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How to Make OnePlus Data Recovery via 6 Methods [New Tutorial]


"Hello, could anyone suggest how I can recover deleted data from OnePlus phones? In my case, I need an important audio file (*.aac). I have licensed data recovery software on my Windows laptop, but that software cannot identify my connected OnePlus device (7 Pro) as MTP rather than Mass Storage (drive). Please suggest if you have any Android app that can recover the audio file without rooting the phone. Thanks in advance!"

- OnePlus Forum

Accidentally factory reset your OnePlus phone or delete some precious data from it? Imagine you are in this condition. How to make the OnePlus data recovery? Don't panic! This comprehensive tutorial will guide you through the problem completely.

oneplus data recovery

Part 1. How Does Your OnePlus Data Get Lost?
Part 2. Can You Recover Data from the OnePlus Phone?
Part 3. How to Recover Deleted Files from OnePlus via Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android
Part 4. How to Restore Deleted Data from OnePlus with OnePlus Switch
Part 5. How to Retrieve Lost Data from OnePlus Using Local Backup
Part 6. How to Get Deleted Files Back on OnePlus via Google Drive
Part 7. How Can I Get My Pictures Back on My OnePlus One with Google Photos
Part 8. How to Recover Deleted Files on OnePlus Internal Memory via FileZilla (Complex)
Bonus Tips to Avoid Data Loss on OnePlus Phone

Part 1. How Does Your OnePlus Data Get Lost?

Knowing the reasons that cause data loss on your OnePlus phone can help you avoid trapping into the same trouble next time. We conclude the possible culprits below:

  • Accidental deletion.
  • Factory reset.
  • SD card formatting.
  • Malware or virus attack.
  • Forget the screen lock passcode.
  • Physical damage, like water damage, broken screen, etc.
  • ROM flashing.
  • Android OS update.
  • Rooting.

Part 2. Can You Recover Data from the OnePlus Phone?

Yes. It's possible to recover deleted data from the OnePlus phone. When deleting something from your device, it was moved to an invisible section and made room for new files. That is to say, you still have a chance to get it back. However, you can only recover it via a professional recovery tool.

Besides, there are also some helpful things you should know before making OnePlus 6 data recovery:

  1. Stop accessing your phone as soon as possible since a single phone call or messaging will create new data to overwrite the old deleted content.
  2. Immediately turn off the Wi-Fi and mobile data or switch on the AirPlane mode.
  3. Power off your phone unless you find any way to get the deleted files back.
  4. Avoid downloading any recovery apps on the phone.
  5. Get reliable recovery software.

Part 3. How to Recover Deleted Files from OnePlus via Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android

Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android is a powerful tool that allows you to recover deleted data from any Android device without a backup. It is also user-friendly enough to let you preview all content on your phone and recover only wanted items.

Why should you choose Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android?

  • Recover deleted messages, contacts, call logs, videos, music, photos, and documents from OnePlus internal memory and SD card (if any) to a computer without backup.
  • Export the existing data from your OnePlus internal memory or SD card to the computer.
  • Offer Android Data Recovery and SD Card Recovery modes for different needs.
  • Preview all content and recover or export selected data.
  • Cause no data format change and quality loss.
  • Support all OnePlus models with Android 4.0 and later, such as OnePlus 11/10 Pro/9RT/9 Pro/9/9R/8 Pro/8/8T/7 Pro/7T/7T Pro/7/6T/6/5T/5/3T/3/X/2/1, OnePlus Nord N20/Nord N200/Nord N100/Nord N10, etc.

coolmuster lab fone for android windows versioncoolmuster lab fone for android mac version

How do I recover lost data from OnePlus One without backup?

1. Install and open the software on your computer. Next, tap Android Recovery to continue.

2. Connect your OnePlus phone to the computer using a USB cable and enable USB debugging on your phone as required. Once connected, you will get the data selection interface. Choose the files you want to recover and hit Next.

enable usb debugging on your oneplus phone

Later, follow the on-screen prompts to move on until you see different categories on the left panel.

Note: Try rooting your device before recovery if you cannot find the wanted data.

3. Select one file type on the left side, preview all files, and check the items you wish to recover. After that, hit the Recover button at the lower-right corner to recover them to your computer.

selectively make oneplus data recovery without backup

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Part 4. How to Restore Deleted Data from OnePlus with OnePlus Switch

OnePlus Switch is an official way to back up and restore your OnePlus phone or transfer data from another device to your OnePlus phone. Suppose you have backed up your phone data with the OnePlus Switch previously. In that case, you can restore deleted files from your OnePlus phone easily.

How can I get my pictures back on my OnePlus One?

1. Launch OnePlus Switch on your device and tap the Backup and Restore section at the bottom.

2. Click Restore Backup and select the backup file you want to recover.

3. Hit the Restore button.

restore data from oneplus with oneplus switch

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Part 5. How to Retrieve Lost Data from OnePlus Using Local Backup

Suppose you have regularly made a backup of your OnePlus with the local backup feature before. In that case, you can directly get back the deleted files from the local backup file.

