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6 Best Android Storage Manager Apps: Manage and Free up Android Space

Over time, your Android phone may store many unimportant files, taking up a lot of storage space. To keep your phone running smoothly, it is necessary to optimize your device storage. For Android phones running Marshmallow or later versions, you can clean up the storage space using the Android storage manager under the Settings app. This article will show you how to use this built-in storage manager for Android and introduce the 6 best Android storage manager apps to manage and clear files. And to help you further, we'll bring you a few useful tips to get more space on your phone without deleting everything.

android storage manager

Part 1: How to Use Storage Manager for Android to Free Up Space
Part 2: 6 Best Android Storage Manager Apps You Can't Miss
Part 3: Useful Tips to Manager and Free Up Android Storage Space

Part 1: How to Use Storage Manager for Android to Free Up Space

If there's insufficient storage available on Android phone, your device may become slow and buggy. To get more space for your important files and make your Android deliver better performance, you can use the Android storage manager to manage and free up space.

Here are the instructions:

Note: The instructions may vary depending on your Android version and the phone's manufacturer.

1. Open the Settings app on your Android phone, scroll down and find Storage, tap on it.

2. You can see how much your storage used/left from here. To check what's using your storage, you can tap a category for more details.

3. To free up the storage, tap Clean Now to delete unnecessary data.

clear cache to free up space on samsung tablet

Part 2: 6 Best Android Storage Manager Apps You Can't Miss

In this part, we will list the 6 best Android storage manager apps to help you better analyze, manage, and clear out storage space.

Want to know more apps to clean caches and speed up your Android? Here are the 12 best Android phone cleaner apps you may be interested in.

1. Coolmuster Android Assistant (Android Version)

Coolmuster Android Assistant (Android Version) is a great Android space manager that helps you optimize your Android space to boost your phone's performance. It contains all the functions that a phone storage manager should have: free up memory, manage files, manage apps, etc.

What's more, with its desktop version, you can connect your Android to PC wirelessly. You can find more details about its desktop version in Part 3.1.

Price: Free, no ads

Key features:

  • Free up memory and speed up your Android.
  • Scan out and clean up all the unnecessary files, such as junks, residual caches, crash files, privacy records, etc.
  • Reduce power consumption effectively.
  • Manage files on Android phone - Copy, delete photos, music, videos, and documents.
  • Manage apps on Android - Vew app version or size, uninstall apps, stop apps from running.


  • You can free up space with 1 simple tap.
  • It is completely free to use.
  • Lightweight & easy to use.


  • Doesn't support iOS devices.

Download Coolmuster Android Assistant (Android Version) on your Android:

android cleaner app free download

Free up space on Android using Coolmuster Android Assistant (Android Version):

1. Delete junk files with 1 tap. Install and open the app on your Android, then simply tap the circle from the main interface to free up space.

clean junk files from Android phone using android storage manager

2. Delete unwanted files. Tap File Management and select the file type you want, you can then view and choose the unused files to delete.

delete files using android storage manager

2. ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO File Manager is a free storage analyzer, organizer and cleaner for Android phones. It has a high rating on the Google Play Store. It offers an easy solution to organize files on Android. You can navigate to the file folder easily and move, copy, share, rename your files freely. For storage cleaning, it will give you recommendations for deleting folders that eat up your storage.

android storage manager - astro

Price: Free

Key features:

  • Move, copy, share, rename files on internal & external storage and cloud space.
  • Manage your recent downloads and move them to a different folder.
  • Free up storage space with recommendations.
  • Find out which files are taking up the most space to delete.
  • Move apps to SD card, delete unwanted apps.


  • Great for moving files between storage locations.
  • The menu is easy to navigate.
  • Clean and fast.


  • The new terms of services are invasive.
  • The app speed and loading times are slow.

3. Storage Analyzer

Storage Analyzer is a handy tool to manage the storage space on phone, tablet and Chromebook. It can analyze and display the storage information in an easy way, letting you have a clearer understanding of the storage used on your device.

android storage manager - storage analyzer

Price: Free with ads, offers in-app purchases

Key features:

  • It displays the total and used space on your phone, including the internal storage, SD card, and attached devices like USB drive.
  • Scan the storage location you want and view it in detail.
  • Delete unwanted files or move files to another lo action to free up space.


  • You can view your storage in a pie chart.
  • A great Android storage analyzer that doesn't take much memory itself.


  • It takes a lot of time to scan an attached device.
  • Doesn't offer advanced options for clearing up storage.

4. Disk & Storage Analyzer [PRO]

Another great device storage analyzer you can try is Disk & Storage Analyzer [Pro]. It shows you the graphic representation of files on internal storage, SD card, and USB devices. It can search for files by size and help you quickly find and delete the big files to free up space.

android storage manager - dsk & storage analyzer

Price: $2.99, the free version is available.

