How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone 13 in 5 Different Methods


We all use text messages to communicate with our loved ones, friends, business partners, colleagues, and employers. What will happen if you accidentally delete a text from your boss without reading it? You will certainly feel anxious. Will you have the courage to request your boss to resend the message? Requesting your boss to resend the message will send a signal of irresponsibility. Fortunately, you can retrieve deleted iPhone text messages without requesting the sender to resend the message. Want to know how? This article will teach you how to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone 13. Read through to learn!

how to retrieve deleted text messages on iphone 13


Part 1. FAQs About Recovering Messages from iPhone

Q1. Do deleted messages disappear from an iPhone completely?

No, deleted iPhone messages remain on the iPhone for 30 days before being permanently erased.

Q2. Can I recover deleted iPhone messages?

Yes, you can recover your deleted iPhone's messages from the recently deleted iPhone's memory location, iTunes backup, iCloud backup, etc.

Q3. Can I recover deleted iPhone messages without a backup?

Yes, you can get back your iPhone's deleted messages even without a backup. However, you require a powerful iOS data recovery tool like the Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery application. This application scans through your iPhone's internal memory and quickly recovers the deleted messages.

Part 2. How to Find Deleted Messages on iPhone 13

Are deleted iPhone messages lost forever? No, thanks to iOS 16. For all iPhones running on iOS 16 and above, you can locate the deleted messages from the Messages application. The deleted messages are stored for 30 days before they are completely erased from your iPhone.

As such, there is a way to find deleted messages on iPhone 13 running iOS 16, provided 30 days have not elapsed since they were deleted.

Below is how to see deleted messages on iPhone 13:

Step 1. Launch the Messages application on your iPhone 13 device.

Step 2. Tap on the Edit or Filter button located on the top-left side of your iPhone's screen. You can filter the texts based on senders at this point.

Step 3. Select the Show Recently Deleted option.

show recently deleted feature of message on iphone

Step 4. All your iPhone's deleted messages within 30 days will appear. You will see the contacts of the sender, the full message thread, and the days remaining for the messages to be deleted from the iPhone permanently.

recover deleted text on iphone 13

However, you cannot read the messages at this step, but you can identify them by recognizing the sender's phone number or contact name. Continue reading to learn how to recover iPhone 13 deleted messages, and read them in the next part of the article.

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Part 3. How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone 13

You can recover your iPhone's deleted text messages using various methods. Below are some of the commonly used methods:

Method 1. How to Get Deleted Messages Back on iPhone Directly

The best way to restore deleted messages on iPhone is through a professional iOS data recovery tool. There are many iOS data recovery tools in the market, each with unique capabilities. Among the available iOS data recovery applications, the Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery application has set a precedent with its peerless data recovery capabilities. Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery is a very popular iOS data recovery application.

With this application, you can recover deleted iPhone data, such as messages, contacts, message attachments, etc, from iCloud backups and iTunes backs. What is more interesting about this iOS data recovery application is that it can recover deleted iPhone data even without a backup. Moreover, the Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery application has a user-friendly interface, making it the best option for novice computer users.

Millions worldwide have used the Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery application and have reviewed its reliability positively. So, do not spend your time worried because you deleted an important text. Use the Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery application to restore all your iPhone's deleted text messages.

Below are some amazing features of the Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery application:

  • Recover deleted iPhone contacts, messages, attachments, etc.
  • Easy to use and suitable for beginner and expert computer users.
  • Support almost all iOS devices, including the latest iOS 16.
  • Do not need a backup to recover the deleted data.

Below is how to restore deleted messages on iPhone using the Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery application:

01Download the application, install and launch it on your computer. Afterward, click the iOS Recovery option to continue the process.

02Link the iPhone to the computer using a working USB cable, unlock your iPhone, and tap the Trust button below the Trust This Computer message.

how to retrieve deleted messages on iphone 13 pro max

03Click the Continue button on your computer, and the application will launch a new interface showing all your iPhone's data categorized according to their data types. Check-mark the Messages folder and hit the Start Scan button.

select the data you want to recover

04The application will launch an interface showing all the scanned messages. Choose the Messages category on the application's left panel, preview the deleted messages, and hit the Recover to Computer button to save the message on your computer.

restore deleted messages on iphone

Method 2. How to Undelete Messages on iPhone via iCloud Backup

iCloud is an Apple service that enables users to store their data on the cloud. You can back up your iPhone data to iCloud and restore it to your iPhone if it gets accidentally deleted. However, this method will delete all your iPhone's existing data and settings, but you can restore the data later if you back it up.

Below is how to recover deleted text on iPhone 13:

Step 1. Launch your iPhone's Settings application, select the General option, and the Transfer or Reset iPhone option, and tap the Erase All Content and Settings button.

erase all content and settings

Step 2. Follow the instructions provided on the application's screen to complete the process. Afterward, power on the iPhone, set it up, and select the Restore from iCloud Backup option in the Apps & Data section.

restore from icloud backup

Step 3. Log in to your iCloud account using an Apple ID and finish the process by following the on-screen instructions.

Method 3. How to Pull Up Deleted Messages on iPhone from Finder/iTunes

You can use iTunes/Finder to recover deleted iPhone messages. Below is how to retrieve a deleted text on iPhone 13 via Finder or iTunes applications:

Step 1. Link the iPhone to the computer using a working USB cord. Unlock the iPhone and tap the Trust button below the Trust This Computer popup message to authenticate the connection.

Step 2. Move to the Location section on the Finder interface and click on your iPhone's name. Or move to the Summary section on the iTunes application and hit your iPhone's icon.

Step 3. Click on the Restore Backup on the screen that will appear next to restore your deleted messages.

restore backup via finder

This method works the same as the iCloud method because it also requires you to have a backup of the data you want to restore. However, you will be requested to enter your iTunes backup password if you have encrypted it.

Method 4. How to Retrieve Messages by Contacting the Service Provider

Mobile phone service providers store our devices' messages even after we delete them for some time. Unfortunately, some countries have denied phone providers the right to provide clients with their deleted text messages. If you are in a country that allows phone service providers to provide their clients with deleted text messages, you can contact them.

Mobile phone service providers have all your text messages, the contacts of the sender, and the time the message was sent. Most of them will provide you with the deleted messages through an online account on their websites, while others will send you a copy of printed texts.

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Losing important messages can be frustrating. Fortunately, you now understand how to retrieve deleted iPhone messages from the recently deleted iPhone's memory, iTunes backup, iCloud backup, and using a professional iOS data recovery application.

However, you must have a backup of the text messages to recover them using iTunes or iCloud. Some iPhones may also fail to update to iOS 16, making message recovery from the recently deleted impractical.

What will you do if you do not have a backup of your text messages and your iPhone does not support iOS 16? Use the Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery application, a powerful iOS data recovery tool that recovers all iOS device's deleted data, even without a backup.

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