Repair Downloading Messages from iCloud Stuck (Reasons and Possible Fixes)

Brandon Wood
Sep 07, 2023
When buying a new iPhone, you have to transfer data from your old phone to the new one. One of these is iCloud message backup. You can transfer your iPhone's messages to iCloud or keep them on your phone. But, you may find that the messages you have to restore aren't downloading from iCloud; they just show loading forever even though there is enough storage space. If you got this problem, we've got you covered.

This guide will take you through why you got the "downloading messages from iCloud stuck" problem and the possible solutions. So, read on to find out.

fix downloading messages from icloud stuck

Part 1: Why Does My iPhone Keep Saying Downloading Messages from iCloud?
Part 2: How Long Does Downloading Messages from iCloud Take?
Part 3: Troubleshoot the Downloading Messages from iCloud Stuck
Part 4: iPhone Not Downloading Messages from iCloud? Try the Pro Way
Part 5: How to Stop Downloading Messages from iCloud?

Part 1: Why Does My iPhone Keep Saying Downloading Messages from iCloud?

When your phone is synced with iCloud, a copy of all the messages that have been sent to and from your iPhone will be downloaded onto it again. But, it reaches a point where your iPhone keeps downloading the messages from iCloud without finishing. Below are reasons why you may be encountering such an issue:

Unstable internet connection: If your network connection isn't stable, downloading messages from iCloud may get stuck.

Your iCloud account has low storage: If iCloud has low storage space or is getting full, your iPhone won't be able to download messages from iCloud. You need to make extra space by deleting some unused items.

iCloud problem: A time, it could be an inactive iCloud server causing all these issues.

Synch settings of messages: You might not have synched your messages with iCloud, leading to downloading stuck issue.

Antivirus: If there is an antivirus program on your iPhone, it may also be blocking the downloading process.

Software issue: Failing to update your iOS device to the latest version can also lead to this problem.

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Part 2: How Long Does Downloading Messages from iCloud Take?

Generally speaking, downloading messages from iCloud will take a while. But, it depends on the size of your messages. It may take approximately 2 hours maximum for the process to finish. So, it depends on how big your iMessages are.

Also, if you're downloading them at a slower speed, they could take up to 6 hours before they finish. If you want to shorten the backup time, please connect your device to a stable network.

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Part 3: Troubleshoot the Downloading Messages from iCloud Stuck

There are a few ways that you can try to fix the "downloading messages from iCloud stuck" problem. Below are some of the fixes that can help:

3.1. Check Apple System Status

If you are in the process of downloading messages from iCloud and it keeps saying that your iPhone is stuck at the same percentage, try checking the status of the Apple System. Maybe the server is under maintenance. It could be a problem with your account or iPhone.

3.2 Restarting Your iPhone

Before restarting your iPhone, make sure you have backed up your data and don't need anything stored on your iPhone by checking the Storage section in the Settings menu. Also, ensure that there is enough power left in the battery.

Turn off the phone. Hold down the Power button and Home button for iPhone 6 models or below. From iPhone 7 series, press the Volume Down and Power button at the same time.

After that, long-press the Power button and then wait for the Apple logo to appear.

restart the iphone if the messages have not been fully downloaded to this iphone

This should stop any iCloud messages downloading processes of your iPhone, and it will start the download process again. When your iPhone restarts, try downloading your messages again.

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3.3 Check the status of your Apple ID‌ or ‌iCloud‌ Account

If your iCloud account and Apple ID aren't the same, then you are likely to encounter the download stuck issue. You need to make sure that the iCloud account and Apple ID are the same.

3.4 Use another Wi-Fi Network

If you use an unstable Wi-Fi connection, your iPhone may get stuck while downloading messages from iCloud. Try switching to a different Wi-Fi network and try the downloading process again. This should fix the problem if your iPhone is stuck because of your Wi-Fi connection.

connect to another wifi network if it keeps downloading imessages from icloud

3.5 Force Quit the Messages App

Sometimes, applications running in the background may interrupt the iCloud message download process. This could be making your iPhone freeze or crash while downloading messages from iCloud. To solve this issue, Force the Quit Messages app and try to download your iMessages again.

3.6 Resetting Network Settings

Resetting network settings will reset all your Wi-Fi networks back to default and remove any changes that might have been made by malicious software or apps. This will allow you to connect to new Wi-Fi networks without having any issues and then enable automatic downloads of messages from iCloud again, which should fix the problem you are encountering while downloading messages from iCloud.

reset the network settings on iphone when it downloads messages from icloud so long

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3.7 Disable Messages in iCloud Settings

This is also an alternative solution for downloading messages stuck in iCloud. To disable messages in iCloud settings, do the following:

Navigate to Settings and click on your ID. Click iCloud and toggle off the switch next to Messages. Your device will now stop downloading messages from iCloud.

disable messages in icloud settings on iphone to stop the download

Part 4: iPhone Not Downloading Messages from iCloud? Try the Pro Way

If you are still having the same problem after doing all the fixes above, then try fixing the issue with the iPhone Data Recovery. This software is a fast and safe tool for iOS users to recover their data safely and easily. With the help of this professional tool, you can get your iMessages from iCloud again. It works well to avoid the "downloading messages from iCloud stuck" issue.

windows version of ios data recoverymac version of ios data recovery

Here is how to use this iOS data recovery software to get messages back from iCloud:

Step 1: Launch the Program

After downloading the recovery software on your computer, connect your device with it and make sure it's on a stable Wi-Fi network. Select the Recover from iCloud Backup File tab, sign in to your iCloud account, and tap Start Scan.

Step 2: Choose Messages Backup to Download

After signing in and scanning, you'll see file types on the interface. Please select the iCloud Backup option and tap Start on the interface.

select icloud backup to download your messages

Then select the backup file you want, and tap Download.

download the backup file from icloud

Step 3: Restore Your Messages

After that, please wait for some time for the program to scan them. Once it finishes, it'll list all the contents scanned. Mark the messages to recover and tap the Recover button to download them to your computer.

restore your messages from icloud using the recovery software if the icloud is stuck in downloading messages

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Part 5: How to Stop Downloading Messages from iCloud?

You can stop downloading messages from iCloud by altering the iCloud setting on your device. Just go to the settings in your phone and proceed to iCloud settings. Unmark the photo option and tap the Apply button to proceed. When you do that, you'll have successfully stopped downloading the messages from iCloud.

Wrapping Up

The "downloading messages from iCloud stuck" is the most common issue when downloading messages from iCloud. You can fix this issue by doing the troubleshooting steps above. If you still haven't been able to fix it after trying all of the above solutions, use the iPhone Data Recovery. This is the most recommended tool to fix such issues. It is easy to use and efficient for recovering your messages from iCloud backup, even if it is stuck on your iPhone.

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