How to Extract Data from PDFs Efficiently: Your Comprehensive Guide


Want to extract data from PDF and use it in other applications? Reading from the PDF and typing the data to the other application can take too long. Hiring someone to do that for you is not only expensive but can also expose your private data. There are easier and more secure solutions to extract data from PDFs. Whether you want to analyze the data in Excel or edit it in Word, there are many ways to extract it.

PDF documents usually combine text, images, and tables. A PDF data extractor allows you to select what you want to extract. We'll examine various tools and techniques that can help you extract text, images, pages, and tables from PDF. Using these tools will help you save much time and effort.


Part 1. How to Extract Data from PDF Using Offline Tools

Offline tools allow you to extract metadata from PDFs on a desktop. Offline PDF data extraction requires you to have the relevant software. It's an excellent option because you don't need the internet, and it doesn't expose your sensitive data. This section will look at two offline tools for extracting data from PDFs.

Method 1. How to Extract Data from PDFs Using PDFelement

PDFelement allows you to view, create, sign, convert, and edit PDF documents. This application is available to all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS. The offline version includes cloud storage of up to 1GB. You can download and test PDFelement for free. The best thing about PDFelement is that it's an all-in-one PDF editor. It can help you accomplish almost anything with your PDF documents, from editing scanned documents to extracting data from files.

Key Features:

Best PDF data extractor free download.

Here's how to extract various types of data from PDF using PDFelement:

1.1 Extract Table Data from PDF

01Open the PDF document using PDFelement. Click the Form tab and select Recognize Form. PDFelement will recognize the fields in the form.

02Click Extract Data from the Form tab. A dialogue box will appear.

03Select the first option from the dialogue box to Extract data from form fields in PDF. Click Apply and select a location to save your file. PDFelement will save the extracted data in a CSV file, which will open in Excel.

extract table data from pdf using pdfelement

1.2 Extract Text from PDF

01Open the PDF document. Click the Edit tab at the top.

extract text from pdf using pdfelement

02Click the text you want to extract. You'll see a frame surrounding the text. Highlight the text you want to extract by dragging the mouse over it. Right-click on the text you highlighted and select Copy or press Ctrl plus C on your keyboard.

03Open a blank Word Processor. Right-click on it and select Paste. Alternatively, press the Ctrl key plus V on your keyboard. Once you have the text, you can edit and save it.

1.3 Extract Images from PDF

01Click the Convert tab and select To Image from the tools. A dialogue box will open.

choose convert tab then to image

02Click the Settings icon on the dialogue box. Another dialogue box will open.

clcik the settings icon

03Select the option to Extract all images in the PDF and click OK. Also, click OK on the previous dialogue box after specifying the output folder. The extraction process will begin. Open the output folder to view the extracted images.

extract images from pdf using pdfelement

Note: If you want to extract one image only, you can right-click on the image and select Save Image As. A dialogue box will pop up. Type the image's name and click Save.

1.4 Extract Pages from PDF

01Open the PDF document and select the Page tab. Click the Extract tool. You'll see a small popup window.

go to page and choose extract tool

02Click Custom to extract a few pages from the file. Type the page range you want to extract, as shown below. Click OK and wait for the extraction process to complete. PDFelement will create a new PDF file with the pages you selected. Save the new file under a new name.

extract pages from pdf using pdfelement

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Method 2. How to Extract Data from PDF to Excel Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is an advanced application that helps you view and edit PDF documents. You can use it to encrypt, sign, extract pages, and convert PDF files into various formats. In this case, we'll show you how to extract PDF data using the conversion method. This method doesn't extract specific data from PDF to Excel. It extracts everything, but you can delete what you don't need in Excel. Here's how to extract PDF data to Excel using Adobe Acrobat:

Step 1. Open the PDF document using Adobe Acrobat. Click the Tools tab and select Export PDF.

choose export pdf tools

Step 2. Select Spreadsheet as the format to export the file. If you use Office 2003, select that version before exporting. Otherwise, leave it as Microsoft Excel Workbook if you use later versions.

how to extract data from pdf to excel using adobe

Step 3. Click Export at the bottom. Select the location to save your file in the Save As dialogue box. You can also change the file's name and click Save. Adobe Acrobat will export the file in Excel. Go to the saving location you selected and open the Excel file.

