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WhatsApp's dominance as the most preferred instant messaging platform continues to gain momentum despite some challenges. Through the years, the platform has introduced the most sought-after features like multi-device support, status posting, etc. Its ease of use has made it the best chatting application for both old and young. Like any other software, WhatsApp faces issues, including the failure to sync contacts. This problem deters WhatsApp users from accessing their contacts despite saving them on their phones. This article will guide you through the WhatsApp contact syncing procedure.

whatsapp contact sync


Part 1. How to Sync Contacts to WhatsApp

How do I sync my WhatsApp contacts to my iPhone? You can use the below methods to sync your WhatsApp contact list:

Method 1. How to Sync WhatsApp Contacts Automatically on Android

Importing contacts to your WhatsApp has been made easier than ever before. When you face problems such as Contacts not showing in WhatsApp, you can utilize the application's automated contact importation feature. This app ensures all your contact information is added to the app's database and shows up immediately on WhatsApp's contact list interface.

Before using this technique to sync your contacts, make sure you are using the latest WhatsApp version. Moreover, ensure all contacts are saved on your phone and follow the outlined steps below:

Step 1. Launch the WhatsApp application on your phone; navigate to the top-right corner of the application's interface, and hit the 3-dot menu icon to open a drop-down menu.

Step 2. Choose the Settings options menu to access the WhatsApp settings from the drop-down menu and navigate to Account, depending on the WhatsApp version.

How do I get WhatsApp to sync with my contacts on android

Step 3. Scroll downwards from the Privacy settings and select the Contacts options tab. This will open the contacts synchronization settings. Locate and select the Sync Contacts or Allow WhatsApp to Access Contacts option.

Step 4. Wait until all your contacts are synced. This may take several minutes, depending on the size of your contact list.

Step 5. Now navigate to the bottom-right corner of the application's interface, and tap the + icon or the Chat button to display the synced contacts.

After synchronization, all your contacts should be visible on your WhatsApp contact list.

Method 2. How to Sync WhatsApp Contacts Automatically on iPhone

If you are using an iPhone, ensure you have installed the most current version of WhatsApp and follow the steps below to sync iPhone contacts to WhatsApp:

Step 1. Launch the Settings application on your iPhone, navigate to the Privacy tab, and hit Contacts.

how to allow whatsapp to access contacts on iphone

Step 2. Swipe down, select WhatsApp from the list of apps, and turn on the toggle switch adjacent to it. This will grant WhatsApp access to your contacts.

allow whatsapp to access contacts on iphone

Step 3. Now launch the WhatsApp application on your iPhone, and navigate to the Chats tab at the bottom of the application's interface.

Step 4. Navigate to the upper-right corner of the Chats interface and tap on the New Chat icon. This will display WhatsApp's synced contacts list.

Step 5. If there is no contact on the list, pull the contact list interface downwards to refresh the contacts list. After that, the application will begin syncing to access the contacts from your phone's storage.

Step 6. Wait until WhatsApp completes syncing your contacts. This takes a longer time when you have a large list of contacts. When all contacts get synced, you will see them on WhatsApp's contact list.

Method 3. How to Sync WhatsApp Contacts by Adding Contacts Manually

This is one of the simplest methods to import contacts to your WhatsApp. However, the process is time-consuming. Below is how to sync contacts to WhatsApp by adding contacts manually:

Step 1. Open WhatsApp on your phone, navigate to the upper-right-hand side of the app's interface and tap the Contacts icon. The next window displays the contacts list saved in the phone's internal storage.

Step 2. Locate the New Contact tab and tap on it.

Step 3. Key in contact details to add to the contacts list and save them. By doing that, you will have added the contact to your WhatsApp.

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Part 2. How to Fix Contacts Not Showing on WhatsApp

Can't sync contacts with WhatsApp? Here are some tips for fixing the contacts not showing on WhatsApp issue:

Tip 1. Grant WhatsApp Access Permissions

As security issues increase daily, smartphone manufacturers have tightened their device's security mechanisms. For example, smartphone applications cannot access the device before a user permits them. As such, your WhatsApp app cannot access your contact list and hence may not sync your contacts as you expect.

