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Summary: iPhone calendars helps us better recognize our life, so how do you share calendars on iPhone or iPad? This article gives ways of how to share calendars in iPhone or iPad.

how to share calendar on iphone

Calendars are used to show dates on the days of the week. It is universally used to organize days for social, religious, commercial, and administrative purposes. For a long time people used paper calendars and had to refer to these pieces of paper to get the dates. However, with advancement in technology, mobile phones have been fitted with applications such as calendars. It has made the organizing of things and days easy. This is because access to the calendars is much easy since it is easier to carry a mobile phone around as compared to walking around with a paper calendar.

Part 1: How to Share Calendar iPhone with Others?
Part 2: How to Share Calendar Events on iPhone with Others?
Part 3: How to Make Calendar Public on iPhone or iPad?
Part 4: How to Share Calendar with Family Sharing on iPhone?
Part 5: How to Check Shared Events You Previously Declined in Calendar on iPhone/iPad?
Part 6: How to Manage All Shared Calendar Events on iPhone and iPad?
Part 7: How to Manage iPhone Calendars on PC/Mac?

Part 1: How to Share Calendar iPhone with Others?

iPhones just like all other smart phones have the ability to share plans to others. It makes it possible for other people to see the way you have scheduled your week or even a month. In order for this to happen, there are a few steps that you need to take into consideration.

Step 1: Launch the Calendar application on your Home screen.

Step 2: Select the Calendars icon at the bottom navigation.

Step 3: Click the Information icon of the organizer that the user intends to share. In iPhones, there are various options such as personal calendar, functions calendar, appointments calendar, mobile nation calendars, and test calendar.

tap info inco on iphone calendar

Step 4: Tap on the "Add Person" option under the Share With section.

Step 5: Select the people that the user would want to send the schedule to and click the add icon.

Step 6: After adding all the recipients of the calendar, select the "Done" option to complete the sharing. Those that have iCloud accounts will receive a notification for them to accept the organizer invite.

share calendar on iphone with others

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Part 2: How to Share Calendar Events on iPhone with Others?

People plan social activities every now and then but it is slowly becoming difficult to get hold of everyone that is supposed to take part in these functions due to peoples busy schedules and at other times miscommunication. In order to avoid absenteeism in events, one can send an event plan with the desired people so that everyone is knowledgeable of when and where the function is going to be. Here are some steps to help invite people to events.

Step 1: Launch the Calendar application from the home page.

Step 2: Create a new activity or select an existing function that you intend to share.

Step 3: After creating the activity you click on the "Edit" key on the upper right side of the screen and add invitees to the calendar.

Step 4: Add all the email addresses of the people that the user would like to invite to the function and repeat the process with every person that the user intends to invite.

Step 5: After all the recipients have been added, click the "Done" key to send the invitations to the event.

share calendar event with others

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Part 3: How to Make Calendar Public on iPhone or iPad?

Making of an organizer public is such that everyone who has an Apple phone can see it on apples organizer store but is not able to edit the calendar. The various steps that need to be followed when making an organizer public are;

Step 1: Launch the Calendar application from the home page.

Step 2: Click on the Calendar icon at the bottom of the page displayed.

Step 3: Click on the Info key to the right of the iCloud organizer that the user would like to make public.

Step 4: Turn on the option for "Public Calendar".

Step 5: Select "Share Link" to send the plans to others.

make iphone calendars public

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Part 4: How to Share Calendar with Family Sharing on iPhone?

iPhone has settings where in the Calendar application the user can enable and set up Family Sharing. If your phone is not yet enabled then that is the first step.

how to set up family sharing

The second step is to run the application on the screen after one has enabled Family Sharing.

The third step is to click on the plus sign "+" in the top right corner to create a new event or select an existing one that the user would like to appear on the family calendar.

The fourth step is to select the family option as the place that they would want to save the plan just the way a normal function is saved.

how to share calendars with family sharing

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Part 5: How to Check Shared Events You Previously Declined in Calendar on iPhone/iPad?

Since people are using the organizer invitations more often nowadays, not all invitations are accepted. The recipient is able to see previously declined invitations on their phones. it is done in a few steps.

Step 1: Run the Calendar application on the screen of the iPhone.

Step 2: Select Calendars at the bottom of your display.

Step 3: After opening calendars, the user should scroll down to the bottom of the display.

Step 4: Turn on the option for "Show Declined Events" and click on "Done" at the top right part of the displayed page. After the process is over the person is able to see all the functions they were invited to but they declined.

how to show declined calendars on iphone

Part 6: How to Manage All Shared Calendar Events on iPhone and iPad?

Once an organizer is distributed among desired parties, one is able to check on the plans that they set up in those calendars as well as check for replies to the invitations they send. To check the shared functions on the mobile phone a few steps are followed.

Step 1: Run the organizer application from your home page.

Step 2: Open the application and click on the Inbox icon in the bottom right corner.

how to check inbox calendar on iphone

Step 3: Click on "Replied" at the top of the phone's display. Here, the user is able to see a complete report of the available functions.

Step 4: Select on any of the available functions to see more information or select the reply button to respond.

how to check replied calendars on iphone

Part 7: How to Manage iPhone Calendars on PC/Mac?

To manage phone calendars on PC or Mac, there is need to transfer the calendars to the other devices by the use of Coolmuster iOS Assistant (Windows/Mac), which is an application used to backup data, import information, and check files in iPads, iPhones, and iPods. Several steps have to be followed to ensure that there is efficient working of the cool muster assistant.

Tips: Please install the latest iTunes on your computer for successful connection.

Step 1: Connect iPhone to computer.

Download the software into the computer and allowing it to work as an application in the device by running it to ensure its effective performance of the duties it is required to perform. The software will require connection with the mobile phone using a USB cable and following the given prompts.

connect iphone to computer via usb cable

After connecting the phone to the computer, the phones security systems will want you to confirm whether you trust the computer connected to allow the connection to continue.

trust the computer for connection

Step 2: Start to backup/import/delete iPhone calendars on PC/Mac.

Using Coolmuster iOS Assistant, you are able to select the desired file to transfer. During selection, the calendars are displayed with all their components and you can click "Export" button to export the calendars into the computer. After exporting the calendars to the PC/Mac, you are able to use the phone's calendars from there.

Also, you can delete unwanted iPhone calendars on computer, and import calendars from computer to iPhone using the program by taking advantage of "Delete" and "Import" button.

manage iphone calendars on computer


Calendars have helped people organize and plan for their days well and the advancement on technology that allows smart phones to have calendars is an added advantage to the users. It has made it easy to plan for functions since people can now organize themselves online with the use of calendars. By the way, it is highly recommended to use Coolmuster iOS Assistant to better manager your calendar on iPhone or iPad. Why not have a try?

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