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How to Fix the iTunes/App Store Keeps Asking for Password Issue on iPhone/iPad?


"I updated to iOS 11.2.5 on my iPad. I cannot download free apps because it keeps asking me for a password. I enter the password, which I know is correct since I sign off and sign in to the App Store using it. It acts like it is downloading, but the enter password option keeps popping up repeatedly no matter how often you enter your password. What steps do I need to take to correct this? Thanks."

- A user posted in Apple Discussions Communities

The iPad or iPhone App Store asking for password issues may occur for various reasons. If you have been bothered by the problem recently, you are in the right place. Here, you will know the possible reasons and proven solutions to the App Store asking for password errors.

app store keeps asking for password

Part 1. Why Does App Store Keep Asking for My Password?
Part 2. How Do I Stop Apple from Asking for Password when Downloading Apps?
Bonus: How to Require a Password for iTunes or App Store Purchases?

Part 1. Why Does App Store Keep Asking for My Password?

When the App Store keeps asking for passwords on your iPhone or iPad, two factors may be responsible for it. First, Apple only allows people to use an app or game after payment. Second, Apple helps you protect your personal information from stealing by hackers. Specifically, the reasons include:

  • Security code verification, like card's expiry date, verification code, etc.
  • Account settings errors occurred in FaceTime, iCloud, iMessage, App Store, etc.
  • Software update.
  • Application settings change.
  • App download failure.
  • Some apps require iCloud login before updates.
  • You have changed the router settings, the IP address, or the network.
  • You have used apps linked to someone else's Apple ID.

Part 2. How Do I Stop Apple from Asking for Password when Downloading Apps?

The following solutions will work for the App Store to keep asking for password issues.

Solution 1. Restart Your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone resolves many minor issues or errors without data loss. Before trying other skills, you should restart your iPhone first.

On iPhone X and above with Face ID:

  • Press and hold the Side/Top button and one of the volume buttons until the power-off slider appears.
  • Drag the slider to power your iPhone off.
  • Press and hold the Side/Top button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

On iPhone SE (2nd generation)/8/7/6:

  • Press and hold the Top/Side button until the power-off slider pops up.
  • Drag the slider to switch off the iPhone.
  • Press and hold the Top/Side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

restart iphone if the app store keeps asking passcode

On iPhone SE (1st generation)/5 or below:

  • Press and hold the Top button until the power-off slider displays on the screen.
  • Drag the slider to turn off your iPhone.
  • Press and hold the Top button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Solution 2. Check Updates for Apps

When you fail to update or download apps from the App Store, you may need to ensure installing any updates. If you see the App Store icon with a red circle and number, you may need to update apps with these steps.

  • Open App Store and choose Updates.
  • Click the Update button next to each app or hit the Update All option on the top.

update all apps to fix iphone app store asking for password

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Solution 3. Sign In and Out of the Apple ID

Another situation is that App Store keeps asking for passwords for free apps. If you are in the same case, try resetting your Apple ID. And it usually fixes issues related to your account.

For iOS 10.3 or higher:

  • Open iPhone's Settings > tap your name.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click the Sign Out option.
  • Provide your Apple ID password and hit the Turn Off button to switch off the Find My iPhone feature.
  • After a few seconds, tap Sign In and enter your Apple ID and password.

turn off find my iphone if the app store asks the passcode constantly

For iOS 10.2 or lower:

  • Open iPhone's Settings > iCloud.
  • Swipe down to the bottom and click the Sign Out button.
  • Choose Sign Out again and tap the Delete from My iPhone option.
  • Select to keep data on your Apple device.
  • Input your Apple ID password and press Turn Off.
  • Click Sign In in a few seconds and enter the same Apple ID and password.

sign in with apple id again to repair the app store asking password

Solution 4. Adjust the iTunes & App Store Settings

In other cases, if you set the Password Settings for purchases and in-app purchases to Always Require, there is no wonder the App/iTunes Store keeps asking for passwords even if you have signed in with your Apple ID. Also, App Store may keep asking for passwords for free downloads when you enable the Require Password settings.

At this time, you can change settings if you feel bothered to enter a password frequently.

  • Open iPhone's Settings app and tap your name.
  • Choose iTunes & App Store > Password Settings > Require After 15 Minutes below the purchase and in-app purchase option.
  • Disable the Require Password option for free downloads.
  • If asked, enter your password and hit OK.

set the app store password on iphone

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Solution 5. Disable iMessage and FaceTime

iMessage and FaceTime require your Apple account information even when you don't use them. So, if the App Store keeps asking for passwords on iPad or iPhone, try disabling and enabling them to fix the error.

To disable and enable FaceTime:

  • Go to the Settings app > FaceTime.
  • Switch off the button next to FaceTime.
  • Switch on the button next to FaceTime again.
  • If asked, enter your Apple ID and password.

set the facetime on iphone to stop app store asking for passcode

To disable and enable iMessage:

  • Navigate to Settings > Messages.
  • Slide the switch to toggle iMessage off.
  • Turn on the iMessage option a few seconds later.
  • If asked, offer your Apple ID and password.

disable and enable imessages on iphone when app store always asks for passcode

Solution 6. Update App Store & iOS Version

The update failure is another reason for iPhone App Store asking for the password. You can make the App Store or iOS version up-to-date to fix the issue.

To update the App Store:

  • Open Settings > iTunes & App Store.
  • Enable Updates under the Automatic Downloads section.

