How to Reset HTC One with Soft Reset & Factory Reset?

Keisha Alice
Sep 05, 2023

What is the difference between Factory Reset and Soft Reset?

Numerous individuals opt to reset their HTC One device for one or more reasons, but many of them do not obtain desired results due to not opting for the adequate reset. The two most common resets are soft reset and factory reset. There are several differences between them that are worth taking note on before allowing your device to undergo this type of process. Failing to do so, will cause a variety of different outcomes to arise, which might, or might not be of your liking.

Part 1: How to Soft Reset HTC One?
Part 2: How to Factory Reset HTC One?
Part 3: Backup HTC One before Factory Reset

Part 1: How to Soft Reset HTC One?

A soft reset is often chosen by HTC One users who believe their device is being slow, unresponsive, or it has an application that is not functioning properly. When one opts for this type of reset, one's settings and applications are not at risk of becoming damaged in any way. The only damage that could arise is that of data being lost due to not being saved.

Steps to Soft Reset HTC One:

The following are the two steps that need to be undertaken in order for a soft reset to take place on your HTC One if it is not responding. (Now, if it is responding, you should just press power button to turn it off and then wait a few seconds before pressing and then holding the power button to restart it.)

Step 1. For 10 seconds, press and hold the volume-up and power buttons until you notice that the device is completely turned off.

Step 2. The second and final step consists of you releasing the volume-up and power buttons and then waiting for your device to turn on again.

soft reset htc one

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Part 2: How to Factory Reset HTC One?

A factory reset is often performed in order to update to a new version, or if you are going to sell device and thus need everything in it to be erased. Yes, this type of reset removes everything on one's device, restoring it to the state that it was when first purchased.

Steps to Factory Reset HTC One

To factory reset your HTC One device, there are three simple steps that need to be undertaken. (It is important to note that the fast boot option must not be selected in the settings > power section.)

Step 1. In this first step, you should first press and then hold the volume-down button. After conducting this action, you should press and then hold the power button.

Step 2. The second action that should be performed is that of waiting for three Android images to appear on the screen. Once this occurs, you can go ahead and release the volume-down and power buttons.

Step 3. In this final step, press volume-down button and then select factory reset. After doing so, go ahead and press the power button.

factory reset htc one

Part 3: Backup HTC One before Factory Reset

It is crucial to back up important data before factory reset your HTC One device. There are several tools that can aid you in this aspect, but there is one, in particular, that keeps being the go-to option around the globe due to its effective innovative features: Coolmuster Android Assistant. This tool has already received an abundant number of positive reviews from consumers, as it simply delivers as promised. It supports both Windows and Mac, and enables you to backup HTC contacts, SMS, photos, videos, music, apps and more on PC or Mac.

How to Use Android Assistant to Backup HTC One?

First of all, download and install the Android Assistant for free via the links below:

Step 1: Launch Android Assistant software on the computer and connect your HTC One to the computer using USB cable. Once being connected, it will be detected by the software soon.

launch htc backup tool

Step 2: The content of your HTC One will be displayed in different categories and shown on left. Click on the individual file category, the program will scan the phone and you will be able to view the files you want to backup.

backup htc one

Step 3: Select the files you want to backup and click on the Export button from the top menu. Choose an output location on your computer and click on the OK button to complete the backup.


Resetting does not put your settings and applications at risk, but it's important to note that unsaved data may be lost. Before performing a factory reset, it is highly recommended to back up important data to prevent data loss. Coolmuster Android Assistant, a reliable tool, allows you to easily back up your HTC One device.

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