Key features:

  • It displays the storage information in a simple graphical form.
  • It has a strong search capability to help you easily find big files and free up a log of space.
  • Files can be sorted according to the category, file size, and file date.
  • You can find the free space on the device that has disappeared.


  • You can easily find what takes up space with this device storage analyzer.
  • You can switch between modes and pages to view the storage details.


  • The interface is a bit confusing.
  • It is unable to delete files directly through the app.
  • It doesn't show the size of installed apps clearly.

5. Phone Master

Phone Master is a highly rated phone manager and cleaner app in the Google Play Store. It comes with many useful features, including data manager, junk cleaner, speed booster, CPU cooler, battery saver, etc. It is a good tool to clean cache and junk files on your phone, letting you get more storage space.

android storage manager - phone master

Price: Free, contains ads

Key features:

  • Delete cache files and junk files to keep your phone running smoothly.
  • Move large files to another location in one tap.
  • Delete useless files such as photos, videos, audios and apk packages.
  • Analyze battery usage and monitor apps that drain power during use.


  • It optimizes your phone storage efficiently.
  • It comes with multiple features to help you master your phone.


  • Annoying ads will pop up when using it to clean cache files.

6. Cx File Explorer

With a clean and straightforward interface, Cx File Explorer is a easy-to-use phone storage manager for organizing files and folders on your device. With this app, you can quickly access and manage files on your device, computer and even cloud storage.

android storage manager - cx file explorer

Price: Free, no ads

Key features:

  • Offers many features to organize files on internal & external storage on your device. You can browse, move, copy, rename, extract, delete, create files and folders like a breeze.
  • Scan, analyze, and manage the available storage space.
  • Access and manage files on cloud storage.
  • Manage the apps on your mobile device.
  • It allows you to access your files on mobile from PC using FTP.


  • It offers you to shortcut to some folders.
  • Sleek and intuitive design.
  • Powerful but light in size.


  • It is not convenient to move multiple files to another folder as there's no "Copy to" option to get it done directly.
  • It doesn't come with a dark mode.

Part 3: Useful Tips to Manager and Free Up Android Storage Space

3.1 Delete Unwanted Android Files or Apps

If you have too many photos, videos, music, or other files store on your Android, you may want to access them from the computer for easier management. Here we recommend you to try an Android storage manager for desktop - Coolmuster Android Assistant.

Coolmuster Android Assistant can help you:

android storage manager for windowsandroid storage manager for mac

How to use Coolmuster Android Assistant delete unwanted files:

1. Download and run Coolmuster Android Assistant on your computer, then connect your Android to it using a USB cable.

Tip: you can also use its Android version to connect device to PC over Wi-Fi.

run android storage manager for desktop

2. After your phone is detected, you can head to the file type you want.

connect android to computer to manage files and free up space

3. Choose the files you want to delete and tap the Delete button from the top.

delete android files using android storage manager for desktop

Tip: If you want to wipe out all the files on your Android, here's a guide for you: How to Permanently Erase Eveything from Android

3.2 Clear App Cache

When you use the apps, they will create caches for reference later. But these caches are not necessary and they take up storage space on your Android. Clearing them out can free up the storage and also help with the app crashing issue.

If your Android storage space running out, follow the steps below to clear app cache:

1. Open the Settings app on your Android phone, scroll down to find the Apps option.

2. Tap on the app that you want to clear cache.

3. Tap Clear Cache.

clean app cache to free up android storage

3.3 Use an SD card

Many Android phones have a microSD card slot to let users extend the storage space. If you get an Android phone that allows you to insert an SD card to get more storage, you can take advantage of it to free up the Android internal storage space. You can use it to store some large files such as videos or photos.

Learn how to save photos or videos to SD card automatically:

1. Open the Camera app on your Android phone.

2. Tap the Settings icon and tap More.

3. Find the Storage location option and select SD card.

free up space by saving photos to sd card

3.4 Use Google Photos

If there's no extra mircoSD card on your Android, cloud service can also help save storage space. Google Photos enables you to store unlimited photos with high quality. You can back up your photos and videos to Google Photos; after this, you can delete them from your Android to free up space. And all this can be done automatically via the Google Photos settings.

Check out how:

1. Install and open Google Photos on your Android, then log in to it with your Google account.

2. Navigate to Settings > Back up & sync and enable it.

3. If you want to get unlimited storage, choose the upload size as "High quality".

back up photos to google photos to free up space on android

4. After backing up your photos to Google Photos, you can head to Settings > select Free up device storage. By doing this, Google Photos will delete the backed up photos and videos automatically.

Final Words

When your Android storage space is full, you can use the built-in Android storage manager to clear some junk files. There are also many third-party tools which offer more function when it comes to managing storage space and clearing out data. This post lists the top 6 Android storage manager apps for your reference.

If you want a simple and lightweight storage manager app, Coolmuster Android Assistant (Android Version) is worth trying. Besides, with its desktop version, Coolmuster Android Assistant, you can connect your Android to computer wirelessly, and then manage, delete, and organize your files from your PC with ease.

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