11 Simple Ways to Fix the iPhone Keeps Restarting Problem [Ultimate]


"I woke up this morning, and my iPhone 11 just kept restarting randomly, even when I wasn't on my phone. Sometimes, it'll restart, or sometimes it'll shut down, restart, shut down again, and then it takes a while to turn on. I've checked for updates and updated to iOS 16, and it's continuing, and I don't know how to stop it."

- Apple Support Discussions

iPhone won't stop restarting on its own? It's unusual and frustrating that an iPhone keeps restarting every 5 minutes. But don't worry. Here are some useful techniques that will effectively remove the error before asking for Apple's help.

iphone keeps restarting

Part 1. Why & How Often Does My iPhone Keep Restarting?
Part 2. iPhone Keeps Restarting Itself? How to Fix It?

Part 1. Why & How Often Does My iPhone Keep Restarting?

Similar to many other iPhone errors, the problem "iPhone keeps restarting" is generally caused by either the software or hardware failures, like:

  • Outdated iOS version.
  • Insufficient storage space.
  • Halted update or update failure.
  • Malware attack.
  • Unstable drivers.
  • Wrong settings.
  • Improperly installed SIM card.
  • Poor contact or aging battery.
  • App conflicts.
  • Corrupted loading data.
  • Malfunctioning iPhone components or physical damages.

How often does your iPhone keep restarting?

According to users' feedback, there are three types of iPhone restarting issues.

  1. The iPhone restarts intermittently, but you can still access it.
  2. The iPhone keeps restarting the loop, preventing you from using the device.
  3. The iPhone keeps restarting while charging.

Part 2. iPhone Keeps Restarting Itself? How to Fix It?

Below are the top eleven methods to troubleshoot the iPhone keeps restarting. As some of them cannot avoid causing data loss on your iPhone, we strongly recommend you take a full backup of your iPhone before continuing. You can refer to the tutorials to back up your iPhone to a computer or external hard drive.

Way 1. Force Restart Your iPhone

If iPhone keeps restarting the loop, you can force restart the device to break the cycle. Here's how.

On iPhone 8 or later:

  • Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  • Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  • Press and hold the Side button until the iPhone reboots.

On iPhone 7/7 Plus:

  • Press and hold the Volume Down + Power buttons together to restart the device.

On iPhone 6 or earlier:

  • Press and hold the Home + Power buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  • Release the buttons when the iPhone vibrates and reboots.

force restart your iphone when it keeps restarting

Way 2. Update the iPhone Software Version

The iPhone may keep restarting due to crucial bugs or incompatibilities in the current iOS version. So, you can check whether your iPhone runs the latest iOS version to resolve the problem.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Tap General > Software Update > tap the Download and Install button if a newer version is available.

update iphone software to fix the restarting issue

Way 3. Check the Error Logs

As mentioned above, the app conflicts will also cause your iPhone to restart randomly. Thus, you can uninstall the app to see if the problem has disappeared.

If the iPhone 11 keeps restarting like before, check the error log to view if it reveals a problem. For that,

  • Go to Settings > Privacy.
  • Click the Analytics & Improvements > choose Analytics Data.
  • Scan the latest reports to see if it mentions a specific app multiple times.
  • If yes, uninstall the app and observe whether the problem occurs again.

check the error logs on iphone if it randomly restarts

Way 4. Update All Apps

What if you don't find any problematic apps on your iPhone? You can still update all apps to avoid any vulnerabilities or glitches.

  • Launch the App Store app on your iPhone.
  • Click your account icon at the upper-right corner.
  • Tap the Update All option if you see the Upcoming Automatic Updates section.

update app apps when iphone keeps restarting over and over again

Way 5. Reset All iPhone Settings

On your iPhone, head over to Settings > click General > choose the Transfer or Reset iPhone option > Reset. Then, hit the Reset Network Settings option and confirm the operation. Alternatively, click the Reset All Settings option under the Reset menu if it doesn't work.

reset all settings if iphone restarts on its own

Way 6. Remove the SIM Card

Since the improper installation of a SIM card will also bring about the issue "iPhone keeps restarting itself on Apple logo", you can eject the SIM card to fix the error.

Your iPhone will reconnect to your service carrier once you put the SIM card back into the tray again. And you won't lose anything from the SIM card.

remove the sim card to fix the iphone restarting issue

Way 7. Free Up More Storage

You should also regularly delete the unnecessary data, temp files, or caches from your iPhone or upload the large files to the cloud. Otherwise, your iPhone will become slowly and slowly or even provoke systematic problems when the space is run out.