Method 3. How to Extract Data from PDFs to Excel Using Excel 365

Microsoft Excel comes with the Office 365 package, which you can use online and offline. Note that this option is unavailable in other office versions like Office 2007 and 2016. These previous versions allow you to import data from Word and Access but don't support PDF-to-Excel data extraction. To install Office 365, you need to have an active subscription. Here's how Excel extracts data from PDF:

Step 1. Open a blank Excel file. Click the Data tab and select Get Data on the left side of the ribbon. A drop-down list will appear. Select From File followed by From PDF.

extract data from pdf to excel

Step 2. From the Import Data dialogue box, select the PDF file and click Import.

Step 3. Excel will display the pages from the PDF file. Click the PDF page containing the data you want to extract. The table will appear in the preview section. Click Transform Data if you want to make changes to the table. If there are no changes to make, click Load at the bottom to add the table to the Excel sheet.

Step 4. Once the data is in Excel, edit and save the file.

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Part 2. How to Extract Data from PDF Using Online Tools

Online tools are an excellent alternative when you don't want to install PDF data extraction software. You can also use this option when you're away from your regular computer system. Let's look at three online tools to extract data from a PDF.

Method 1. How to Extract Data from PDFs Using Sejda

Sejda is a PDF metadata extractor that has many PDF tools. There's a free trial that can help you extract metadata from PDF, but it has limits on the maximum file size. This section will show you two ways of extracting data from PDF using Sejda.

2.1 How to Extract Data from PDF to Excel Using Sejda

Step 1. Visit sejda.com and select PDF to Excel converter from All Tools.

Step 2. Click Upload PDF files or select the file from cloud storage.

upload the pdf files

Step 3. Once you upload the file, select whether you want all tables to appear in a single spreadsheet. Click Convert to Excel.

extract data from pdf to excel using sejda

Step 4. Click Download to save the converted file. Sejda will download the file in Excel format. Once you open the file, you'll see that PDF to Excel data extraction using Sejda doesn't cause table distortion.

2.2 How to Extract Images from PDF Using Sejda

Step 1. Select All Tools from the Sejda website. Go to Other on the left and choose Extract Images.

Step 2. Click Upload PDF files and select the file from your computer. You can also upload it from cloud storage.

upload the pdf files

Step 3. Sejda allows you to convert entire pages or extract single images. Choose one option and click Continue.

extract images from pdf using sejda

Step 4. Choose the image resolution and format, then click Convert. Sejda will extract the images from PDF and allow you to download them in the image format you selected.

Method 2. How to Extract Data from PDF Using PDF24

PDF24 is a free online tool that lets you extract images and pages from PDF documents. Below are the steps to follow to extract PDF pages using PDF24:

Step 1. Visit pdf24.org and select Extract PDF Pages from the panel of tools.

Step 2. Click Choose files and select the PDF document to upload.

choose pdf files

Step 3. PDF24 will upload the file and display its pages. Select the pages you want to extract and click Extract pages. PDF24 will extract the pages and allow you to download them.

extract data from pdf using pdf24

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Method 3. How to Extract Data from PDF Using PDF2Go

PDF2Go is another online tool that can help you extract data from PDFs. The tool is ideal if you want to extract data from PDF in the form of images and fonts. Below are the steps to follow to extract data from PDF2Go:

Step 1. Visit pdf2go.com and look for Extract Assets from the panel of tools.

Step 2. Click Choose File to upload the PDF file from your computer. You can also click the drop-down arrow to import the file from the cloud. Once the file is uploaded, click START to initiate the extraction.

extract data from pdf using pdf2go

Step 3. PDF2Go will extract fonts and images from the PDF file and place them as separate files. You can choose to download one image at a time or all of them in the zipped file.


Data extraction from PDF becomes necessary when you want to edit or use the PDF information in a different application. The above tools and techniques have shown you the easiest ways to extract images, text, and tables from PDF.

PDFelement stands out as one of the best tools for the task because you can access it from any operating system, using mobile and computer devices. Additionally, it allows you to extract specific types of data from one application. Download PDFelement today and extract data from PDFs seamlessly.

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