How to Delete Apps on Android Phone/Tablet?

Keisha Alice
Aug 30, 2022
Since the first smartphone and tablet rolled off from production, people have embraced the devices with ease thanks to their popularity. The devices are run by smart operating systems which provide a good host for different apps. However, overtime users may need to delete apps from their Android devices owning to the reasons that Apps occupy space in the device and with continued use, they generate information and data that occupies more space. With time, disk space reduces and the user cannot install more apps or save important information. To have more disk space, a user can opt to delete apps that are not used. Therefore, one of the reasons that people need to delete apps on Android device is increasing Android storage space.

While you have the option of deleting apps from your Android device, you can also utilize an external, secure and easy to use application like Coolmuster Android Eraser or Android Eraser for Mac. The application is designed with a useful feature, the 1-click eraser that enables the user to clean various forms of data and information. The data and information includes cache, junk and useless files that have been generated by apps as well as the Android OS. With this feature the user can delete everything from their device such as messages, music, videos and photos. is designed to protect the privacy of the user as well as helping to erase personal information and apps without the chance of recovery.

Coolmuster Android Eraser is designed to be safe to use and straightforward. Before making any data erasure, it is important to ensure that you have backed up all important data and information. The application is compatible with different brands of Android devices such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Windows and Huawei among others.

3 Steps to Remove All Apps from Android Device with Android Apps Eraser

Step 1. Download and launch Android Apps Eraser

Start by downloading the Android Eraser application, install it and finally launch it. Connect your Android device to your computer via a USB cable. Android Eraser can detect the connected Android device in no time.

ipad data erasing screenshot

Step 2: Scan your Android device for target apps

As well as the main formation of the Android device, all deletable Android data will be displayed here. Just choose the "Apps" option and click the icon labeled "Start Scan". Then, all apps on your Android device are shown here.

ipad data erasing screenshot

Step 3. Start to delete apps on Android phone/tablet

Check the boxes next to those apps that you want to delete, or you can directly choose "Check All" to select these apps all. Finally, you can click the button labeled "Erase Now" to start the Android apps erasing process.

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