How to Insert PDF into Word Easily [A Comprehensive Tutorial]


Microsoft Word processor continues to be widely used because of its compatibility with many different file types, including photos, spreadsheets, clip art, and PDF files. If you work frequently with PDF and Word files, you may have encountered a situation where you wanted to change a PDF or incorporate it into a Word document.

Even though PDF is a great paper format, it might be difficult to edit or add to a Word file. Formatting issues and unsatisfactory layouts are common problems. However, this article will teach you six different methods to insert PDF into Word and make it as appealing as possible. Read on for more information on inserting PDF into Word.


Part 1. How to Insert a PDF into Word with Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter

Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter is a fantastic choice for inserting PDF into Word easily. With it, you can convert up to 200 PDFs at once to Word Docx and convert individual pages or page ranges to the format you choose. Its user-friendly design makes it a good fit for those with varying levels of prior expertise. Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter works well with Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

After completing the conversion with Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter, users have complete freedom to change the converted text, add photos, etc. The good news is that the new document is a replica of the original PDF in terms of textual presentation, photos, graphics, tables, hyperlinks, layout, and formatting.

Here are the key features of Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter:

  • Convert a PDF to a Word document through easy-to-follow steps.
  • Preserve formatting together with photos and text.
  • Convert numerous PDF files into Word at once.
  • Preview the document and pick which pages or ranges to convert.
  • Secure private data by enforcing strict file access restrictions.

So, how can you insert a PDF into Word Using Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter?

01Download, install, and run Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter. To begin adding PDFs for conversion to Word, click "Add File" or "Add Folder".

run software and add pdf file

02Customize your output by specifying a Page Range and selecting the Output Folder. Choose "All", "Current", or "Range" for Page Range, and click the "Browse" option to change the Output Folder.

set output

03Click the "Start" button to kick off the conversion. Once the progress bar reaches 100%, the transformation is complete. When you're ready to view the final documents, select "Open" from the Browse menu.

insert pdf into word

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Part 2. How to Insert PDF into Word Document Using Offline Methods

PDFs can be inserted into Word documents utilizing offline tools, which can help produce more comprehensive documents and improve the quality of your presentations. You can use these offline programs to convert PDF files into Word documents:

Method 1. How to Insert PDF Into Word Through Adobe Acrobat DC

Using Adobe Acrobat DC to insert a PDF into a Word document is a smooth and accurate approach for inserting PDF content into your Word document. The program's built-in converter lets you import your PDF file and convert it to Word. Here is the simple procedure to insert a PDF Doc into Word using Adobe:

Step 1. Launch the Acrobat DC software. Select "Export PDF" under Tools.

select export pdf

Step 2. Select the PDF to work with by clicking the "Select a File" button. Select "JPEG" as the Image format. Once the conversion is complete, click "Export" and save the files to your computer.

how to insert a pdf into word

Step 3. Now, load the PDF in Adobe Acrobat. To insert a PDF, position the cursor where you want it to appear. Go to the toolbar's insert menu to insert a picture and select "Pictures".

Step 4. A window labeled insert picture will appear. Select the picture you wish to use in your Word insert.

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Method 2. How to Insert a PDF into a Word Document by Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a popular word processor that easily incorporates PDF files into a document without additional software. With this in-document function, you may reap the benefits of both the PDF and Word formats in one unified document. Below, we will provide two options for using Microsoft to insert PDFs into Word.

Option 1. Insert PDF in Word Document as a Linked Object

The PDF file will be inserted as a linked object, but it will only display as the document's first page and be connected to the original. You can display it as an icon rather than a file sample. The file will open if you click on the icon or preview. When you edit the PDF, the changes will automatically update in Word. Let's review the steps below to learn how to insert a PDF in Word as a linked object:

Step 1. Launch Microsoft Word and navigate to the spot where the PDF will go in the connected object.

Step 2. Select "Insert" from the menu bar's drop-down list and select "Object" in the Text area.

how to insert a pdf into a word document

Step 3. Click the "Create from file" button and select the PDF you wish to insert by clicking the "Browse" button.

Step 4. Select "Link to file" from the menu to create the shortcut.

Step 5. To insert the file as an icon rather than a preview (first page), click "Display as icon" > "Browse" > "OK". A preview or icon shortcut to the PDF file will appear in your Word file.

Option 2. Insert PDF in Word Document as an Embedded Object

Once the PDF is imported, the Word document will display a symbol for the program used to create the original document. Refer to the instructions below to learn how to embed a PDF in Word.

Step 1. Load the PDF and put the cursor where the PDF appears as an embedded file. Select the "INSERT" button.

Step 2. Select the drop-down menu alongside the Object option in the text box. Click "Object" from the resulting menu.

click object from the resulting menu

Step 3. A window labeled Object appears. Select "Create from File" and click "Browse" to upload a PDF. When you're done, select "OK".

how to insert pdf into word doc

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Part 3. How to Insert a PDF into a Word Document Using Online Methods

You can find many free and paid software and apps online to insert PDFs into Word. Try different choices to determine which interface you like best for the file conversion. The following web-based apps will ensure you insert PDF into Word documents seamlessly:

Method 1. How to Insert PDF in Word with Google Docs

Google Docs is among the most widely used online document management tools. It also offers a free PDF opening and converting service, making it easy to convert PDFs into Word Docs on Mac and Windows without needing third-party applications.

Here are the easy steps to inserting a PDF into Word using Google Docs:

Step 1. Open Google Drive on your Google account and import the PDF to work with.

Step 2. Right-click the PDF you uploaded and select "Open with" > "Google Docs".

open pdf with google docs

Step 3. Google Docs uploaded the PDF. Using copy and paste, you can import content from another Word project into Docs, make edits, and then export the document back to Word. Select "File" > "Download" > "Microsoft Word" to acquire Word.

how to insert pdf in word

Method 2. How to Insert PDF in Word Through Smallpdf

Smallpdf is a web-based service that lets you incorporate the PDF's text into your Word document without losing any formatting or layout. Additionally, it features OCR technology to help you turn a scanned PDF into an editable and downloadable Word document.

Here's how to insert PDF into Word Doc utilizing Smallpdf's online service:

Step 1. Launch the Smallpdf online converter. Click "CHOOSE FILES" to transfer your PDF file to the program.

insert pdf doc into word

Step 2. Let Smallpdf finish converting your file. Download the Word file. Then, you can insert the converted PDF into Word.

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Method 3. How to Insert PDF into Word Document via iLovePDF

iLovePDF can be used online to insert a PDF into Word. Its online tools are accessible from any Linux, Windows, or Mac browser. Therefore, converting PDF to Word is possible anytime and on any device. Here are the simple steps to using iLovePDF to insert PDF in Word:

Step 1. Visit the iLovePDF website and navigate to the PDF to Word converter.

Step 2. Select PDF file when you're ready to add PDFs.

Step 3. Click "Convert to WORD" to initiate the conversion. Depending on the size and quantity of the PDF files, the conversion to Word will take a few seconds.

insert a pdf into a word document

Step 4. Your PDF has been converted to an editable Word document. Download a Word document and insert it into a Word.


This article contains various methods for inserting PDFs into Word documents; choose the preferred one based on your needs. However, Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter is your best bet to insert PDF into Word without modifying the format. Download it today and enjoy working with converted PDF files so you can edit them as you like.

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