The Ultimate Guide to Motorola Backup Software [Easy & Safe]


I saw a post from Motorola Forum the other day. A Moto user bought a Moto G5, and he backed up the MotoG4 phone to some software previously. While he tried to restore the data of the Moto G4 phone to his computer, he found that no data were in the backup list, and then he tried to restore his Moto G4 to factory settings. But he still could not find the backup after all. So he wondered how to restore Motorola backup.

When I saw this request, there's a smile in my eyes. Now, I decide to write a post to present a tool that is easy to back up, easy to find, and easy to restore Moto backup. In addition, 6 other programs or services will be introduced for reference. Are you looking forward to it like him?

motorola backup software

Top #1 Motorola Backup and Restore Software – Coolmuster Android Assistant (Admirable)
Top #2 Motorola Backup and Restore Program - Coolmuster Android Backup Manager (Easy & Quick)
Top #3 Motorola Backup Software - Motorola Migrate
Top #4 Motorola Backup Service - Google Drive (Google One)
Top #5 Motorola Phone Backup Software - Google Photos (Photos & Videos)
Top #6 Moto Backup Software - Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant (Windows Only)
Top #7 Motorola Backup App - Android Files Transfer (Mac Only)

Top #1 Motorola Backup and Restore Software – Coolmuster Android Assistant (Admirable)

Have you ever heard of such a program, it does not occupy the memory of your Moto phone, but can transfer your Motorola files to PC, and also can transfer PC data to your Moto phone? On top of that, it can back up and restore your Moto data within one click. Besides, it is easy to use and its interface is clear and intuitive.

To ensure the security of phone data management while also taking your privacy into account, this program is 100% read-only. It covers over 160 countries all over the world, and is the bright choice for millions of mobile backup app fanciers. Do you want to know it now? Well, it is Coolmuster Android Assistant.

More predominance of Coolmuster Android Assistant that may break through your imagination:

* Perform smoothly on Motorola and other Android phones after connecting Moto to PC via USB or Wi-Fi.

* Support the latest Motorola like Moto G8/G7/G6/G5/G4, E680I/E680, V860/V868/V870/V875, T720/T720i/T722, C330/C350/C650/C381, V60/V66/V300/V303/V500/V600, and etc.

* Transfer photos between Motorola phone and computer (other files such as videos, contacts, call logs, text messages can also be transferred to PC), and save as proper formats for reading or printing with ease.

* Import text messages, contacts, call logs from your computer to Moto mobile.

* Back up and restore Moto data selectively and simply, and provide with standalone and pro management services.

* Uninstall unwanted apps from Android, manage albums and take screenshots even if the buttons of your Android phone don't work.

Download it to manage your Moto now.

motorola backup software windows downloadmotorola backup software windows download

Now you may be concerned about how to use this intelligent tool to back up Moto files:

If you want to back up Motorola phone to computer (e.g. back up Moto G5/G4 plus to PC), the following may interest you.

- How to Back up Moto G5/G4 Plus to PC?

1. Click "Android Assistant" after installing and launching this program, then plug Moto to PC with a USB cord. Next, Turn on USB debugging on Moto > Install driver > "Allow" USB debugging > install Android Assistant > Tap "OK" to see the window below.

connect moto to pc for motorola backup

2. Navigate to "Super Toolkit" to choose "Backup" under Essentials tab. Select the contents you need to back up and set a destination to save them. Then click "Back Up" to copy the files.

how to back up moto g5 or g4 plus to pc

- How to Restore Motorola Phone Backup?

Tap "Super Toolkit" to click the "Restore" option. Then opt for your backup records and desired file types selectively, and press "Restore" to get back Motorola backup.

how to restore moto g5 or g4 plus backup from pc

Video Direction:

Be intended to learn more about how to back up and restore Motorola data with Coolmuster Android Assistant? Open the video below.

Top #2 Motorola Backup and Restore Program - Coolmuster Android Backup Manager (Easy & Quick)

Coolmuster Android Backup Manager is another wonderful Motorola backup software that is efficient and practical. Though this backup tool is not as comprehensive as Android Assistant that I introduced above, the quick and easy one-click backup & restore feature has made this smart tool as one of the best software for Android backup.

It supports a variety of files, including messages, call logs, photos, music, videos, documents and apps. You can create multiple backups using this tool, and of course, you can easily restore the backup record you want to your Android phone.

Check out the main features of Coolmuster Android Backup Manager:

* One-Click to back up and restore files on Motorola and other Android phones.

* The restored files remain the original quality and formats.

* Freely back up and restore the desired file types.

* Connect Motorola phone to computer with a USB cable or Wi-Fi.

* Compatible with almost all the Motorola phones as well as other Android brands, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, and so on.

Download it on your PC to back up your Motorola phone now.

android backup manager windows download android backup manager mac download

Now let's see how to back up files from Motorola to PC via Coolmuster Android Backup Manager:

- How to Create Motorola Backup with 1 Click?

1. Install and run this software on your PC, then click "Android Backup & Restore". Connect Moto to PC with a USB cable, and then follow the prompt on the screen to complete the connection. Once done, you will see the window below.

main interface of motorola backup software

2. Choose "Backup" and then select the data types you wish to back up, click "Browser" to select a location to store backups on your PC, then click "Back Up" to save files to PC.

back up motorola with motorola backup software

- How to Restore Moto Backup from PC?

