How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone 15? [6 Proven Methods]


iPhone 15 series has become the spotlight after its release, thanks to plenty of wonderful features like a dynamic island, enhanced camera sensor, and a better chipset. With these amazing features, many are eager to test this newest iPhone. Despite that, there is still a need to transfer data such as photos, contacts, videos, music, and more to your new iPhone 15. These files are precious to you, so can you transfer data from Android to iPhone? And how to transfer data from Android to iPhone 15?

At a glance, it may seem impossible to transfer Android to iOS since these are two different platforms. But it's still doable. In this article, we'll show you different ways to transfer data from Android to iPhone 15. So, stay put. We take you through these simple steps.


Method 1. How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone 15 with One Click

The most direct way to share files between Android and iPhone is by using Coolmuster Mobile Transfer. It doesn't matter if you have hundreds of contacts or documents you want to transfer. This software makes all this possible. Most transfer methods take longer to perform this task. But with Coolmuster Mobile Transfer, you will have a quicker, smooth, and effortless transfer of various files, including contacts and documents, from Android to your iPhone 15.

Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is a professional software aimed at providing a hassle-free transfer. Its awesome features make it stand out. It enables file transfer across multiple platforms like Android to iOS, iOS to Android, iOS to iOS, and Android to Android. No matter the smartphone you have, this software will support the transfer of data between them without overwriting existing files. In addition, it's not a time killer. It only takes one click to copy all files between mobile phones.

Key Features:

  • Transfer data from Android to iPhone directly.
  • Support different file types, such as videos, photos, music, SMS, contacts, notes calendar, etc.
  • Do not overwrite data.
  • No quality loss.
  • Stable and swift data transfer.
  • Highly compatible with a wide range of devices, including various iPhone, iPad, and iPod generations, as well as Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei, ZTE, Motorola, and more.

How to move data from Android to iPhone using Coolmuster Mobile Transfer in one click:

01Download and install Coolmuster Mobile Transfer on your computer.

02Launch the Coolmuster Mobile Transfer software on the computer after downloading and installing it. Enter the Mobile Transfer module from the primary interface.

the main interface of coolmuster mobile transfer

03Connect both phones to the computer. Click Trust on iPhone 15 and enable USB debugging on Android to establish a connection. Ensure the devices are in the correct positions with Android as the Source. You can change their positions by clicking on Flip.

connect the devices to computer

04Choose the files to transfer from the interface and tap on Start Copy. All your files will be transferred to your new iPhone 15 quickly, and you can access them without a problem.

how to transfer data from android to iphone 15 via colmuster mobile transfer

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Method 2. How to Move Data from Android to iPhone 15 via Move to iOS

The Move to iOS is one of the popular data transfer apps that can come to your rescue when you need to share files from an Android to your new iOS device. It works through a Wi-Fi connection to transfer files, such as contacts, videos, photos, calendars, etc, between Android and iOS. The process is pretty simple and secure.

However, your old Android should be running on Android 5 and above, and your Wi-Fi connection should be stable. Besides, the iPhone 15 should be brand new and not activated. Here is the procedure for the iOS setup assistant to move data from Android:

Step 1. Download and install the Move to iOS app on your Android device and place your iPhone 15 closer to the Android device.

Step 2. Start the setup process on iPhone 15, and when you reach the Apps & Data screen, choose Move Data from Android option. Follow all the onscreen instructions to get a code.

choose move data from android

Step 3. On your Android device, open the Move to iOS app and enter the code you just received on iPhone 15.

transfer data from android to iphone via move to ios

Step 4. Select all the files you want to transfer to your iPhone and tap the Continue button. The transfer process will start immediately, and it may take a while, depending on the size of the files you are transferring.

Step 5. Once the transfer completes, click Done on the Android phone. Now, follow the final onscreen instructions to finish setting up your iPhone 15.

Tip: Go through this guide if Move to iOS unable to migrate.

