5 Apps to Turn iOS Device into AirPlay Receiver (Updated)


Q: Can I mirror iPhone screen to iPad using AirPlay?

"Can I use AirPlay to stream videos from iPhone to iPad? I am hoping to expand the iPhone video picture on iPad screen without being twisted and stretched. For example, it is quite troublesome to transfer a video taken by iPhone to several people, and of course it is more suitable to see the video on iPad among a group of people. So can I AirPlay the video from iPhone to iPad directly? Or how to turn iPad into an AirPlay receiver?"

A: Apple doesn't allow you to AirPlay between iOS devices directly. However, it is possible to turn your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch into AirPlay receiver using certain apps or tweaks. Here, we collect 5 AirPlay receiver apps, which enable you to turn your iOS device into AirPlay speaker or display.

1. AirView - AirPlay Video between iOS Devices
2. AIRFOIL - Turn iPhone into AirPlay Speaker
3. AirFloat - Turn iPhone into Audio Receiver
4. AirSpeaker - Turn iPhone/iPod touch into AirPlay Speaker
5. Air Display - Use Your iPad/iPhone As Extra Mac Displays

turn ios device into airplay receiver

If you got an old iPhone, one great way to repurpose it is to turn it into an AirPlay receiver. However, Apple AirPlay only empowers users to stream from iOS device to an Apple TV, AirPort Express, set of speakers, or an AirPlay-enabled receiver. There's no official way to AirPlay sounds or videos to your iOS device.

The following apps offer you the solution. They help you turn any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch into an AirPlay Receiver to receive songs or videos, making your iOS device act as an Apple TV or other AirPlay supported device.

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1. AirView - AirPlay Video between iOS Devices


Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS 7.1 or later

AirView is a free app that enables you to use your iOS device as an AirPlay receiver instead of a transmitter. We know that Apple AirPlay doesn't allow users to beam videos from iTunes to iPhone, or from iPhone to iPad. AirView can fix this problem and make iOS devices act as an AirPort Express or Apple TV. With this app installed on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, you can share your videos between your devices. You can also use it to send videos wirelessly from iTunes to your iOS devices.

However, please be noted that this AirPlay receiver app supports video only. It won't stream audio (although movie audio is transmitted) and photos on iPhone/iPad/iPod.

iphone airplay receiver - airview

How to turn iOS device into AirPlay receiver?

Here's we take AirView as an example to show you how to make an iOS device an AirPlay receiver. Suppose that you want to expand your iPhone YouTube video on an iPad screen. Here's what to do:

  • Your iPhone and iPad should be connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  • Download and run the AirView app on your iPhone and iPad. It will show up on your Wi-Fi network as the new destination for the video.
  • On your iPad, click the AirPlay icon on the YouTube media player.
  • The video will start playing on AirView.

You can also stream videos played in iTunes from a computer to your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.


If you have some videos or movies stored on your PC and want to see them on your iPhone/iPad, other than streaming, you can first move the videos to your iOS device. Here are the quick ways to transfer videos from computer to iPhone/iPad.

Additionally, with these methods, you can now update iOS without hassle.

2. AIRFOIL - Turn iPhone into AirPlay Speaker


Price: $29.00

Compatibility: iOS 9.0 or later; MacOS 10.13 to MacOS 11

If you want to turn your iPhone into AirPlay speaker and listen to music that played on Mac, Airfoil from Rogue Amoeba is your workaround. This app doesn't actually make your device an AirPlay receiver but allows it to work like one without jailbreaking.

This Mac application enables you to stream any audio to various devices, such as your iOS devices, Apple TV, HomePod, Google Chromecast, third-party AirPlay Hardware, etc. To let your iPhone/iPad works as AirPlay receiver, you need to download its companion app Airfoil Satellite for iOS from the App store. This free iOS app is available on the App Store, and it serves as audio receiver and remote control for Airfoil.

Using both Airfoil and Airfoil Satellite together, you can stream audio from Mac to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. You can play the music on iTunes, audio from any audio apps like Sporty, as well as web-based sources like Pandora.

This app has been there around 2010, and the developer team managed to keep it updated to ensure it works smoothly. This is an advantage compared to other AirPlay receiver apps. It could be your ideal solution if you want to repurpose your old iOS devices as speakers.

iphone airplay receiver - airfoil

3. AirFloat - Turn iPhone into Audio Receiver


Price: Free

Compatibility: From iOS 5 to iOS 11.2

AirFloat is a free app that helps you turn your unused iOS device into a wireless AirPlay speaker receiver. With this AirFloat app installed on your iOS device, you can listen to audio played on your iTunes. You can also AirPlay the music between your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

This app has been removed from iTunes Store long ago; you can download it for free from the BigBoss repository on Cydia (an unofficial app store for jailbroken iOS devices).

If you don't want to jailbreak your device, you can look up some guides on the web that show you how to download it with the help of Cydia Impactor. A user shared the downloading link and workarounds on Reddit, which may be of help.

Once you get this handy app on your device, everything else comes easy. You can open it and enjoy your device as an AirPlay speaker.

iphone airplay receiver - airfloat

4. AirSpeaker - Turn old iPhone/iPod touch into AirPlay Speaker


Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS 5.0 to 13.3.1

If you don't mind jailbreaking your device, AirSpeaker is the tweak for you to turn your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch into AirPlay receiver. It allows you to stream music from one iPhone to another, or listen to music that plays on iTunes. This tweak adds a configuration menu on your device "Settings". Therefore, it runs as a daemon (system service) instead of an app.

After you get AirSpeaker on your device, your device will turn into an AirPlay speaker. You don't need to open up the program for it to work.

Suppose that you want your old iPhone that has headphone jack as the audio output for your Apple TV. All you need to do is to connect your devices to the same local network, your iPhone will show up in the AirPlay option on Apple TV, select it, and your device will start playing as an AirPlay receiver.

Tip: Before jailbreaking your device, please don't forget to back up your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to avoid data loss.

iphone airplay receiver - airspeaker

5. Air Display - Use Your iPad/iPhone As Extra Mac Displays


Price: $14.99

Compatibility: iOS 11 or later; macOS 10.8 and above

If you want your spare iOS screens to become extended Mac computer displays, Air Display is the app you are looking for. It enables you to turn your iOS screen into a wireless (or wired) display for your Mac. You can use up to four iOS devices into extra Mac displays.

You will need two components to make it work: a paid iOS client app used on your iPhone/iPad and a separate free host software that needs to be installed on Mac. It supports Wi-Fi and USB connection. And using the USB mode will be more stable and fast.

When you need to extend the screen on the road or when you want to be more productive in your office, Air Display is an effective solution.

iphone airplay receiver - airdisplay

Final Words

As you can see, some of these iPhone Airplay receiver apps may not support the newer iOS versions since they lack updates. But given that most of you may want to have the app on your old device, this may not be a very big issue. Another problem with the old apps is that they are not completely bugs-free. You may come across errors during use.

Anyway, it is still worth knowing about these apps that allow you to turn your iPhone into an AirPlay receiver. If you find this post helpful, feel free to share it with others.

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