To update the iOS version:

  • Go to Settings > General.
  • Tap Software Update and wait for your iPhone to check for updates.
  • If a newer version is available, tap Download and Install.

update to the latest ios as iphone app store asks for passcode all the time

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Solution 7. Reset Apple ID Password

The following instructions show you how to reset your Apple ID password on your iPhone or computer.

On an iPhone/iPad:

  • Head over to Settings > tap your name.
  • Choose Password & Security > Change Password.
  • If prompted, enter your current screen passcode.
  • Create a new Apple ID password.

change password on iphone to fix the constant asking issue on app store

On your PC:

  • Visit https://appleid.apple.com/ from a computer browser and sign in with your Apple ID and current password.
  • Click Password under the Sign-In and Security section and enter your current password.
  • Enter a new password and confirm the new password.
  • Tap the Change Password button.

On your Mac:

  • Tap the Apple menu > System Preferences.
  • Select Apple ID > Password & Security.
  • Click Change Password.
  • You will need to enter the password you used to unlock your Mac before resetting the Apple ID password.

change apple id password on mac if app store keeps asking for the password

Solution 8. Restore Your iPhone to Factory Settings

Although this method will cause data loss, you can still fix bugs and other glitches on your iPhone or iPad by restoring the device to the factory settings, especially when the improper settings cause the error.

  • Open Settings > General > Reset on your iDevice.
  • Tap the Reset All Settings option.
  • Confirm the operation with your password.

reset all settings on iphone to fix the app store if it keeps asking passcode

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Solution 9. Never Install Apps from Unknown Sources

Apps downloaded from third-party sources will also lead to unexpected problems, including App Store's asking for the password. Besides, App Store may require deleting such apps and continuously asking for password confirmation. Thus, you should avoid installing apps from unknown sources on your iPhone or iPad.

Solution 10. Reinstall the Problematic Apps

Some users also report that the App Store keeps asking for a password when trying to update a specific app. At this moment, remove the app on your iPhone and re-download it from the App Store. Generally, the problem will disappear after that.

Solution 11. Unlock the Apple ID with iOS Unlock (Recommended)

What if the App Store keeps asking for the password all the same after trying the above methods? Well, you can unlock someone else's Apple ID on a second-hand iPhone with iOS Unlock even if you don't know the password. Apart from Apple ID, it also removes other lock types, like screen passcodes, Face ID, Touch ID, iCloud activation lock, Screen Time passcode, MDM, etc.

Besides, this foolproof program supports all iPhone models (iOS 9 to iOS 15), such as iPhone 13 Pro Max/13 Pro/13/13 mini/12 Pro Max/12 Pro/12/12 mini, the new iPad mini/iPad 2021, iPad Pro 5/4/3/2/1, iPad Air 4/3/2/1, etc.

ios unlock windows versionios unlock mac version

How do I stop Apple from asking for the password when downloading apps in one click?

Note: The unlocking process will remove all your data from your iPhone. Hence, we kindly suggest you back up your iPhone without a passcode before moving on.

1. Install and run the iOS Unlock on your computer and tap Screen Unlock on the initial interface. Next, connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer using a USB cable and tap the Unlock Apple ID mode.

Warm tip: You can only remove Apple ID on an unlocked iOS device, and any illegal removal for business purposes is prohibited.

install ios unlock and connect your iphone to the computer

2. Unlock your iPhone with a password, and click Trust on your iPhone if prompted. Afterward, follow the onscreen instructions to reset your device settings. Once done, reboot your iPhone, and the unlocking process will start automatically.

remove apple id in one click when app store keeps asking for password

3. The program will automatically remove the Apple ID on your iPhone. Please wait until the process is complete.

one click to remove apple id if app store keeps asking for password

When you see the following interface, it will have unlocked your Apple ID successfully.

finish unlocking your apple id

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Bonus: How to Require a Password for iTunes or App Store Purchases?

Are you a newcomer to iPhone and wonder how to require a password for App Store and iTunes purchases to keep your purse safe? You get two options: require a password for every purchase (Always Require) or 15 minutes (Require After 15 Minutes).

On your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch:

  • Open Settings > tap your name.
  • Choose Media & Purchases.
  • Click Password Settings and pick the setting you want.

require a password for itunes or app store on iphone

On your Mac:

  • Click the Apple menu on the top.
  • Choose System Preferences > Apple ID > Media & Purchases.
  • Pick the settings you want for free downloads and purchases.
  • If you have turned on Touch ID for purchases, you won't have this menu.

set a password for itunes and app store on mac

On your PC:

  • Open iTunes and tap Edit on the top of the iTunes window.
  • Tap Preferences > Store.
  • Choose the setting you want for free downloads and purchases.

require a password for app store on pc

On your Apple TV 4K/Apple TV HD:

  • Click Settings on the Home screen.
  • Choose Users and Accounts and tap your account.
  • Pick the setting you want for free downloads and purchases under Require Password.

add password to apple tv

On your Apple TV (3rd generation):

  • Click Settings > iTunes Store > Sign In on the Home screen.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password to sign in.
  • Tap Submit, and you will see a window that asks you whether to remember the password or not. Make your choice.

Final Verdict

It's a common issue that App Store keeps asking for passwords on an iPhone or iPad. You can use iOS Unlock to remove it completely from your device, which is easy, fast, and user-friendly. Additionally, you can also try all methods one by one if you are patient and available.

Finally, if you find this post helpful, you can share it with more people.

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