How to Find the Fastest Route Home from Any Location? [Updated]


Nowadays, it's very easy to navigate from one place to another, even when it's a new location for you. This is made possible through the numerous maps available online. For example, if you're traveling from work and want to find the fastest route home, you'll simply need to access a map online, and you're good to go. You'll just need to select your start and end points, then customize your routes using third-party tools, Google Maps, or online websites.


Part 1. Fastest Route vs. Shortest Route: Is There a Difference?

Although some people take them to mean the same thing, there is a difference in meaning between the fastest and shortest routes. The fastest route allows you to reach your destination within the shortest time, even if you'll have to cover an extra distance.

On the other hand, the shortest route home lets you reach your destination within the shortest distance without considering the time it might take. The fastest route emphasizes more on the time taken, while the shortest route seeks to save on the distance covered. If you want to reach home in the minimum duration, you'll have to take the fastest route.

In the next sections of this article, we'll discuss different ways to navigate fastest route home.

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Part 2. Which Website Can Show Me the Fastest Route Home Online?

You can use the Route XL website to find your fastest route home online. This tool is a well-known route planner that lets you freely include up to 20 addresses for every route. When you want to find the fastest route home, this website lets you easily pick your start and end points before showing directions.

Below are the steps to easily use this tool.

Step 1. Using a browser, search for the Route XL website. Enter your start and endpoints on the search bar displayed.

Step 2. Next, you can click the "Find route" button to view the available routes and determine what is the fastest route home.

Step 3. Click on the "Fulfill" button. This will show you the fastest and shortest routes on the map.

click on the fulfill button

Part 3. How to Find the Fastest Route Home with the Help of Third-party Tools?

Third-party tools have proven effective in allowing people to find the fastest routes between different locations. Some of these apps even work better than the Google Maps app. A third-party tool allows you to select your starting point and destination and then determine "what's the fastest route to work or home".

The tools that we'll discuss in this section include the following.

Method 1. How to Find the Fastest Route Home Using iOS Location Changer?

iOS Location Changer allows you to find the fastest route home with the help of its "create customized routes" feature. The app allows you to select two or more locations on a map and find the distance between them. Based on that, you can then determine the fastest route. You can access iOS Location Changer using your iPhone or iPad since it mainly works on iOS.

The tool gives you access to three movement options from which you can select the fastest distance, i.e., One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode, and Joystick Mode. Below is a summary of how the three modes work:

  • One-stop mode. This mode allows you to select your start and end points and set the fastest route.
  • Multi-stop mode. This mode allows you to select multiple spots and connect them to find the best route.
  • Joystick mode. With this mode, you'll use a mouse to control the joystick displayed on your screen to navigate different locations.

Presenting the key features of iOS Location Changer:

  • Effortlessly set a spoofed GPS location on device.
  • Tailor the settings to your preference, including adjusting movement speed and frequency of location updates.
  • No Rooting or Jailbreaking.
  • No personal data is collected or location information stored during the process.

You can follow the steps below to find the quickest route home using the One-stop Mode of iOS Location Changer:

01Download a free version of the app, then install and launch it on your computer. Next, click the "Start" button, then connect your iPhone via USB.

click the start button

02On the next screen, click on "One-stop Mode" to start customizing your routes.

click on one-stop mode

03Click on the "Move to" button to move your iPhone's location along the simulated path. You can also adjust the movement speed to whether you want to walk, ride, or drive. The map will then help you determine what's the fastest route home.

click on the move to button

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Method 2. How to Find the Quickest Route Home Using Android Location Changer?

A second tool to help you determine the fastest route to work or home is Android Location Changer. This third-party tool allows you to select a route you want to move along by picking the start and endpoints, then customize it to your preference. You can adjust the speed to whether you want to move by walking, riding, or driving.

If you want to customize a route between two points, you can use the Two-spot Mode. To cover multiple spots, the app allows you to use the Multi-spot Mode to customize your route.

Introducing the notable features of Android Location Changer:

  • Seamlessly modify GPS location on Android with ease.
  • Explore any destination worldwide with a simple click, transporting yourself virtually to any desired location.
  • Experience GPS movement along a pre-defined route, mimicking real-world travel paths.
  • No personal information is collected during the process.

You can follow the steps below to find the fastest route from my location to home using the Two-spot Mode:

01Download and launch the app on your computer, then click on "Get Started".

click on get started

02Click on the search bar and input your home destination to track the fastest route. Next, click on the "Move" button to start simulating the selected route.

click on the move button to start simulating the selected route

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Part 4. How to Use Google Maps to Find the Fastest Route to Home?

Google Maps is another free tool that allows you to easily find the best routes between two points. With this free tool, you can determine the shortest and the fastest routes between selected locations on a map. If you want Google Maps to help you answer "What is the fastest route home from my location", you can follow the steps below.

Step 1. Launch Google Maps on your phone, then select your destination/home. The map will automatically set your existing location as the starting point.

Step 2. Next, navigate to the "Directions" button and click on it. Google Maps will then display the best route for you.

click on the directions button

Step 3. To add more locations to your route, tap the "More" icon, then "Add stop". Although Google Maps doesn't automatically show you the fastest route home, it allows you to preview the routes displayed and determine the quickest route to work or home.

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The Bottom Line

This article has outlined the best ways to find the fastest route home. The methods we discussed entailed using reliable third-party tools like iOS Location Changer/Android Location Changer, free online sites like Route XL and Google Maps. Among these methods, we highly recommend you use third-party tools since they're very reliable in finding the quickest route. The tool with the most outstanding features is iOS Location Changer.

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