Method 3. How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone 15 via SHAREit

Can you transfer data from Android to iPhone? Of course. One amazing way to do that is via SHAREit, a free cross-platform data transfer app that lets users share files between devices wirelessly. You can share videos and other files conveniently. Here is how to transfer data from Android to iPhone via SHAREit:

Step 1. Download the SHAREit app on both devices and launch it.

Step 2. Choose the Receive option on iPhone and the Send option on Android.

Step 3. Follow the onscreen instructions to link both devices wirelessly.

Step 4. Select the files you wish to transfer, and the process will be initiated immediately.

achieve android to ios transfer using shareit

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If you want another option, consider the top 12 SHAREit alternatives.

How about Move to iOS alternatives? Check this guide to find the answer.

Method 4. How to Move Data from Android to iPhone 15 via Google Drive

Google Drive is a popular cloud storage platform that allows you to seamlessly share files across various devices. You can, thus, transfer files from Android to your iPhone 15 with it. The best part is that it offers free 15 GB cloud storage to all users to store images, videos, audio, and other files. Google Drive supports the transfer of videos, contacts, SMS messages, documents, photos, and calendars. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to move from Android to iOS via Google Drive:

Step 1. On your Android phone, open the Google Drive app and sign into your account.

Step 2. Tap the Menu icon on Google Drive and choose Backups and Backup Now.

move from android to ios via google drive

Step 3. Now install Google Drive on your new iPhone 15. Sign into your Google account using the same login info used on Android. You should be able to access all your data.

Method 5. How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone 15 via Email

Email is yet another useful option to transfer Android data to iOS. You can choose the files you want to transfer and share them with the recipient's address. Though this option has some drawbacks, like file size limits, it can still be helpful when you want to share a few files from Android to your iPhone 15. Below are the simple steps on how to transfer data from Android to iPhone:

Step 1. Open the File Manager app on your Android and select the data you want to transfer.

Step 2. Tap the Share icon, and many sharing options will pop up. Choose the Email option.

choose email to share files

Step 3. Enter your Email address. You can either choose to add the subject or send it without it.

Step 4. Tap the Send button and all your selected data will be transferred.

how to move data from android to iphone with email

Step 5. You can access all this data on iPhone15 by logging into the Email and downloading them.

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Method 6. How to Move Data from Android to iPhone 15 through iTunes

If you want to move from Android to iOS, one essential way to copy your files is via iTunes. However, note that it's an indirect process where you first copy the files from Android to your PC and then transfer them to your iPhone 15 with iTunes library. iTunes supports the transfer of various data types like music, photos, and movies.

How do I transfer from Android to iPhone using iTunes? Below are the steps to accomplish that:

Step 1. Link your Android phone to your PC and transfer your photos, videos, and music from Android to the PC.

Step 2. Launch iTunes on your PC and connect the new iPhone 15. Navigate to the File section on the iTunes interface and press the Add File to Library option. You should be able to find and add all the content you had copied from the Android device to the iTunes Library.

choose add file to lirbary

Step 3. After the files have been added to the iTunes library, press on the Music option from the sidebar, then choose the option for Entire Music Library.

transfer android to ios via itunes

Step 4. At last, sync your photos as well as videos to your new iPhone 15.

If you are currently using a Samsung smartphone, then how to transfer data from Samsung to iPhone 15? Click here to learn more about how to transfer videos from Samsung to iPhone 15, and here to check how to transfer Samsung notes to iPhone 15 quickly and easily.


What's the best way to transfer data from Android to iPhone? Android to iOS transfer is not as confusing as it used to be. Back in the day, you had to rely on manual transfer, which wasn't very efficient. Nowadays, cloud services and apps can do all the work for us.

Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is the top pick if you need an efficient data transfer solution. Though other methods like iTunes, Email, Move to iOS, Google Drive, and SHAREit can still give you a helping hand, they come with numerous limitations. So, a better option remains this reliable software. Make sure you give it a try today.

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