13 Ways to Fix and Avoid iPhone Stuck on Spinning Wheel Issue

"I bought a new iPhone 12 yesterday, and I set it up, and all worked well. Today I tried to change the wallpaper, and I got stuck on a black screen with a spinning wheel. I tried to hard reset it, and it put me back into a working lock screen, but as soon as I logged in, it gave me the spinning wheel again. What do I do?"

- Posted by Yianook on Reddit.com

The iPhone screen turned black with a spinning circle? Even though it is a quite common phenomenon after upgrading your iPhone software to the newest version, many people still feel panic-stricken. Take it easy if you suffer from the iPhone stuck on a spinning wheel event! This article covers everything you will concern about, like why is my iPhone buffering on a black screen? How do I stop the spinning wheel on my iPhone?

Let's take a close look at them piece by piece.

fix iphone stuck on spinning wheel

Part 1. Why Is There a Spinning Circle on My iPhone?
Part 2. How Do I Stop the Spinning Wheel on My iPhone?
Part 3. Tips to Avoid iPhone Spinning Wheel of Death

Part 1. Why Is There a Spinning Circle on My iPhone?

"iPhone stuck on spinning wheel" is an error that happens during turning on or restarting an iPhone. The Apple logo appears on the screen while the screen goes black. However, the iPhone gets stuck on the black screen with a spinning wheel.

Generally, the loading circle takes a few seconds to disappear. If you find the loading circle on your iPhone won't stop, it may get something wrong. And the possible reasons behind the problem might be:

  • Outdated iOS version.
  • Unresponsive or corrupted apps exist on your iPhone.
  • You have upgraded your iPhone to an unstable beta iOS version.
  • Firmware update failure.
  • Not enough space.
  • Jailbreak failure.
  • Malware attacks.
  • Broken or damaged chip or wire inside.
  • System glitches.
  • Hardware configuration error.
  • Rush operation.
  • Other booting-related issues.

Part 2. How Do I Stop the Spinning Wheel on My iPhone?

Below is the technical know-how to fix the iPhone black screen spinning wheel for your reference.

Trick 1. Force Restart Your iPhone

Most of the time, the simple restarting resolves many minor system glitches. So, if your iPhone is spinning, try to restart your device with these steps.

For iPhone 8 and later models:

  • Quickly press and release the Volume Up button.
  • Quickly press and release the Volume Down button.
  • Press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo turns up on the screen.
  • Release the Side button.

restart iphone when it is stuck at the spinning wheel

For iPhone 7/7 Plus:

  • Press and hold the Volume Down + Sleep/Wake buttons together until the Apple logo shows on the screen.
  • Release both buttons.

For iPhone 6 and earlier models:

  • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake + Home buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo displays on the screen.
  • Release both buttons.

restart iphone if it gets stuck on the loading circle

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Trick 2. Charge Your iPhone

If your iPhone has drained out of the battery and the iPhone is stuck on a loading circle, you can charge your device for half an hour to see if it works well again.

Trick 3. Update Your iPhone to the Latest iOS 15

The outdated iOS version may have numerous vulnerabilities or bugs. Thus, check whether a newer version is available when the phone screen goes black with a loading sign. You can open iPhone's Settings > General > Software Update > tap Download and Install if a newer version exists.

update your ios to fix the black screen of spinning wheel

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Trick 4. Restore Your iPhone with Recovery Mode

iTunes can also fix the iPhone stuck on loading screen problem. However, since it will erase the iPhone data during the process, you need to have a previous backup of your iPhone before using this way. Also, ensure that your iPhone has trusted the computer before. If yes, continue with the following tips.

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable and open the latest version of iTunes. If your iPhone has trusted the computer before, iTunes will automatically detect your device.
  • Get your iPhone into Recovery mode. You can force restart your iPhone but don't release the button(s) until you see the Recovery-mode screen.
  • iTunes will detect your iPhone in Recovery mode. When it asks you to Update or Restore the iPhone, choose Restore.
  • Once completed, set up your iPhone as a new one, and it will be free from the spinning wheel of death.

restore iphone with recovery mode if it keeps spinning

Trick 5. Restore Your iPhone from iTunes Backup

Suppose the iPhone black screen with a spinning wheel arbitrarily occurs on your device. In that case, restoring your iPhone from the previous backup file will breezily solve the problem. Before you start, ensure an iTunes backup of your iPhone is already. Or you will lose everything from the device.

