The BEST Android Emulators You Should Consider Using Today [Can't Miss]


Android emulators are virtual devices that allow users to run Android applications on a computer. For most users, the best Android emulator provides a convenient way to play Android games on a computer with a large screen. They also offer a seamless connection to computer peripherals like the joystick, keyboard, and mouse, significantly improving your gaming experience.

But that's not all. Some emulators are dedicated to app development and often feature an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for debugging and testing Android applications. The reason for testing Android applications using emulators is to ensure that the final application has fewer issues before deployment. Below is a software review of the best Android emulator for PC users.

best android emulator


Top 12 Free Android Emulator Apps

This section lists 12 different options to help you pick the best Android emulators for PC usage.

Emulator 1: ARChon

ARChon works differently than traditional emulators. Instead of creating a virtual machine, ARChron will convert the APK file (android application package) into a format that can run on the Google Chrome browser.

Based on its interface, this emulator isn't suited for gamers but users looking for a productivity application. This emulator is also compatible with different devices as long as they can run the Chrome browser.

the best android emulator for pc, archon


  • Install and set up the emulators with ease.
  • Run productivity apps seamlessly.
  • Enjoy smooth performance as the emulator doesn't consume your system resources.


  • Run multiple Android applications at the same time.
  • Benefit from compatibility with many devices.


  • Doesn't support gaming applications.

Website Address: https://archon-runtime.github.io/

Supported Platforms: Chrome in OS X, Linux and Windows

Pricing: It's free to use.

Emulator 2: Nox Player

Nox Player is a sleek Android emulator for Windows and Mac OS that supports the latest Android version. While it's ideally suited for running games, it can effortlessly run different Android applications. Installing and setting up this emulator is quick as it features an easy-to-use interface. Nox also has a version for Mac, making it an Android emulator Mac users can enjoy effortlessly. Remember that this emulator may put your system under heavy load, so ensure your PC or Mac has good system specifications before using it.

the best android emulator for pc, nox player


  • Enjoy one-click customization with the keyboard mapping feature.
  • Install and run it quickly on Mac and Windows without any technical problems.
  • Benefit from quick sharing of files between the emulator and PC or Mac.


  • Runs smoothly on Windows and MacOS.
  • Open multiple windows on a single device.
  • Customize performance settings while running games.


  • It can put your system under a heavy load.

Website Address: https://www.bignox.com/

Supported Platforms: Mac OS and Microsoft Windows.

Pricing: It's free to use.

Emulator 3: Game Loop

Game Loop is an interactive Android enumerator for macOS and Windows users designed with gamers in mind. Once installed, you can benefit from valuable features like key mapping and memory cleaning that ensure faster game loading time.

In addition to playing games, this free Android emulator has Google Play Store, providing you with access to different applications, from shopping to productivity apps. Currently, this application is only supported by Windows PCs.

one of the best android emulators for pc, game loop


  • Enjoy playing high-end Android games on your PC.
  • Benefit from top-notch performance even on low-end PCs as it's optimized for different graphics standards.
  • Run different Android applications and games with ease.


  • Enjoy playing a huge library of games.
  • Benefit from an easy-to-use interface for easy setup and playing games.
  • Customize gaming control for seamless playing of games using a keyboard or mouse.


  • Require high-end computer specifications to run smoothly.

Website Address: https://www.gameloop.vip/

Supported Platforms: Microsoft Windows.

Pricing: It's free to use.

Emulator 4: Remix OS

Remix OS is a customized version of the Android operating system. It was developed by Jide Technology, a Chinese-based company, to run on 32-bit-based computers.

Installing and setting up Remix OS on your computer can be accomplished in a few simple clicks. It is also one of the best Android emulators MacBook users will love using as it offers the option to run applications on a large screen.

Once installed, you can enjoy playing a wide collection of games. What's more, it features a built-in key mapping tool that ensures seamless Android gaming using a keyboard and mouse.

one of the best android emulators for pc, remix os


  • Enjoy switching between applications with ease thanks to the desktop-like interface.
  • Organize files with ease thanks to a built-in file manager.


  • Run different types of Play Store applications and games.
  • Install and run the application easily.
  • Run more than one application at the same time in different windows.


