How to Fix Android App Not Installed Error


"Android app not installed" is a common smartphone error message that is often encountered due to one or more reasons. It can certainly be quite frustrating to find out that you cannot make the most out of your phone due to a malfunction being on the way, but fortunately, there are solutions, which are very easy to undertake, to resolve this frequent matter.

Part 1: Why Android App Not Installed & How to Fix?
Part 2: How to Install Apps on Android with Android Assistant?

Part 1: Why Android App Not Installed & How to Fix?

Case One: Scarce Storage Space

One of the major reasons as to why this error appears on the screen of many smartphone users is due to them having insufficient storage space. If you feel that your smartphone has a lot of stored messages, music, videos, and photos, it is time to change this. Data is stored in the internal memory of your smartphone, and as you already know, it has a storage limit just like a computer. Deleting some unnecessary files might aid in combating this error. (It is recommended that you specifically delete those applications that are taking too much space.)

How to Fix:

You can follow the three easy steps to getting rid of applications taking too much space:

1. Visit "settings" section.
2. From the list of options presented, select either "apps" or "application manager".

android app not installed

3. Select the application you want to get rid of and then click on uninstall when the app information becomes visible on the screen.


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Case Two: Corrupted File

A corrupted application file might also be a culprit as to why you are receiving the "Android app not installed" error message. When you opt to download an application from an insecure platform, you will always run the risk of downloading a corrupted or contaminated file, hence the importance of only opting for respected platforms.

Case Three: Application in Incorrect Location

It is well-known there are certain applications that tend to function better when they are stored in the internal memory of one's device, while there are others that function better when they are on an SD card.

How to Fix:

In order to avoid an application from being in the incorrect location, it is recommended that one does not tamper with it in any aspect. You should allow it to decide its final destination. By doing so, you can prevent the ‘Android app not installed’ error from appearing. If you do not do this, you might cause your device to become a victim of corrupt storage which can cause other errors to appear on your screen.

Case Four: Corrupted SD Card

Having a corrupted SD card, which could also cause this error message to arise, is more common than many might think. It is very easy to fix. You can format your SD card while it is in device or externally. It is up to you!

How to Fix:

There are three easy steps you can follow to clean SD card:
1. Go to "Settings".
2. Select "Storage".
3. Click on "format SD card".

format sd card

Case Five: If Nothing Functions . . . Reboot Device

If you put into practice all the previously mentioned advice, but you still see the same error message, it is time to restart your device in order to put a halt to every operation that could be causing this issue to remain present. All you have to do is select ‘restart’ and wait for the reboot to take place. This is all there is to it!

reboot android phone

Case Six: Analyze Device to Hit the Nail on the Head

"Android app not installed" can occur due to any of the previously mentioned reasons. As you can tell, it is an easy to fix matter, but it requires for you to make some minor changes on your device in order to hit the nail on the head and thus make it a matter of the past once and for all.

Part 2: How to Install Apps on Android with Android Assistant?

Have you considered to use a professional tool to help you manage apps on your Android phone? Coolmuster Android Assistant is such kind application that allows you to fully manage various tasks regarding Android devices such as apps, photos, videos, music, contacts, SMS and documents.

Android Assistant allows you to backup Android apps to computer, install apps on Android phone, remove apps from your Android device, etc. Below is how to use Coolmuster Android Assistant to manage your apps on Android phone or tablet.

First of all, please free download the Android Assistant via the following button:

Step 1. Launch the Android App Manager

Launch the best app manager for Android application - Coolmuster Android Assistant and connect your Android device with the computer via USB cable or Wi-Fi. Android Assistant will start to detect it. But you need to check whether you have enabled the USB debugging on your Android.

manage apps on android

Step 2: Manage apps on your Android device

To manage apps on your Android phone, you should click on the App icon from the left menu panel to enter the apps managing window. On the right panel, you will view all apps installed and now you can either add, uninstall or export them according to your needs.

- Click the "Install" button to download and install new apps onto your Android device.
- Click the "Export" button to transfer existing apps from your Android device to computer.
- Click the "Uninstall" button to delete useless apps from your Android phone or tablet.

android apps manager

Get this free downloadable App manager for Android tool to take care of your Android device now!

Video Tutorial

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