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Summary: This passage introduces an easy way to recover hotmail account within simple clicks.

Hotmail is one of the most popular email services from the most trusted Microsoft. Even though numerous email services have been developed since Hotmail, it still tops the list among the favorite email service providers. In the internet era, almost all the personal and professional communication happens through email. While email communication is quick and easy, you have to remember a few pointers to properly use your Hotmail account.

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Hotmail account problems

Microsoft is a reliable provider of email service, but the servers can sometimes act in mysterious ways. Sometimes, you may lose access to your Hotmail account due to server issues. In that case, you simply have to wait for Microsoft to correct server issues and this may take a few hours. People use emails every day, but many don’t realize the importance of keeping account details safe. If you accidentally disclose details to some other person, your account is in danger. Any person who knows your account details can easily change the password and block you from using your own account.

Losing email password is one of the most common Hotmail account problems. You may forget your password and without the right password, you can't access your Hotmail account. Many times hackers, who gain unsolicited access to email accounts, attack professional Hotmail users. In that case, you have to take measures to quickly regain access to your account so that your business details are not compromised. Hotmail will automatically lock you out of your account if you enter the wrong password a few times. Now, read the below tutorial to recover Hotmail account within simple clicks.

Guide: How to Recover Hotmail Account

When you can't access your Hotmail account, you need not panic because you can recover your account in many ways. If you have forgotten your password, simply use the Reset Password link in the Hotmail page to recover the password. You may have to answer a few security questions and verify your identity before you can create a new password. You can then use the new password to access your account. Detailed steps are as follows:

- Go to www.hotmail.com.

- Click on Can't access your account? as shown in the below figure.

recover hotmail account

- Select I forgot my password and then Reset your password.

- Enter your blocked hotmail ID and the given Captcha as shown in the figure. Click on "Next" button.

recover hotmail account

- Click on I can't use any of these options.

- When Recover your Microsoft account appears, enter your alternative E-Mail ID under the Contact email address and click on Next button.

- When the Account Info page appears, fill all the details regarding your account and click on Submit.

If you suspect account hacking, you should quickly click on Reset password link and choose I think someone else is using my Microsoft account. You should then give your reason for suspecting unsolicited access. Then, Microsoft will help you to regain access to your account.

Sometimes, all these measures could fail and in that case, you can hire third-party service providers to recover your account. To ensure that your Hotmail account is safe, never give account details such as username and password to any other person. Also, it helps to create a strong password that is not derived from your personal information. Always remember your Hotmail account password so that you don’t get locked out of your account accidentally.

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Tips & Tricks to Use Hotmail

Here are some tricks that can help you make your Hotmail experience better and easier.

- Sync your Hotmail account with your iPhone account through IMAP to make it easier and better.
- Only have your Hotmail account logged in from a device or iPhone that you use.
- You can even recover the deleted messages by going to the Advanced Security Settings. So, do not worry if you deleted one by mistake.
- You can use a Single use code, that is a temporary password for signing in to your Hotmail account from public computers. This is sure to enhance your security.


These Hotmail tips will just help you make your experience better. Read all your mails the easy way and never worry about losing on them.

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