Choose "Restore" and then select the backups you need to restore, tick off the file types you want to restore, and tap on the "Restore" button.

restore moto backup using motorola backup software

Top #3 Motorola Backup Software - Motorola Migrate

Each time you purchase a new Motorola phone, data transfer is troublesome often. In order to prevent data loss, you can choose Motorola Migrate to help you out. It supports syncing photos, video, contacts, call logs and text messages from old Moto phone to a new Moto wirelessly. Besides, it is suitable for general Android phones (Android 2.2 or above).

Here's how to back up Moto G and other Moto series with Motorola Migrate:

1. Find a phone (Andorid or iOS) to save your Motorola phone data. Then download, install and open Motorola Migrate program on two phones. Later, set your Moto and the other device as the source and target phones respectively.

2. Get your two smart phones connected by scanning the QR code. Connect your two mobile via Wi-Fi (on the same Wi-Fi network).

3. Then sync all the data from your Motorola to the other phone for Moto backup. After the completion, tap "Exit" to finish the transfer.

 how to use motorola backup software like motorola migrate

Tips: You can also create a connection between two phones by using mobile hotspots.

Top #4 Motorola Backup Sevice - Google Drive (Google One)

Many Motorola or other Android users are not unfamiliar with Google Drive. Just recently, this software has launched an upgraded version and its name has also been changed, which is called Google one.The upgraded version owns almost the same functions as the previous one, but it has more storage space with being paid a certain fee.

Now, you'll see the way to back up Motorola phone via Google Drive:

1. Unlock your Moto to go to Settings > Backup & reset > Back up my data.

2. Toggle on "Back up my data" switch. Back to "Backup & Reset" to log in your Google account on backup account field, and tap Back up now.

3. Turn on "Automatic restore" button if you want to restore Moto data next time.

 how to use motorola backup software like google drive

Tips: If you want to restore the Moto phone's backed-up data on your new phone, you can work it out by adding the same Google account to your new mobile. But, the Android version of the new phone must be higher than that of the old one.

Top #5 Motorola Phone Backup Software - Google Photos (Photos & Videos)

If you don't mind the slight changes on the quality of photos and videos, then it is a good idea to use Google Photos. In terms of quality changes, it compresses data while backing up files. It also has a feature that can automatically identify and classify images accordingly.

But, if you want a lossless Moto backup and want to sync data other than photos and videos selectively, the first method is a desirable alternative. By the way, it also needs to log in to your Google account, which is similar to the last method.

Manuals on using Moto G backup software - Google Photos:

1. Unlock your Moto phone. Download and start Google photos to log in with your Google account.

2. Tap Menu on the upper left to go to Settings. Then hit Backup & sync to get your Motorola mobile data to Google Photos account.

3. Sign in the same Google Photos account on PC to get access to the backed-up photos & videos.

how to use motorola backup software like google photos

Notice: Can't find out the backed-up videos or photos? Please go to Menu > Device folders to get them.

Top #6 Moto Backup Software - Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant (Windows Only)

Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant, a multifunctional tool developed by Lenovo, applies to the Lenovo maintenance station whose features are designed to update the ROM, device rescue and prompt online. Users can control Motorola and Lenovo devices through Alexa companion applications.

It is an official tool installed on a personal Windows PC, which is able to help manage the data of smart phones including all Lenovo Android phones, tablets and Moto phones.

2 steps to back up Motorola phone to computer with Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant:

1. Download, install and launch Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant to see the intuitive window. Then connect your Moto phone to your computer, and turn on USB debugging on Motorola.

2. Click "Backup/Restore" when the connection is made. Next, choose the data categories you want to back up and tap "Backup" to sync your Motorola data to PC.

how to use moto backup software like lenovo moto smart assistant

Tips: It is recommended that you uninstalled it after use, as many users hold that this app will automatically pop up some program each time you turn on your PC, which may be annoying.

Top #7 Motorola Backup App - Android Files Transfer (Mac Only)

If you have a Mac PC and its Mac OS is 10.7 or higher, then you can take Android Files Transfer as one of the alternative Motorola backup app. But the process it works is a bit slow, so I recommend it at last.

When you connect the device, it will perform automatic recognition for your Android device, and you can manage the files in it by copying, pasting, and deleting data. After launching it for the first time, it will start automatically whenever you connect your Android phone in the future.

Guide to performing Motorola backup app - Android Files Transfer:

1. Download, install and launch this app and connect it to your Mac. (If you have downloaded it before, you can search it from Mac "Finder" or "spotlight".)

2. Select "Transfer files" from the interface, then start Android drive on your Mac.

3. Choose the data from your Moto and sync them to Mac. Later, go to Finder > Devices and tap "Eject" after the completion, and disconnect your Moto phone.

how to use moto backup software like android file transfer

Note: After the connection, if your PC pops up a cue like: "the software cannot recognize the phone", please try to reconnect or restart your Moto. If it doesn't work, please update your Mac system or Android system accordingly.

Wrapping up

Want to back up Motorola phone and never worry about data loss then? I believe you have got some inspiration after reading this passage. If you are hesitant about which method to use, I recommend Coolmuster Android Assistant and Coolmuster Android Backup Manager, as they are powerful and reassuring to back up and restore your Moto easily and quickly, and whether judge them from technical level or from user's experience.

It is requisite to back up Motorola phone to computer in 2023. If you're still wondering if Coolmuster software is as good as it sounds, try downloading the trial version for free now.

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