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How to Transfer Photos between Motorola Phone and Computer?

There are various ways to sync photos and pictures between Motorola phone and computer. But they all have drawbacks. For example, you can use a USB cable to connect your phone to the computer and transfer files between your phone and computer through the USB connection. But USB transfer is not always efficient and you may be forced to install additional unknown phone managing software. Nowadays, people choose to pick up neoteric way to transfer files between a Motorola phone and computer - using third-party Motorola file manager.

transfer photos from motorola to computer

Here in this article, we will introduce the three methods: using USB transfer and using two third-party tools, in details:

Method 1: Transfer Photos between Motorola and Computer by Copy & Paste
Method 2: Transfer Pictures between Motorola and PC with Motorola Photos Assistant
Method 3: Copy Photos from Motorola to Computer with Motorola File Transfer

Transfer Photos between Motorola and Computer by Copy & Paste

1. Link your Motorola phone to your computer by using a USB cable. During the connection, you may get a prompt about selecting a connection type, just choose the Media Device MTP.

copy motorola photos to computer

2. Click the Windows logo from the bottom left corner of your computer's screen, then, click the folder-shaped icon in the lower-left side of the Start window. This will open the File Explorer program.

3. Turn to the left side bar of the File Explorer to find the name of your Motorola phone. Click to open it.

4. Now, according to the location where your photos are saved, you can decide whether to go to the "Internal Storage" or the "SD card" folder.

5. Find and double-click to open the folder of "DCIM", then double-click the Camera folder where your Motorola photos are stored. Well, just select the folder where your photos are in.

export motorola photos to pc

6. Select the photos you want to move to your computer. You can press Ctrl+A to select them all, and right-click to choose the Copy option. Or you can directly press Ctrl+C to copy these photos.

7. Create a folder on your computer to save the transferred Motorola photos. Then right-click to choose the Paste option, or you can directly press Ctrl+V on your keyboard to paste the photos to the folder.

8. If you want to transfer photos from computer to Motorola phone, you can select the photos, copy them and paste to the Camera folder (or other folder where your photos are in) on your Motorola phone.

Transfer Pictures between Motorola and PC with Motorola Photos Assistant

If you prefer a simple and efficient method to perform the photo transfer between your Motorola Android phone and computer, you should not miss the Coolmuster Android Assistant (for all Windows versions) or its Mac version Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac. It enables you to go through the process of transfer photos, as well as videos, songs, contacts, text messages, apps, books and many more from your Motorola phone to computer within 3 simple steps, and even restore these backup files to your new mobile phone with one click only.

In addition to the powerful data transfer ability, you can also use it as a capable contacts and SMS assistant. You are allowed to backup contacts to computer, add, delete and edit contacts on computer, backup Motorola SMS on computer, and even text messages from computer to any iPhone or Android phone number conveniently. Feel annoying to install or uninstall apps on your Motorola phone? That's OK, you can do it on computer now!

Here we are going to show a step-to-step guide to guide you through the process of transferring pictures between Motorola Android phone and computer. It supports almost all Motorola models, such as Motorola Atrix/Droid/Milestone/Global,etc.

Step 1. Launch this program and connect Motorola handset to PC

Follow the setup wizard to install the Motorola File Transfer on your computer, connect your Motorola mobile to your computer. Launch the program and you will get the interface like the below picture shows. You need to enable the USB debugging on your Motorola phone in order to make it detectable by the program.

Transfer Photos between Motorola Phone and Computer

After you finish the USB debugging, the parameter information of your phone, including phone model, system version and storage space size will be shown in the main interface.

Transfer Photos between Motorola Phone and Computer

Step 2: Export photos from Motorola to computer

Go to the left side menu where all Motorola phone data are categorized, press the Photos tab to see the contained pictures in details in the right-side window. Mark the photos you want to transfer to your computer and click the button of "Export". Then, there will be a path choosing dialog pops up, asking you to choose an output location for saving the exported photos.

Transfer Photos between Motorola Phone and Computer

Step 3. Import pictures from computer to Motorola

To import your favorite pictures from computer for phone screen, you just simply click on the "Import" button, find the pictures you want from the file browsing dialog, and click "OK" to kick off the transference.

Video Tutorial

Copy Photos from Motorola to Computer with Motorola File Transfer

Besides all the above-mentioned challenges, there is still a way out. Coolmuster Mobile Transfer (Windows) or Coolmuster Mobile Transfer for Mac is a almighty phone to phone transferring tool that is professionally designed for you to transfer everything between two phones. It also enables you to backup photos from Motorola to computer without quality loss. Just read the following guide to see how to use it to copy photos from Motorola to PC/Mac.

Step 1. Connect Motorola phone to computer

Launch the Motorola File Transfer on your PC or Mac machine after you downloaded and installed it. Connect your Motorola phone to the machine via USB cable. After the connection, the program detects the phone instantly.

transfer photos between motorola and computer

Step 2: Choose "Back Up Your Phone"

Click on the option that says "Back Up Your Phone" on the primary interface, you will see a new window opened that gives them several options for transferring files, which includes Contacts, Photos, Music, Videos, Apps, eBooks, Apps, etc.

backup motorola photos on computer

Step 3. Transfer photos from Motorola to computer

Select the files that you want to transfer (i.e. Photos), then, click the "Start" button and the transfer process can be initiated immediately.

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