Way 8. Factory Reset Your iPhone

The problem "iPhone keeps restarting when I unlock it" may also reflect some relentless system bugs or corruption. At this moment, you can factory reset your iPhone to maintain better system performance.

  • Run the latest version of iTunes on your computer.
  • Plug your iPhone into the computer using the original lightning cable.
  • If prompted, tap the Trust option on your iPhone and follow the on-screen instructions to continue.
  • Choose your iPhone when it turns up in iTunes.
  • Click the Restore iPhone option under Summary.
  • Hit the Restore button to confirm the operation.

factory reset your iphone to solve the restarting problem

After that, you can set up your iPhone as new. Then, check whether your iPhone never restarts again.

Way 9. Restore the iPhone with iTunes

Here comes another way to remove the error. It will run well soon by restoring your iPhone in Recovery or DFU mode using iTunes.

Get your iPhone in Recovery mode:

On iPhone 8 or newer:

  • Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  • Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  • Press and hold the Power button until the Recovery-mode screen (Connect to iTunes icon) displays.

restore iphone with itunes if it does not stop restarting

On iPhone 7/7 Plus:

  • Press and hold the Power + Volume Down buttons together for seconds.
  • Release them when the Recovery-mode screen appears.

On iPhone 6 or older:

  • Press and hold the Home + Power buttons simultaneously.
  • Release both buttons when the Recovery-mode screen shows.

Warm tip: Don't release the button if you see the Apple logo on the screen. Or, you will fail to enter the Recovery mode.

Put your iPhone in DFU mode:

1. Connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable.

On iPhone 8 or above:

  • Press and release the Volume Up button.
  • Press and release the Volume Down button.
  • Press and hold the Power button until the screen goes black.
  • Press and hold the Power + Volume Down buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.
  • Release the Power button but continue holding the Volume Down button until nothing shows up on the screen.


On iPhone 7/7 Plus:

  • Press and hold the Power + Volume Down buttons together for 8 seconds.
  • Release the Power button but keep pressing the Volume Down button until nothing turns up on the screen.

fix iphone 7 restarting issue

On iPhone 6 or lower:

  • Press and hold the Home + Power buttons concurrently for 8 seconds.
  • Release the Power button but continue holding the Home button until the screen turns black.

After getting your iPhone into Recovery or DFU mode,

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and run the latest version of iTunes.
  • Choose the Restore option when it asks you to Restore or Update your iPhone.
  • Finish restoring your iPhone with the on-screen prompts.

Way 10. Fix the Issue with iOS System Repair (Recommended)

The easiest way to fix the "iPhone keeps restarting" problem is using iOS System Repair. With the program's help, you can troubleshoot various iOS system issues, including loop restart.

The key features of iOS System Repair:

  • Fix your iPhone to normal without data loss.
  • Apply to over 32 sorts of iOS system errors: loop restart, battery drain, red/blue/black/white screen of death, stuck on Apple logo/DFU mode, etc.
  • Easy, safe, and reliable.
  • Work with iPhone 14/SE (3rd generation)/13 Pro Max/13 Pro/13/13 mini/12/11/X and the latest iOS 15.4.

ios system repair windows versionios system repair mac version

Follow the given steps to fix your iPhone without data loss:

1. Install and launch the software on your computer. Next, Connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable and choose More tools > iOS System Recovery to proceed.

install ios system repair tool on your computer

2. The app will automatically detect the iPhone problem. After it displays it on the interface, click the Start button to move on.

detect the iphone problem automatically

3. Confirm the device information on the interface. If necessary, choose the correct information from the drop-down lists. Later, hit the Repair button to start fixing your device restarting issue.

fix the iphone keeps restarting issue without data loss

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Way 11. Contact the Apple Support

Tried all the above methods, but nothing works? It's time to make a reservation at support.apple.com/repair and take your iPhone to the nearest Apple Store with the product receipt. Then, a technician will check the device's hardware and repair the problem.

The Bottom Line

We hope the above solutions will work to resolve the iPhone keeps restarting error. If you want a fast and easy way to fix your iPhone to normal without data loss, please adopt iOS System Repair and follow our instructions step by step. It is more worthwhile and time-saving than visiting the Apple Store.

If you have any queries to let us know, please leave a comment below at your earliest convenience. Afterward, we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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