How to Transfer Files from PC to iPhone [Full Guide]


Research has shown that iPhone devices host a lot of nice functions and features. However, it is always advisable for users to back up their files into their personal computers to keep the data safe from a loss in case of any emergencies. Another advantage of transferring data to a computer is that you can clearly view the files from home or work.

It is also appropriate to move the data from the PC to the iDevice because it is portable and you can take the device everywhere you want to go. There are various methods of shifting photos, music, videos, and other documents from your Mac or PC to the mobile device with or without using iTunes.

Method 1 - Transfer Files from PC to iPhone
Method 2 - Transfer Files from PC to iPhone with iCloud Drive (PC & Mac)
Method 3 - Transfer Files from PC to iPhone via E-mail (PC & Mac)
Method 4 - Transfer Files from Mac to iPhone with AirDrop (Mac Only)
Method 5 - Transfer Files from PC to iPhone Using Online Drives (PC & Mac)

Method 1 - Transfer Files from PC to iPhone

Using the Coolmuster iOS Assistant (Windows/Mac) is one of the most effective ways of backing up data, importing files and managing them on the iPhones, iPads and iPods, including the latest iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone XS and etc.

iDevice users have to follow the following procedure when using this software:

1. Launch the Coolmuster iOS Assistant on your PC.

The first step is to download, install and run the software in your computer. A primary interface appears on the computer. Use a USB cord to connect the receiver to the CPU. Please make sure to install the latest iTunes on your computer, the software will automatically recognize the connected gadget.

make iphone conencted to pc

Click on the "Trust" and then "Continue" options on the pop-up window that appears on the computer. In case the pop-up window does not appear, select the "can't see this popup" button at the bottom of the window.

Since a connection has been created, the program will arrange all the files and folders.

connect iphone to pc

2. Transfer all the desired data.

It is important to note that the software can be used to allocate all types of data including contacts, calendar, music, contacts, messages, notes, to mention a few.

- Transfer files from PC to iphone:

If you want to copy the files from the laptop to the iDevice, you can follow the following steps:

-> Click on the "Contacts", "Notes", "Bookmarks" or other file types to enter the file tab.
-> Open the "Import" option that is at the top of the window.
-> Choose the files that you want to move to the mobile headset.
-> Tap on the "OK" option to start copying. You can decide to either delete or keep the original files and folders.

transfer files from pc to iphone

iDevice users should first understand that for the current versions, only contacts, calendars, books, notes, and bookmarks can be moved from a computer to the iPhone. It has however been predicted that in the future versions, other different versions will be supported.

- Transfer files from iPhone to PC:

Click on the folder that you want to manage to preview all its information. In case you want to relocate music, click on the specific songs that you want to move to the computer.

Right at the top, there is an "Export" button. Tap on it and then choose the best format of file output. Begin transferring the files from the iPod to the computer.

transfer files from iphone to pc

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Method 2 - Transfer Files from PC to iPhone with iCloud Drive (PC & Mac)

The iCloud drive is specifically available for different versions of PCs and Mac. For it to work, your personal processor must run Windows 7, 8 or 10. For the Mac, it must have an OS X Yosemite the other later versions. The role of this drive is to allow you to read, view or edit files in your receiver using certain apps. However, there is a space limitation of five GB.

-> Open the Apple website (https://www.apple.com/) and download the location drive.
-> Enable the drive on your laptop.
-> Sign in with your credentials.
-> Locate the folder in your Mac or personal computer by going to settings, iCloud and then choose the desired file.
-> Use the app to open the files and folders in your iDevice.

transfer files from iphone to pc with icloud drive

This process also enables users to save the files on their devices and access them later without using the network. All you have to do is to tap on the Settings option, iCloud, the desired file and then tap on the Download option. The good thing about this procedure is that it allows you to keep the original folder and then import the copies.

-> To find the downloaded data, say videos, go to this PC and then iCloud videos folder.
-> On the action drop-down, see the download document.
-> This step will automatically download the documents and store them to the space downloaded files are usually kept by your gadget. See more details on how to use iCloud Drive on iPhone/iPad >>

transfer files from pc to iphone using icloud drive

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Method 3 - Transfer Files from PC to iPhone via E-mail (PC & Mac)

This is the easiest of all the means of moving files either from your PC to the iPad, iPhone or from one device to another. All you have to do is to send yourself an email using the following guidelines;

-> Open a browser and go to the email.
-> Add the right address. You do not have to write the subject.
-> Select the files you want to share and add them as attachments.
-> Check the mail in your device and download the attachments to view them.

transfer files from pc to iphone using email

However, this method has various shortcomings. For instance, files beyond a certain limit size cannot be shared. In addition to that, issues such as poor network could lead to delay. This is why it is recommended to use the Coolmuster iOS Assistant software.

Method 4 - Transfer Files from Mac to iPhone with AirDrop (Mac Only)

Mac users can also use Airdrop to remove files from Mac to iPhone and vice versa. In order to use this wireless method, you have to install the application in the two devices and then follow the following steps:

-> Turn on the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth on both devices.
-> Open Airdrop. In case either of the two devices has not been connected, permit it to be discovered.
-> Drag and drop the file to the Airdrop window and select the "Share" option.

Check more details on how to Airdrop iPhone to computer and Airdrop from computer to iPhone >>

transfer files from pc to iphone with airdrop

Method 5 - Transfer Files from PC to iPhone Using Online Drives (PC & Mac)

If you have not been able to use the iCloud drive to remove data from your computer to the iDevice, you can opt to use other online cloud drives such as the Google drive and the Dropbox. The best thing about this method is that you have a free trial and there is no space limitation. The limitations will nevertheless be determined by the internet access you are using. The process involves these listed stages.

-> Open the location of the folders on the laptop.
-> Upload them to the cloud drive and ensure that you have a strong and stable network.
-> Find the location of the app on the cloud drive. Alternatively, you can directly open the website on your gadget.
-> Select the files that you want to reallocate and download them to the iPad or the iPod.

transfer files from pc to iphone with online drives

The Bottom Line

There are various reasons why you would choose to move your important videos, photos, music, contacts, and documents from the computer to the iOS device. Most people only think of using iTunes to do the transfer. But, the above information has proved that you can also change your files without necessarily using iTunes.

You can apply other methods such as emailing, using Airdrop, iCloud and the Coolmuster software. According to experts, using the Coolmuster iOS Assistant program is more advisable because, with just one click, all your data will be moved. Unlike other methods, there is no file size limitation, and it is absolutely powerful.

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