5 Tips to Save Phone Data from Losing


Whether we like it or not, our phones have become a central and fundamental part of our lives. Not only do they hold all of our social lives, but in many cases, we depend on it for business purposes as well. With the click of a button, we can gain instant access to our most important contacts, daily schedules and even pictures we have taken with our friends and family. And this is why it's very important to protect your phone. Let's discuss a few tips to save phone data from losing. But first, let's discuss a few common causes of phone data loss. (And we have a special page focuses on causes of Android data loss.)

Common Causes of Phone Data Loss:

1. Malware

Even though cell phones function much like computers, it can be hard to believe that your cell phone could get a virus, but it can. If you access a malicious website or download an app from someone you are not familiar with, you may end up with malware on your phone. Not only can this cause your phone to function in odd ways, but it can also lead to a loss of data.

2. Physical Damage

No matter how careful you are, mistakes are bound to happen. This is especially the case when it comes to dropping your phone. Even though there is an industry dedicated to phone cases that help to keep your phone safe, there is always a chance that you can damage your phone beyond repair--so much so that all of your memory is lost.

3. Loss or Theft

It happens all of the time--someone becomes distracted with something and forgets where they last had their phone. And if the ringer is on silent or the phone is out of battery, you may never find it again. Also, if you happen to put your phone down in an area with a lot of traffic, there is always a chance that someone could pick it up and run off with it. In these cases, the person may delete all of your information from the phone to either sell it or use it as their own. Here is a guide showing you how to recover data from a stolen iPhone.

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4. Deletion

Not all phone data loss is due to negligence or malicious intent. Sometimes it's possible that the owner of the phone will delete the data themselves. If you are someone who enjoys updating your phone or flashing new roms onto your device, then there is always a chance that you can delete your data by mistake.

5 Tips To Keep Your Device Safe from Losing

1. Track Your Phone

If you want to prevent your phone from becoming lost, then you should consider adding a tracker to it. The tracker will help you to pinpoint its exact location at any given time. Not only will this help you keep track of it when you lose, but you will also know if someone else has the phone.

2. Back Up Your Files

In some cases, protecting your data is as simple a making a copy of your current data. By backing up the files on your phone, you never have to worry about losing anything. This is especially the case if you enjoy programming your phone. You can refer to:
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3. Encrypt Your Data

If you would like to make it hard for hackers to infect your phone with malware then it is a very good idea to encrypt your data. On IOS phones, this process is done automatically. However, on Android, simply visit the security settings and follow the prompts.

4. Lock The Phone

If you are planning to attend a crowded event, then you should always ensure that your phone has been locked with a code. In this way, a thief may be able to steal your phone, but they will not be able to gain access to your data. The most effective codes involve fingerprints.

lock phone

5. Configure Apps

Your phone may give thieves access to your Dropbox or social media sites such as Facebook. In this instances, they may post or delete your files. Prevent this by requiring a 2-step authentification process for ever account you have.

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