  • It's not possible to install downloaded APK files.

Web Address: https://sourceforge.net/projects/remix-os-player/

Supported Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS

Pricing: Free to Use.

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Emulator 5: BlueStacks

BlueStacks is among the top-rated emulators that allow users to download and run games and other applications on their PCs. What makes it the best Android emulator for PC because it doesn't require a high graphics card, meaning you can run it on low-end PCs without any major issues. Additionally, its interface provides cloud gaming functionality, allowing users to play over 2 million games.

one of the best android emulators for pc, bluestacks


  • Run multiple applications easily, thanks to the clean and simple interface.
  • Benefit from minimum system requirements while running the application.
  • Enjoy smooth operation on the latest versions of Android.


  • Run your applications faster as it's optimized for gaming and general use.
  • Benefit from an easy-to-use application as installation can be done in one click.
  • Enjoy live streaming of games via the application.


  • Ads show up when running your application.

Website Address: https://www.bluestacks.com/

Supported Platforms: Mac OS and Microsoft Windows.

Pricing: It's free to use.

Emulator 6: LDPlayer

LDPlayer might be a relatively new emulator compared to others mentioned in this guide, but it has become the best Android emulator for PCs thanks to its quick performance. If you're using it for the first time, you'll find it easy to install and configure on your computer.

This free Android emulator supports different languages, so regardless of your nationality, you won't experience any issues during installation. The application also features a toolbar on the side that lets you set up keyboard mapping and take screenshots.

android emulator for windows, ldplayer


  • Open different games simultaneously on your PC screen thanks to the multi-instance feature.
  • Customize the Android emulator settings, such as the DPI settings, screen resolution, etc.
  • Run applications on full-screen for a better viewing experience.


  • Runs different applications effortlessly on Mac and Windows PCs.
  • Record your screen during gameplay and app testing.
  • Download games and applications on Google Play Store or pre-installed LD Store.


  • Compatibility issues with some apps and games.

Website Address: https://www.ldplayer.net/

Supported Platforms: Microsoft Windows.

Pricing: It's free to use.

Emulator 7: MEmu Play

MEmu Play is optimized for seamless gameplay as it features an in-built accelerometer that helps improve the game's loading times. Another aspect that makes it the best Android emulator for gaming is the key mapping feature that allows players to set hotkeys so that gamers can control mobile games using the mouse and keyboard.

When using this Android emulator on pc, you can conveniently transfer files between the computer and the emulator. Additionally, it supports AMD and Intel chips.

android emulator for windows, memu play


  • Enjoy a great gaming experience with the custom key mapping feature.
  • Supports Intel, NVidia, and AMD graphic cards.
  • Install and run the application in simple clicks.


  • Run several applications at the same time.
  • Benefit from seamless file transfer between the emulator and PC.


  • It may not work well on low-end PCs

Website Address: https://www.memuplay.com/

Supported Platforms: Microsoft Windows.

Pricing: It's free to use.

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Emulator 8: Andy OS

Andy OS is an integrated development environment (IDE) created by Google to help test and publish Android applications. It features different plugins and tools that help developers test applications effortlessly. Unlike other applications on this list, this emulator isn't suitable for gamers as the gaming interface is still under development.

android emulator on pc, andy os


  • Test Android applications on different screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Identify and resolve issues quickly during app development as the emulator integrates efficiently with Android Studio debugging tools.
  • Snap screenshots while running different applications.


  • Supports both the old and new Android operating system versions.
  • Develop different Android applications with ease.
  • Test applications for different Android systems like TV, Mobile, etc.


  • Doesn't feature a built-in app store.
  • It's not suitable for gaming.

Web Address: https://www.andyroid.net/

Supported Platforms: Microsoft Windows.

Pricing: Free to Use. However, the Pro license costs $12 per month or $99 per year.

Emulator 9: AmiduOS Emulator

AmiduOS is a great emulator for individuals who want to run Android games on Windows. In fact, users can even toggle full-screen mode and enjoy an immersive gaming experience. This emulator also features Google Play Store, which means you can run other Android applications.

android emulator on pc, amiduos


  • Run different applications as users have access to the Google Play Store.
  • Enjoy smooth performance while running different games.
  • Benefit from a smooth gaming experience as the emulator is compatible with controllers like keyboard and mouse.