How to restore deleted data from the local backup?

1. Open the Settings app on your OnePlus phone, and click System settings > Back up & migration.

2. Choose Local backup, and select the backup file you want on the screen.

3. Click the Start icon at the bottom to restore the backup data to your OnePlus phone.

restore lost data from oneplus via local backup

Part 6. How to Get Deleted Files Back on OnePlus via Google Drive

Google Drive is another way many users may use to back up their Android devices. Assume you have also backed up your OnePlus phone to Google Drive earlier. You can retrieve the deleted data from the Google Drive backup.

Here's how:

1. Open the Google Drive app or visit on your OnePlus phone.

2. Click My Drive and tap the file to view details.

3. Pick the files you want to restore and press the Download icon.

get deleted files back on oneplus via google drive

Part 7. How Can I Get My Pictures Back on My OnePlus One with Google Photos

Google Photos is an app that only backs up videos and photos on your phone. Assume you have synced your pictures to Google Photos formerly. You can get them back to your OnePlus phone with these steps.

1. Run the Google Photos app on your OnePlus device and sign in with the same Google account you use for backup.

2. Choose all the photos you want to restore and hit the three-dot icon on the top.

3. Tap the Download option.

What if you cannot find the desired pictures in Google Photos? You can check whether there are removed to the Trash folder inside the Google Photos app.

  • Click the menu icon at the top-left corner > Trash.
  • Select the wanted photos > hit Restore.

retrieve deleted pictures from google photos to oneplus

Part 8. How to Recover Deleted Files on OnePlus Internal Memory via FileZilla (Complex)

Suppose you've backed up your phone's internal memory as a RAW file and enabled USB debugging on your phone previously. You can restore the deleted files with the following instructions. Note that the operation is complicated and requires your devices to be rooted beforehand.

1. Install and run the FileZilla server on your computer as an administrator.

2. Tap its General settings > Type 40 in the box next to the Listen on these ports and 0 in the box next to the Connections timeout.

recover deleted files from oneplus internal memory via filezilla

3. Go to Users settings and add a new user.

4. Specify the user name (for example, qwer) and set up a password for the user (for example, pass).

5. Enable the read and write operations for the user and save it to C:\cygwin64\000.

6. Install Android SDK on your computer from here.

7. Copy the following files to the path C:\cygwin64\bin:

  • adb.exe
  • adb-windows.exe
  • AdbWinApi.dll
  • AdbWinUsbApi.dll
  • fastboot.exe

8. Connect your Android phone to the system and ensure that you have enabled the USB debugging beforehand.

9. Run a command window and enter the following commands to obtain the available drives.

adb shell


find/dev/block/platform/-name 'mmc*' -exec fdisk -l {} \; > /sdcard/list_of_partitions.txt

10. The list_of_partitions will include the phone partitions. You can copy it to a safe location with the following command:

adb pull /sdcard/list_of_partitions.txt C:/cygwin64/000

11. Open the file to manually search for any information related to the missing data.

12. Open a new command window and type in the following commands:

adb shell


mkfifo /cache/myfifo

ftpput -v -u qwer -p pass -p 40 mmcblk0p27.raw /cache/myfifo

Note: qwer and pass are the username and password, and you can replace them with yours. And they are followed by the port number and server address.

13. Open another console window and input the following commands:

adb shell


dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p27 of=/cache/myfifo

Note: mmcblk0p27 is the phone location where the data gets lost, and it can vary from device to device.

Afterward, FileZilla will copy the phone data to folder 000, but the recovery process isn't completed yet.

14. Download a VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) tool from here to convert the RAW file into VHD format so that you can mount it on your computer.

15. Copy the VHDTool.exe file in the working folder 000 in our case.

16. Open a console window again, go to the folder, and type the following commands:

cd C:/cygwin64/000 VhdTool.exe /convert mmcblk0p27.raw

17. Head over to the Disk Management settings on your Windows PC > Settings > Action > Attach VHD.

18. Offer C:\cygwin\nexus\mmcblk0p12.raw when it asks for a location. Note that the file name may be different here.

19. Right-click it and choose the Initialize Disk option > GPT.

20. Right-click the empty space and pick New Simple Volume.

21. Assign a new letter to the drive and disable the partitioning to complete the wizard.

22. Right-click the RAW part and format it. The file type should be FAT 32.

23. Use any free data recovery tool to scan the virtual hard disk you have just mounted. If asked, provide the letter of the VHD.

Bonus Tips to Avoid Data Loss on OnePlus Phone

Don't want to experience data loss anymore? Below are a few things to avoid data loss in the future.

Words in the End

Now you've learned eight tested methods to make the OnePlus data recovery. I will strongly recommend you try Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android if you want a reliable and user-friendly way. Also, you don't need to own a backup file to recover the deleted data. Thus, install it and have a try.

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