  • Plug your iPhone into the computer via a USB cable and wait for iTunes to detect your device automatically.
  • Once detected, tap your iPhone icon in the iTunes window.
  • Click the Restore Backup button under Summary and select the most recent backup file.
  • Touch Restore and confirm the operation.
  • Wait for the process to be accomplished.

Trick 6. Restore Your iPhone with DFU Mode

Similarly, you can also get your iPhone in DFU mode and restore it with iTunes to eliminate the iPhone spinning circle. Here's how.

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable and put your iPhone into DFU mode.
  • Run the latest version of iTunes on your computer.
  • Locate your iPhone in Tunes when detected and tap OK.
  • Tap Restore and follow the on-screen prompts to finish restoring your device.
  • Later, set up your iPhone from the beginning.

Trick 7. Try iOS System Repair (Recommended)

Assume you cannot repair the iPhone stuck on the spinning wheel problem yourself. You can resort to iOS System Repair for help. It is a professional app dedicated to fixing various iOS system issues without data loss, including the iPhone stuck on a spinning wheel, and works for the latest iPhone 14/13 Pro Max/13 Pro/13/13 mini.

The main features of iOS System Repair:

* Repair different iOS system problems, like iPhone black screen with spinning wheel, stuck on the Apple logo, charge issue, iTunes error 4005/14013/4013, etc.

* Downgrade and upgrade iOS to a more stable version.

* Highest recovery success rate without causing data loss.

* Easy and safe to use.

* Widely compatible with all iPhone models running iOS 16 and earlier versions.

ios system repair windows versionios system repair mac version

To fix the iPhone stuck on a spinning wheel without data loss:

1. Run iOS System Repair on your computer and connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. Then, tap More tools > iOS System Recovery on the interface.

run ios system repair on the computer

2. The program will detect the iPhone issue automatically and display it on the interface. After that, tap the Start button to continue.

let the program to detect the iphone stuck on spinning wheel issue automatically

3. Confirm the iPhone information as displayed. Later, click the Repair button to immediately fix the iPhone stuck on the spinning wheel issue. Wait until the whole process is complete.

fix the iphone stuck on spinning wheel issue without data loss

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Trick 8. Contact Apple Support

You'd better go to a nearby Apple Store or visit its official website to get your device checked and repaired if the iPhone stuck on the spinning wheel problem still exists. Note that if your iPhone is out of warranty, it will produce fees.

Part 3. Tips to Avoid iPhone Spinning Wheel of Death

Don't want the iPhone spinning wheel of death anymore? Below are some helpful tips to prevent your iPhone from trapping in errors again.

Tip 1. Keep iOS and Third-party Apps Updated

Generally, the new iOS updates will greatly avoid bugs or errors and improve the system performance. You can go to Settings > General > Software Update to check and install the latest iOS version.

Besides, you can also open App Store > choose Updates > tap All Updates to upgrade your apps to the latest versions.

update apps to avoid iphone spinning wheel of death

Tip 2. Free Up More Store

As mentioned above, insufficient storage space will also cause trouble on your iPhone. Therefore, you can open Settings > General > iPhone Storage to check the storage condition. If the storage is almost full, you can delete large media files, uninstall apps not in use, or clear temp files to free up more space.

free up storage when the iphone buffers on a black screen

Tip 3. Downgrade the Beta Version to a Stable Channel

A beta iOS version could bring about frequent system crashes. As a result, it would be better to downgrade the beta version to a stable channel.

Tip 4. Reset All Settings

Resetting all settings will help you cope with any configuration errors behind the stuck issue. For that, head over to Settings > General > Reset > tap Reset All Settings.

Tip 5. Factory Reset the iPhone

Last but not least, you can also restore your device to factory settings to remove the system problems. After that, you can restore the important files to your device from a backup file.

To factory reset your iPhone:

  • Navigate to Settings > General > Reset.
  • Click the Erase All Content and Settings and confirm your operation.
  • After erasure, set up your iPhone with the on-screen instructions.

reset iphone if it stops at the spinning circle screen

Words in the End

With so many DIY solutions, you will surely resolve the iPhone stuck on a spinning wheel without a hassle. You can pick iOS System Repair to fix the issue without data loss in a few clicks or try any way you want. If you encounter any problems during the process, please leave a comment below at your earliest convenience. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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