Top 2 Ways to Transfer Data from Pixel to Pixel 7 Pro/7/6/5

Keisha Alice
May 11, 2023

"My Pixel 2 served me well. The battery seems as good as on day one, and the phone is almost as smooth as it was new. But after four years and no updates this year, it is time to upgrade. My new phone should be delivered today. Can someone spot me a link to the best way to migrate settings, Nova settings, WhatsApp, chat, messages, contacts, phone history, etc., to my Pixel 7 Pro? Google One does a phone backup each day, but I am not sure if that backs up everything I need."

- AndroidCentral.com

Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro have come out for a few months. If you are the person who has bought a new Google Pixel 6/6 Pro and wishes to transfer data from Pixel to Pixel, take a few minutes to browse the two simple methods in this article.

transfer data from pixel to pixel

Way 1. How to Transfer from Old Pixel to New Pixel During Setup via Quick Switch Adapter
Way 2. How to Transfer Files from Pixel to Pixel after Setup with Coolmuster Mobile Transfer

Way 1. How to Transfer from Old Pixel to New Pixel During Setup via Quick Switch Adapter

Quick Switch Adapter is Google's way to copy data from Pixel to Pixel. Note that the Pixel data transfer tool is pre-installed on your Google Pixel phone, and you don't need to install it manually. However, there are files you can and cannot transfer during setup.

What you can transfer:

  • Apps & app data
  • Google accounts
  • Contacts on your phone or SIM card
  • Photos, music, and videos
  • Call history
  • SMS and multimedia texts
  • Phone settings
  • Wallpapers

What you cannot transfer:

  • Photos, music, and videos in hidden folders
  • Apps not from Google Play Store
  • App data don't use Android backup
  • Account rather than Google accounts and their data
  • Downloaded files, like PDF
  • Ringtones
  • Contacts and calendars synced to other services rather than Google
  • Certain phone settings

Before you start, make sure the following things as well:

  • Your Pixel phones are fully charged.
  • The adapter and USB cable comes with your Pixel phone.
  • A stable Wi-Fi network
  • A SIM card pin
  • A valid Google account

To transfer from Pixel to Pixel:

1. Ensure that the old Pixel phone has been updated to the latest version.

2. Power on your new Pixel phone and tap the Get Started option. Then remove the SIM card from your old device and insert it into the new phone.

3. Connect your new Pixel phone to a stable Wi-Fi or mobile network. Later, tap Next on the Copy apps & data screen and turn on your old Pixel phone.

4. Use the USB cable and the adapter to connect both phones. Next, ensure your Google account password on your new Pixel phone and tap Sign in.

5. Uncheck the files you don't want to transfer and press the Copy button below.

6. Wait until the transfer process is complete and hit Done.

move data from pixel to pixel via quick switch adapter

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Way 2. How to Transfer Files from Pixel to Pixel after Setup with Coolmuster Mobile Transfer

If you consider the above way complicated to operate, here is another way you can try. Unlike the Quick Switch Adapter, which copies files during setup, Coolmuster Mobile Transfer allows you to transfer contacts, call logs, SMS, apps, photos, music, videos, and eBooks from Pixel to Pixel after setup with one click.

Besides, it consumes no network during Pixel to Pixel transfer and is compatible with Google Pixel 7 Pro/7/7a/6/6 Pro/5a/5/4/4XL/4a/3/3 XL/3a/3a XL/3 Lite/XX/2/2 XL/XL/1 running Android 4.0 and later.

pixel data transfer tool windows versionpixel data transfer tool mac version

How do I transfer everything from my old Pixel to my new Pixel in one click?

1. Launch the program on your computer and enter the Mobile Transfer module.

2. Connect both Pixel phones to the computer using two working USB cables and enable USB debugging as prompted. When connected, it will display Connected under the device image.

Note: Please ensure that the sending Pixel phone is in the Source position. If necessary, tap the Flip button to switch them.

enable usb debugging on google pixel phones

3. Tick off the content you want to transfer and hit the Start Copy button below to transfer data from Pixel to Pixel.

how to transfer data from pixel to pixel in one click

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Words in the End

After reading the above information, you can transfer data from Pixel to Pixel by following our step-by-step tutorial. If you have set up your new Google Pixel phone, you can use Coolmuster Mobile Transfer to transfer from Pixel to Pixel in one click. Otherwise, you can use the Quick Switch Adapter as long as you can endure the complex operation.

Please share it with more Pixel users if you find this post helpful.

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