  • Benefit from easy installation and setup.
  • Enjoy quick transfer of files between Android and Windows.


  • You may experience compatibility problems with some applications.

Web Address: https://amiduos.com/

Supported Platforms: Microsoft Windows.

Pricing: Free to use.

Emulator 10: KoPlayer

Once you install and set up the KoPlayer, you can run different applications from the Google Play Store. You can also install other Android applications by dragging and dropping them on the app's user interface. As a gamer, you'll enjoy seamless gameplay of Android applications because the emulator integrates with the peripheral devices on your PC like microphone, mouse, and keyboard.

android emulator on pc, koplayer


  • Benefit from an easy-to-use user interface.
  • Record videos using the built-in video recording feature and enjoy them later.
  • Run games effortlessly as the emulator is optimized for gaming.


  • Install and set up the application easily on your computer.
  • Download and run different Android applications using the in-built Google Play Store.
  • Enjoy playing games on different devices as the emulator supports Intel & AMD CPUs.


  • Users have limited customization options.

Website Address: https://koplayerpc.com/

Supported Platforms: Chrome in OS X, Linux and Windows

Pricing: It's free to use.

Emulator 11: Bliss OS

Bliss OS is different from other emulators as it's an open-source operating system. Unlike other emulators that require you to install and run them on your computer, you'll need to install it as a separate operating system.

mobile emulator, bliss os


  • Benefit from an easy-to-use interface that provides for easy navigation.
  • Benefit from quick integration with Google Play, allowing for quick download and installation of applications.
  • Enjoy advanced gaming features, including gamepad support and keyboard mapping.


  • Benefit from regular updates, ensuring the emulator remains up to date with the latest advancements.
  • Run Android games and applications effortlessly.


  • Offers limited app compatibility.

Website Address: https://blissos.org/

Supported Platforms: Chrome in OS X, Linux, and Windows

Pricing: It's free to use.

Emulator 12: Genymotion

Genymotion is an online mobile emulator that helps IT professionals test Android applications before deployment. Such professionals can not only track the performance of applications but also set up virtual device configurations based on aspects like hardware capacity and screen size. This application runs on the desktop and via a web browser, meaning that you can use it across multiple platforms, such as Linux, macOS, and Windows.

mobile emulator, genymotion


  • Run different Android versions from 4.1 to the latest version.
  • Launch Genymotion within Android Studio


  • Install it easily across different operating systems.
  • Test and run Android applications on a user-friendly interface.
  • Benefit from a user-friendly interface that makes running applications easy.


  • Not suitable for gamers

Website Address: https://www.genymotion.com/

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Pricing: Offers 30 days' free trial. Price starts at $0.50 per hour & device.

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Bonus: Run Android Apps on a Computer Without Emulators

Wondering how to run Android or iOS apps on your computer? Then using an emulator is not compulsory. The mirroring tool called Phone Mirror allows you to mirror your mobile screen to a computer and achieve easy management.

Here are the key features of Phone Mirror.

  • Support both Android and iOS.
  • Control your phone remotely from your PC.
  • Enjoy real-time phone screen-to-PC mirroring.
  • Allow you to record phone screens.

Below are the steps to mirror your mobile screen to a computer using Phone Mirror:

01Download, install, and launch the app on your computer. Click on the option for Android Mirror.

02Tap on the Screen mirroring, then download and install Mirror on your Android phone. Connect the Android phone and computer with Wi-Fi or USB cable afterward.

mirror mobile screen with phone mirror

03When the connection gets successfully done, you can cast your phone screen to the computer.

mirror mobile screen


Android emulators have played a key role in ensuring a smooth operation for users looking to test and run different Android applications on their computers. In this article, we have discussed some of the top Android emulators worth considering, including their features, pros, and cons.

Depending on how you plan to use this application, you'll find one that best matches your needs. It's important to note that while using the emulators to run Android games, the performance offered by each tool will vary based on the host computer and hardware specification.

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