have this app.
  • Transfer speed goes up to 480Mbps. No mobile data needed.
  • Offline files sharing is encrypted by WPA2.
  • File management features include clearing space, checking storage, searching files quickly, files backup, etc.


  • Easy to share with friends nearby
  • Comes with multiple features for file management.
  • Easy to use.
  • Supports dark theme.


  • Only supports Android.
  • Cannot share large files smoothly.
  • Sometimes it shows some errors and crashes.

Compatibility: Android 5.0 and up

Download it from Google Play Store >>

6. Zapya

Zapya is a well-received SHAREit substitute for you to transfer files across different platforms without size limits. It offers four ways to transfer files offline. You can share files inside the group you create, generate a personalized QR code to let others scan, shake the devices to establish connections, or simply send files nearby.

shareit alternative - zapya

Key features of Zapya:

  • Transfer files online and offline.
  • Transfer files across Android, iOS, and computer.
  • The Zapya for web allows you to share files with people from all over the world.
  • Transfer the whole file folder in one click.


  • Multiple connection methods.
  • Supports a wide range of platforms.
  • A good way to share applications.


  • Poor transfer speeds between different operating systems.
  • Requests too many permissions.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Tizen, web pages

Download it from Google Play Store >>

7. Xender

Xender is a popular alternative for SHAREit for you to transfer any kind of file across platforms without mobile data. Like SHAREit, Xender also has some additional features other than file transfer, such as social media downloader, game center, video to audio converter, etc.

shareit alternative - xender

Key features of Xender:

  • Transfer files like photos, music, videos without original size.
  • The transfer speed goes up to 40Mb/s.
  • Clone mobile phone data from one to another.
  • Download videos from WhatsApp/Facebook/Instagram.
  • Convert video to audio.


  • Easy to use.
  • Good transfer speeds.
  • The additional features are useful.


  • Sometimes it is difficult to connect to certain devices.
  • Contain annoying ads.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Tizen

Download it from the Google Play Store >>

8. ShareMe

ShareMe is a free P2P file-sharing app made by Xiaomi. Its simplicity and good transfer speed make it one of the best alternatives to SHAREit. If you are fed up with the annoying ads in SHAREit or other data transfer apps, you will be happy to find this ads-free app.

shareit alternative - shareme

Key features of ShareMe:

  • Transfer and share multiple files, including photos, videos, music, apps, etc.
  • Quickly resumes interrupted transfers with one tap.
  • Transfer files from Android to Android, Android to PC, Android to iOS.
  • Works well on all Android devices, such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, etc.


  • A free transfer tool without ads.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.


  • Sometimes it disconnects automatically.
  • Not available for iOS devices.

Compatibility: Android

Download it from the Google Play Store >>

9. SuperBeam

SuperBeam allows you to transfer large files between devices using Wi-Fi direct quickly and safely. It offers three connection methods. You can pair your devices using the QR code, NFC, or the sharing key. Its UI design is very simple, and it has different color themes for you to choose from.

shareit alternative - superbeam

Key features of SuperBeam:

  • Quickly transfer files using Wi-Fi direct.
  • Automatically switch to hotspot mode for devices that don't support Wi-Fi direct.
  • Establishes connection using QR scanning or NFC.
  • Keep the history of all transmission operations.


  • A solution to a direct Wi-Fi connection.
  • The pro version is inexpensive.
  • Transfer files quickly.


  • Not easy to navigate to the recent files to transfer.
  • Doesn't work smoothly on the latest Android version.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac

Download it from the Google Play Store >>

10. Windows Nearby Sharing

If you want to transfer files between your Windows PC, instead of using SHAREit, you can use the in-built Nearby Sharing on Windows. With this feature, you can share files between Windows 10 computer easily without installing any third-party tool. If you want to use this feature, head to the Windows Action center > turn on Nearby Sharing.

shareit alternative for pc - windows nearby shaing

Key features:

  • Wirelessly share files like photos, files, URLs with Windows 10 PCs.
  • Share files via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Works with apps that have a sharing option like Microsoft Edge, File Explorer.


  • Easy to access.
  • No need to reply on third-party file sharing tools.


  • The transfer speed is slow.
  • Only available for Windows 10.

Compatibility: Windows

11. AirDroid

AirDroid is an app like SHAREit for PC. It allows you to transfer files from PC and mobile phones, send and receive mobile messages on computer. You can use it to manage and control your mobile device on PC directly using Wi-Fi. It is a good productivity app for you to share files with others across screens.

shareit alternative for pc - airdroid

Key features of AirDroid:

  • Send files across different platforms under the same network.
  • Mirror your Android to computer.
  • Control Android device remotely.
  • Manage SMS/contacts, make calls on PC.


  • Easy to set up and use.
  • A good way to control mobile phone remotely.


  • It consumes too much battery.
  • The free version only allows you to transfer 200Mb files.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, web, Mac, Windows

Download it from the Google Play Store >>

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12. Pushbullet

Pushbullet is a SHAREit alternative for PC that you can use to bridge your phone, table and desktop. Its key feature is to manage your mobile notifications on your computer. You can use it to send and receive SMS messages, reply messages from apps like WhatsApp, Kik, Facebook Messenger, etc., from your computer. It also allows you to share links and files between devices.

shareit alternative for pc - pushbullet

Key features of Pushbullet:

  • Manage mobile notifications on computer efficiently.
  • Send and receive SMS on computer.
  • Chat with friends in a convenient way.
  • Send photos and files between your devices.


  • A helpful app for people who work with both a PC and a phone.
  • Share links between PC and phone easily and quickly.


  • The Pro version is expensive.
  • Not available for iOS.

Compatibility: Android, web browser, Windows

Download from the Google Play Store >>

Wrapping Up

Above are the 12 best alternatives to SHAREit. Hopefully, you can find the app that suits you most according to your data transfer requirements. For example, if you need to transfer files among PC, Android, iOS a lot, apps like Feem, Send Anywhere that support multiple platforms are recommended. If you want a solution to transfer everything from old Android to new Android, Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is the tool you need.. If you mainly want to move files between Android and computer, Coolmuster Android Assistant can help you get the job done.

Which SHAREit alternative do you use? Let us know in the comments below.

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