Is the SIM Card Stuck in iPhone? Release It with 3 Ways


Having a phone is one of the bare minimum requirements in this era, and of the most prestigious things in life is owning a phone from a leading brand like Apple. Acquiring a new iPhone is always thrilling, especially if you have been saving to keep up with the latest iPhone trends. The first thing to do when you buy a new iPhone is to move your SIM card from your old iPhone to the new one. But what will you do when you encounter a SIM card stuck in iPhone issue when upgrading to a new iPhone? This article will guide you on how to go around this problem safely.


Part 1. What You Should Do Before Fixing the iPhone SIM Card Stuck Issue

What to do if your SIM card slot is stuck? Removing a stuck SIM card from an iPhone is a delicate and challenging process. As such, it is prudent to remain calm and prepare how you will remove the sensitive SIM card without damaging it. Below are some things you need to do before you begin removing the SIM card from your iPhone:

1. Check Your iPhone's Warranty Coverage

If your SIM card is stuck in an iPhone, you should check your iPhone's warranty coverage first. By doing so, you will understand all the risks involved with the process. Follow the below simple steps to check your iPhone's warranty coverage:

Step 1. Launch the Settings application on the iPhone, tap the General button, and hit the About option to view the iPhone's serial number.

check your iphone serial number

Step 2. Open https://checkcoverage.apple.com/ and key in your iPhone's serial number on the Textbox provided.

Step 3. Now, follow the guide on the screen to see your iPhone's warranty status.

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2. Back Up Your SIM Card's Data

The most crucial step is backing up the SIM card's information because it is delicate and can be damaged while trying to remove it. Unfortunately, you will lose all the data saved on your SIM card if you forget to back it up and damage it during removal. As a result, backing your data before attempting to remove a jammed SIM card is highly recommended. But what is the best way of backing up your iPhone's SIM card data? One of the most efficient ways of backing up the SIM card's data is using a professional tool.

Coolmuster iOS Assistant is a powerful iOS data manager application that you can use to back up your iPhone's SIM card data. With this application, you can back up your iPhone and SIM card data, such as contacts, videos, text messages, music, photos, bookmarks, calendars, notes, etc, to your computer quickly and securely. This unmatched data transfer application scans through your iPhone's memory and SIM card, lists all available data on its interface, and lets you export the data to the computer without affecting the data quality. Coolmuster iOS Assistant has been tried and tested by millions around the globe and works on almost all iOS devices, including the latest versions.

Key Features:

  • Back up their iPhone data.
  • Select, preview and transfer various data, e.g., contacts, messages, videos, photos, etc.
  • Manage iTunes backups and iOS device data.
  • Delete, edit, add, and interact freely with iOS devices' data using a Mac/PC.

Below are a few steps for backing up your iPhone SIM card's data using Coolmuster iOS Assistant:

01Begin by moving to the Coolmuster iOS Assistant application's official website, download, install, and open the application on the computer. Link the iPhone with the stuck SIM card to the PC using a working lighting cord. To establish trust between your iPhone and your device, simply tap on the Trust option on your iPhone.

tap trust on ios assitant

02All the iPhone and SIM card data will appear on your computer screen. The data is organized into folders such as messages, contacts, photos, videos, notes, etc. Select the folder with your data of interest. For example, to back up your SIM card's contacts, click on the Contacts folder.

the interface of ios assitant

03Preview the available contacts, select the ones you want to back up to your computer, and click the Export button. Choose the output file format, and all the selected contacts will be safely stored on the computer.

back up your sim card before fixing sim card is stuck in iphone issue

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Part 2. How to Fix SIM Card Is Stuck in iPhone Issue

Now that you have checked your iPhone's manufacturer's warranty and backed up the SIM card data, you can skillfully pull the stuck SIM card from your iPhone. Below are some techniques for removing the stuck SIM card from the iPhone to fix SIM card stuck in iPhone:

Method 1. How to Remove SIM Card Slot Stuck in iPhone

Looking for how to get SIM card out of iPhone 11/12/13/14? One of the simplest methods is using small sharp stuff such as earrings, paperclips, ejection pins, etc., to detach the stuck SIM card from the iPhone. iPhones have SIM ejector holes of different sizes, and each iPhone comes with its ejector pin.

If you do not have your iPhone's ejector pin, you can use other sharp and thin objects, such as paper clips or earrings. If the SIM card is stuck in iPhone without tray, you can detach it by following the below steps:

Step 1. Power off the iPhone.

Step 2. Look for a paper clip and uncurl it.

Step 3. Push the paper clip into the iPhone's ejection hole without applying much force.

Step 4. Keep trying the 3rd step, and you will successfully detach the stuck SIM card from your iPhone.

However, it is good to note that this method will only work for those iPhones that do not have a tray. Move to the following method if you still can't get SIM card out of iPhone using this method.

Method 2. How to Remove SIM Card Holder Stuck in iPhone by Removing the iPhone's Back Panel

If the iPhone SIM tray won't open even after trying method 1, you can detach it by removing the iPhone's back panel. However, you must be very careful because this method is risky. Below are the few steps you need to follow:

Step 1. Locate the two screws on the bottom of your iPhone and remove them.

Step 2. Now slide the iPhone's back panel upwards about two millimeters.

Step 3. Lift the iPhone's back panel carefully to access the SIM card.

Step 4. Finally, remove the SIM card from the iPhone.

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Method 3. How to Fix SIM Card Tray Stuck Issue by Visiting a Local Phone Repair Expert

Your SIM tray won't open on iPhone 11 even after attempting the above two methods? The safest way of removing a stuck SIM card on an iPhone is by visiting a professional mobile repairer. However, this method is costly but very reliable. Ensure you select a reliable professional. It is advisable to visit a local Apple service centre if you can access it at your location. By using this method, you will not be worried about the risks associated with DIY.

Part 3. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why won't my SIM card come out of my iPhone?

Your SIM card won't come out of your iPhone if it gets stuck on it. You can remove it by pushing a sharp object through the ejection hole, removing the iPhone's back panel, or visiting a professional phone repairer.

Q2. Which is the best way of backing up my SIM card's data?

The best way to back up SIM card is using a professional tool. The best way of backing up all your iPhone and SIM card data is backing the data to your PC using a professional data transfer application such as Coolmuster iOS Assistant. It is a peerless iOS data manager that allows users to back up and restore their iOS device's data.


Experiencing a SIM card stuck in iPhone problem while switching from one iPhone to another can irritate you. However, this article has enlightened you on how to remove a stuck SIM card from the iPhone. Remember, before you begin, back up your iPhone data. One of the most effective methods to back up SIM card data is to use Coolmuster iOS Assistant. Download and use it, then proceed to fix the SIM card stuck in iPhone without any worries.

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