Best 9 Methods to Transfer/Share Contacts from Android to Android [2023]


When you're upgrading to a new Android phone, switching to a different device, or simply ensuring your contacts are safely backed up, you might want to transfer contact info from your old smartphone to the new one. Well, in this comprehensive guide, we shall dwell on how to transfer contacts from Android to Android using scientific approaches. Now, stick with us to the end of this article to make the job straightforward and error-free.

how to transfer contacts from android to android


Part 1. How to Send Contacts from Android to Android with Specialized Tools

1.1 How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android in One Click [Seamless]

In this section, we'll let you know about a dedicated product termed Coolmuster Mobile Transfer, designed for effortlessly transferring large-sized files from one Android device to another. This smart software allows you to connect both phones to your computer and complete the contact transfer at short notice. Moreover, it's not confined to Android phones/tablets; it can also assist in transferring various items between devices with different OSes.

What benefits does Coolmuster Mobile Phone offer?

  • Fleetly transfer contacts from Android to Android with a single click.
  • Support data transfer from Android to iPhone, from iPhone to Android, and between iPhone to iPhone.
  • Seamlessly transfer various data types, including contacts, messages, call history, photos, videos, music, notes, documents, apps, and more.
  • Prioritize privacy and ensure zero data loss.
  • Compatible with a wide range of Android/iOS devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab, Sony Xperia, Huawei Mate, Xiaomi, Redmi, OPPO, Vivo, DELL, HTC, etc.

How do I transfer contacts from Android to Android with Coolmuster Mobile Transfer? Here are the steps:

01Start Mobile Transfer

Begin by downloading and installing the utility on your computer. Once the installation is complete, double-click the tool to launch it, and you will be greeted by the primary interface displayed below.

the app for transfer contacts from android to android, mobile transfer

02Connect Android devices to PC via USB cables

Next, connect the source and destination devices to your computer via USB. Make sure to enable USB debugging on both phones. Then, this program will promptly detect them. (Click on Flip in the middle of the screen if they are wrongly placed.)

03Transfer contacts between 2 phones

Pick Contacts within the program. If necessary, you can select additional files as well. Finally, click Start Copy at the center bottom of the screen. Your contacts will be transferred from one Android phone to another in a matter of moments.

transfer contacts from droid to droid

1.2 How to Move Contacts from Android to Android via Coolmuster Android Assistant

Are you interested in effortlessly transferring contacts between Android phones and backing them up on your computer? Your solution is Coolmuster Android Assistant. This exceptional software empowers you to transfer, back up, restore, and manage various Android content, including contacts, call logs, apps, SMS, music, photos, videos, and books. With this professional tool, you can efficiently perform these tasks on your PC or Mac, ensuring both speed and security.

How to enable Android to transfer contacts to the new phone using Coolmuster Android Assistant?

01Install and run the program

Download and install Coolmuster Android Assistant on your computer. Then, launch the software. From the primary toolbox, open Android Assistant.

02Establish a connection between phones and the computer

Connect your old Android phone to your computer using USB cables. Ensure that USB debugging is enabled on it. The software will automatically detect and recognize your device.

android transfer contacts to new phone

03Export contacts from the sender

On the left side of the main interface, click the Contacts category to display your contacts on the right. Choose the items you want to transfer by selecting the checkboxes. Afterward, click Export at the top and choose a format for the transfer. Then, specify the location on your computer to save the contacts.

export contacts

04Import contacts to the receiver

Now, disconnect the source phone and connect the destination one. When identified, please tap Contacts and click Import. Browse for the exported contacts on your computer and initiate the transfer from your computer to the new Android phone.

import the contacts

This versatile tool provides an alternative method for bulk contact transfer to your new phone. Here's how: Go to its Super Toolkit > Backup > select your source device > choose Contacts for backup > specify the backup location on your computer > click Back Up. Then, proceed to Super Toolkit > Restore > choose your target phone > select the backup containing contacts > click Restore.

1.3 How to Download Contacts from Android to Android by SHAREit

SHAREit, a versatile mobile app, excels at transferring contacts between Android devices. This app simplifies contact management, allowing you to move specific contacts or entire address books effortlessly. Next, how to use this app for transferring contacts from Android to Android?

Step 1. Install SHAREit on both devices from the Google Play Store and ensure both are within the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2. Open the Contacts app on the source device, go to the menu, and choose Import/Export.

Step 3. Pick the contacts you want to transfer and select Share contacts.

Step 4. Choose SHAREit as the transfer medium.

Step 5. On the destination device, open SHAREit. Have the source device scan the target one. Once recognized, initiate the transfer.

share contacts android with shareit

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Part 2. How to Move Contacts from Android to Android with Phone Functions

2.1 How to Transfer Contacts to New Android Phone via Nearby Share

Google recently introduced Nearby Share for Android, enabling fast data sharing between nearby Android phones. Note that this feature is available for Android 6.0 and higher, providing a faster and more convenient contact transfer option than Bluetooth.

Now, how can you share contacts on Android using Nearby Share?

