Top 9 FAQs about iPhone Jailbreak and Update


iOS jailbreaking is the process by which you remove the restrictions imposed by Apple's iOS and gain access to all the areas of the iPhone that you are not expected to mess with. This is usually done by people who want to install cool applications that are not permitted by iOS as such. Jailbreaking allows the user to add these banned apps by installing a special application called Cydia on your iPhone. This also gives you complete access to change the default icons, wallpapers, keyboard and a lot more features that are actually unalterable by your iOS.

Although Jailbreaking sounds controversial, but it is actually lawful and completely risk-free. Never has there been a case where an application has stopped working or hanged after installing Jailbreak. All Jailbreaking does is that it adds additional features to your iPhone and this doesn't void your warranty. But as it often happens, every installation or update comes with a few minor glitches and Jailbreak is no exception to this.

Top 9 Most-asked Problems about iPhone Jailbreak

Problem 1: Jailbreaking fails and crashes your iPhone

Solution: Before trying to follow any of the below-mentioned steps, please make sure that there is NO passcode on your device. Many users have complained that having a passcode crashes or stalls a few jailbreak utilities. In case you want to have a passcode, you can always enable it after completing the whole process of the jailbreaking. All you need to do is to disable your passcode during the process of Jailbreaking, and then follow the below steps:

- The most obvious and important aspect to check is that the tool you are attempting to use is compatible with the platform and the operating system that you are currently using.

- Disconnect your iPhone and plug it back in a different port or with a different USB cable.

- If the process has crashed halfway, rub out the jailbreak function completely and re-install from the start to ensure that you don't end up with a corrupt install.

- If everything else fails, try jailbreak the iPhone from a different computer. If it works, it indicates that the problem lies with your computer.

- But if the jailbreaking also not works on a different computer, the only possible explanation is that the problem is within your iPhone. Here, you can backup your iPhone and restore the device to factory settings, then try to jailbreak it again.

Problem 2: Jailbreaking works but Cydia couldn't be installed

Solution: Generally, this problem shows up when you are using a tool like Greenpoison that requires you to first launch their icon and then provides you access to Cydia.

- So to solve this problem, please go to Settings-> General -> Network -> Turn on VPN. By doing this, your phone shows up an error and then reboots automatically. When it is turned on, you have Cydia ready.

- If the problem can't be solved by following the above step, please try to reset all Network Settings and and turn on VPN again.

Problem 3: Jailbreak works and you have Cydia but can't download anything

Solution: There is absolutely nothing that you can do in this case. The only reason for this problem is that the corresponding server is down or overloaded. Wait for a few minutes and then try again.

Problem 4: You cannot locate the file for libactivator package

Solution: Getting this error always means that you can install absolutely nothing from Cydia. Nonetheless, it is quite easy to fix this. Go to your device's Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. This effectively creates an entirely new file required for libactivator.

Problem 5: How to put your iPhone in recovery mode

While you're trying to connect your iPhone to iTunes, or downgrade your device from the beta version, sometimes you'll find that the device is completely non-responsive, then you have to put your iPhone into recovery mode. Below is the simple instructions to show you how to reach it:

- Switch off your iPhone and disconnect it from the cable.

- Press and hold down the home button.

- While holding the home button, connect your device to a computer.

- Keep the home button pressed until you find a screen saying Connect-to-iTunes. Now you are in recovery mode.

For more details about putting iPhone in recovery mode, you can go to here to learn more >>

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Problem 6: Never-Ending Reboot Loop difficulties

Solution: With the recent announcement of Jailbreak for iOS 8.0/8.4, a lot of professionals are experimenting by changing themes, installing tweaks and other kinds of tinkering. But, due to the huge gap between the jailbreak for a long time, the developers have never checked whether their tweaks work resulting in a few tweaks with unexpected behavior. So, there is a higher chance that the developers have already noticed your issue and have begun work on it. All you can do is wait for the developers to announce the updates.

Problem 7: iPhone Struck at Apple Logo

Solution: After jailbreaking, there might be a case where your device doesn't boot properly and gets stuck at the Apple Logo. If you have met this issue, don't worry, it can be resolved by putting your iPhone in resurgence mode as explained later.

- Connect the USB cable of your iPhone to the PC but not your iPhone, and then switch off your iPhone by holding down the power button.

- After switching it off, press the home button and plug in the USB cable to your iPhone.

- Keep the home button pressed until the iTunes logo appears on your screen.

- Your iPhone is now in recovery mode and the window in iTunes displays a message supporting this.

- Start the restore process by clicking the "Restore" button.

Problem 8: iPhone stuck on verifying update

To fix this problem, make sure that your iPhone is full charged, you have access to a stable Wifi environment, you have enough space for the latest iOS update, and you have already made a phone backup of your device.


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- Simply press the Power button on the side or top to lock your iDevice. Then restart it again. Repeat to lock and wake your iDevice for several times until it get out of the verifying update process.

- If it fails, you need to force a hard reset of your iPhone. Just hold the "Home" button and "Sleep/Wake" button at the same time until the screen goes black and Apple Logo appears. Then go to the Settings > General > About to check whether the latest iOS version has been successfully updated and installed.

- The final option is to restore iPhone with iTunes. After making a backup of your iPhone, launch iTunes on the computer and connect your iPhone to the computer. Then, click the Device > Summary and then hit the Restore option to restore iPhone within simple clicks.

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Problem 9: Cydia crashes frequently


- Connect your device via any USB file system browser like ssh, ifile, diskaid or mobile terminal.

- Go to var/lib/apt/lists, and you can find a file named cydia.zodttd-1.com_repo_cydia_dists_stable.

- Delete this file and install the latest update of Cydia.

- Doing this recreates all the missing files along with the deleted file.

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