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How to Sync iPhone Videos/Movies to USB Flash Drive


With an iPhone, you can save a lot of files. They can be videos, photos, eBook and contacts among other data in your device. However, some reasons can cause you to want to transfer these files from your iPhone to a USB flash drive. This reason can vary from one person to another. In this article, we will show you how you can transfer videos easily from your iPhone to a USB flash disk.

When do you need to transfer videos/movies from iPhone to USB flash drive?

Some of the reasons that can lead to you moving videos to USB are:

• When you have many videos on the device and you want to free up some space.

• To use the USB flash disk as a backup for your iPhone.

• When you want to watch the videos/movies on a bigger or a higher definition screen like a smart Television.

• When you want to copy videos/movies, to another device.

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User Guide: How to Transfer Videos/Movies from iPhone to USB Flash Drive

Coolmuster iPhone Data Manager (Windows/Mac) software is powerful software that allows you to easily backup your important files and data to a personal computer or any other external storage device like flash disk. It is excellent for all Apple devices and is invented to make it easy to use these iOS devices.

Functions of Coolmuster iPod/iPhone/iPad:

• It allows you move music, messages, contacts, videos among other files. Transferring them can be due to all the above reasons. It also allows you to manage these contents much easily on a personal computer or any other device.

• This software allows changes like enabling you to view data in a different mode which is selectable thumbnail and list view mode. You can see these images in a mini picture or the mainframe with full details.

• It helps locate the file you require quickly and efficiently. With the use of a search box, you can type in the name of the archive to find it in one click.

• It allows you to manage the contents like music, videos, photos, etc. from your personal computer or you can rename the files, have freedom to share and upload them online.

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How to sync iPhone videos/movies to USB flash drive

The process is simple and very easy to follow.

1. Launch the Coolmuster software and connect your iPhone to your personal computer with a USB device by double clicking on the software. The software will automatically detect your iPhone and display on the mainframe.

2. Preview files before you move them. You can scroll down the data to view the categories that will show.

transfer iphone videos to usb flash driver

3. Export the videos/movies from the iPhone by marking on the ones you want to move.

Extra Bonus: Alternative Way to Sync iPhone Videos/Movies to USB Flash Drive

Another method that you can use to move videos/movies from your iPhone to a flash drive is:

1. Close your iTunes before you begin.
2. Connect your USB flash to your computer via the USB ports and be patient to wait for the windows to load it.
3. Connect your iPhone to your personal computer using a USB data cable.
Wait for the computer to recognize your device and click on the open device to view files.
4. Select the videos/movies that you want to move to the flash drive. You can use Control key to select many videos/movies at the same time.
5. Press "Ctrl-X" to cut the videos/movies to the windows clipboard. Click on "Computer" link on the navigation then double click on the USB flash drive icon.
6. Click on the USB drive folder and "Ctrl-V" to copy the files.
7. Finally, disconnect the iPhone and the USB flash drive from the computer.

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