Step 1. Navigate to Settings > Google > Devices connections > Nearby Share and activate Nearby Share.

how to send contacts from android to android with nearby share

Step 2. Open your contacts app on the source Android phone and tap the three-dot icon to access settings.

Step 3. Select Import/Export > Share contacts. Choose the contacts you wish to copy or select Select all.

Step 4. Tap Share and opt for Nearby Share.

choose nearby share

Step 5. When your target phone is detected, select its name. On the destination device, accept the file you just shared.

2.2 How to Send Contacts from Android to Android over Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a commonly used wireless technology for sharing contacts between Android devices. It's reliable but may be slower than newer methods like Nearby Share or dedicated apps. Before proceeding, ensure your two smartphones are in close proximity. Here are the guidelines for importing contacts to Android from Android:

Step 1. Go to the Contacts menu

Open the contacts app on the source device and access the Menu > Share icon.

Step 2. Pick the contacts to transfer

Tap on Import/Export and then choose Share name card via. Select the contacts you wish to transfer, or simply use Select All to transfer them all.

Step 3. Choose Bluetooth

This action will open the sharing options. Opt for Bluetooth, and if Bluetooth is not enabled, you will be prompted to enable it.

how to transfer contacts to new android phone with bluetooth

Step 4. Pair your devices and transfer contacts

Allow Bluetooth to scan for nearby devices and select the destination device when it appears. Once the devices are successfully paired, the transmission should commence automatically.

2.3 How to Copy Contacts from Android to Android with a SIM Card

First and foremost, make sure that your SIM card is compatible with both devices and can be easily removed from your old phone. Then, we shall guide you through how to move contacts from Android to Android:

Step 1. Open the Contacts app and tap the More icon (usually represented by three dots in the top-right corner).

Step 2. Select Manage contacts > Import/Export > Export to SIM card.

copy contacts from android to android with sim card

Step 3. After exporting your contacts to the SIM card, remove the SIM card from the source phone.

Step 4. Insert the SIM card into the receiving Android phone.

Step 5. Open the Contacts app and tap More > Manage contacts > Import/Export > Import from SIM card.

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2.4 How to Transfer Contacts from One Phone to Another Android with VCF File

This method offers versatile contact transfer options. Simply create a VCF file and use your preferred file-sharing method to transfer it to the new phone. This can be done through email, social media, SD cards, USB cables, and more. In the following, we'll walk you through how to transfer contacts from Android to Android via a VCF file:

Step 1. Export Contacts

Open the Contacts app on your old Android phone. Tap the More icon and select Manage contacts > Import/Export contacts. Subsequently, pick Export to storage devices > This device, and the file will be named Contacts.vcf by default.

how to move contacts from android to android as vcf file

Step 2. Send the File

Locate the Contacts.vcf file using your phone's file finder and send this file to your new Android phone via email.

Step 3. Download and Import

On your new Android device, access your email and download the attached Contacts.vcf file. Go to the Contacts app and tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner. Next, select Manage contacts > Import/Export contacts > Import from storage > This device.

Step 4. Transfer contacts to Android

Choose the recently downloaded VCF file. Lastly, confirm the action by selecting OK, and your contacts will start transferring from one Android device to another.

Part 3. How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android via Wi-Fi

3.1 How to Share Contacts from Android to Android Using Google Account and Sync

You can also utilize Google's Cloud to upload contacts (and even calendars if desired), making this information accessible on any device linked to your Google account. How can you do it?

Step 1. Start by adding a Google account to your source device. To do this, navigate to Settings > Users & Accounts > Add account, and choose Google.

Step 2. Sign in to your Google account to add it. Next, go to Settings > Users & Accounts > Google on your source device and enable Sync Contacts.

Step 3. After a while, contacts will be synced to Google servers. On your destination device, add the same Google account.

Step 4. Go to Settings > Users & Accounts > Google and select Contacts from the Google Backups list. Tap on Sync now, and your contacts will be transferred to the recipient.

how to transfer contacts from android to android via wifi

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3.2 How to Move Contacts from Android to Android with Google Backup

Likewise, if your cell phone are connected to your Google account, you can effortlessly complete the transfer by utilizing the backup and restore feature for your contacts. Plus, this service also extends to other file categories such as photos, music, and more. To know how to transfer contacts to your new Android phone in this way, follow the instructions:

Step 1. On your old Android device, access the Settings app. Find and select Backup & reset. Enable both Backup my data and Automatic restore.

Step 2. Tap Backup Account. If prompted, choose an account or tap Add account to add your Google account.

how to share contacts from android to android with google backup

Step 3. After adding your Google account, return to the Settings page and click on Accounts.

Step 4. Select your Google account and activate the Contacts option. Your contacts will be securely saved to Google Cloud within a few minutes.

Step 5. Now, on your new Android device, access the Settings. Lastly, sign in with the same Google account, and your backed-up contacts will automatically appear on this device.


Voila. It's time to wrap up today's post. Apparently, we've covered almost all the common methods to ease the transfer, from utilizing professional tools to harnessing the power of phone function or cloud service. As you navigate through these scientifically-backed techniques, feel free to pick the one that treats your needs and preferences best. Finally, how do you transfer contacts from one Android phone to another? Please let us know below.

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