Below is how to allow WhatsApp to access contacts from your device:

Step 1. Launch the Settings application, and navigate to the Apps or App management tabs depending on the phone model and operating system.

Step 2. Tap the See All Apps button to expand the apps list. Scroll downwards to locate WhatsApp, hit the Permissions tab, and choose the Contacts option.

Step 3. Tap the Allow button to grant WhatsApp access to your contacts.

Step 4. If the permissions were already granted, tap Don't Allow and then hit the Allow button.

grant whatsapp contacts permissions

After following these steps, open WhatsApp and verify if the contact names have been synced. To do so, navigate to the upper-right corner of the Chats interface and tap the New Chat icon. This will display WhatsApp's synced contacts list.

Tip 2. Update WhatsApp Contacts

Refreshing the WhatsApp contact list often solves the issue if the contacts don't show even after granting WhatsApp app access permission. Below is how to update WhatsApp contacts:

Step 1. Launch the WhatsApp app on your phone. To do so, locate the application's icon on the home screen and tap on it.

Step 2. Once the application is open, navigate to the Chats tab at the top-left corner.

whatsapp chats tab

Step 3. Navigate to the bottom-right corner and tap the New Chat button. This shows all synced contacts.

Step 4. Hit the three vertical dots icon at the top-right corner. This displays menu items.

select contact

Step 5. Select the Refresh option from the options menu. Once selected, it will update your contact list on your WhatsApp, and all contacts will be synced.

Step 6. Wait a while for WhatsApp to scan and update the contacts list

Tip 3. Clear the Cache of WhatsApp

Uncleared cache memory could be the reason why WhatsApp contact sync issues may arise. To clear your WhatsApp cache, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1. Hit and hold the WhatsApp icon on your phone's home screen, tap App info, and tap the Storage usage option.

whatsapp app infor

Step 2. Locate and hit the Clear Cache button. Hit the Yes button to validate the action.

clear chache

Step 3. Once you complete the steps outlined above, launch WhatsApp, navigate to the upper-right corner of the Chat's interface, and tap on the New Chat icon. This will display WhatsApp's synced contacts list.

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Bonus. How to Back Up WhatsApp Chats

Losing WhatsApp chats can be very frustrating, especially losing WhatsApp chats for a client, business partner, or crush. But how can you ensure that your WhatsApp chats are saved in a secure and accessible place?

Your computer is the best place to back up your WhatsApp chats. You can use a professional data backup and restoring application to store your WhatsApp chats on your computer. When you lose WhatsApp chats, you can restore them to your phone using the backup you created on your computer.

The Restore Social App is the best application for backing up your phone's WhatsApp chats to a computer. The application is easy to use, available for Mac and Windows computers, fast, and reliable.

Key Features

  • Enable users to back up their Android and iOS devices' data, such as contacts, WhatsApp messages, and more, to a computer.
  • Allow users to restore smartphones' data from their computer backups.
  • Support a wide range of data such as videos, audio, photos, chats, etc.
  • Work natively with almost all iOS and Android versions.

Below is how to backup Android phones' contacts into your computer using the Restore Social App:

01Download, install, and launch the application on your computer.

02Link the phone to the computer with a USB cable, enable debugging mode on your phone, and select the WhatsApp Transfer option from the application's window.

how to back up contacts of whatsapp with restore social app

03Launch the WhatsApp application on your phone, choose the Backup WhatsApp Messages option on the application's interface, and the backing-up process will begin.

backup whatsapp messages

04Tap the View It button to see the WhatsApp chats backed up to your computer.

view whatsapp backup


You don't have to worry if some contacts are not showing up on your WhatsApp application. It is a simple issue that can be fixed using the methods discussed in this article. Using the Restore Social App, you can back up and restore your WhatsApp chats on your computer. Restore Social App is a professional Android and iOS data backup and restore application that is easily usable, fast, and reliable.

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