How to Convert Image to PDF with Ease: 7 Methods Unveiled


Are you looking for a way to convert images to PDF? You've come to the right place. Before showing you the best tools to help you do that, let's consider some reasons why you may want to convert images to PDF. Firstly, it enables you to keep your files organized. You can use PDF to categorize your images by putting related pictures in one PDF file.

Secondly, it helps you protect your photos with a password. Unlike image files, PDF files are easy to encrypt with a password. Lastly, converting images to PDF helps to save space, making it easier to share them in email. Email providers, like Gmail, limit the size of files you can attach. A PDF file saves space, helping you send many photos in one email. Additionally, you only need one attachment to send all photos.

Let's now look at seven image-to-PDF converters that you can use.


Part 1. How to Convert Images to PDF Using Offline Tools

This part will show you three offline tools to make PDFs from images. Offline tools are best if you want maximum privacy because you don't have to upload any photos to a third-party website. Also, they're convenient because you can use them any time without worrying about the internet connection.

Method 1. How to Convert Images to PDF Using Coolmuster JPG to PDF Converter

Coolmuster JPG to PDF Converter is an offline application that converts different types of images into PDF. This image-to-PDF converter has easy download and installation steps. You can download and install it on Mac and Windows computers. It takes minimal computer resources in terms of storage and processing power.

You can start with the free trial that helps you convert images to PDF without adding watermarks. It also allows batch processing, which saves time by converting multiple files simultaneously. The user-friendly interface eliminates the need for training before using the application. It has straightforward steps that complete the process within a few clicks.

Key Features:

  • Convert images to PDF in a user-friendly interface.
  • Maintain image resolution after conversion.
  • Convert multiple images to PDF simultaneously.
  • Convert various image formats, including JPG, TIFF, BMP, and PNG.
  • Adjust page size, margins, and orientation.

Here's how to turn an image into a PDF using Coolmuster JPG to PDF Converter:

01 Download Coolmuster JPG to PDF Converter, install, and launch the application.

02Click Add File at the top left and search for images from your computer. To add multiple images, press the shift or control key to select the images or click Add Folder to add all images from a folder.

import all the jpg files you want to convert

03Set the page size and margins on the right panel according to your requirements. Select the Output Folder by clicking the blue button under Output Folder.

select pdf files and set output options

04Click Start to begin the conversion. Within a few seconds, the application will complete the conversion. Check the Output Folder you selected to view the converted file.

convert image to pdf using coolmuster jpg to pdf converter

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Method 2. How to Make Images from a PDF Using Preview on Mac

Preview is a pre-installed Mac app that allows you to view and edit PDFs and images. It can also convert one image format into other image formats and PDFs. Here's how to use Preview to create PDFs from images:

Step 1. Select all the pictures you want to convert to PDF by holding down the Command key and clicking one image at a time. Then, click Open With them using Preview.

open the images with preview

Step 2. Click the Files tab and select Print. On the print dialogue box, click Show Details to reveal more print options, as shown below. You can preview all images by pressing the next button under the preview section. Ensure you set the correct orientation for each page. Click All in the Pages section to convert all images.

create pdf from images on mac with preview

Step 3. Click the dropdown menu in the PDF section and select Save As PDF. A Save As dialogue box will appear. Type the file's name and choose a saving location. Click Save once you've entered all the details.

Method 3. How to Save Images as PDFs Using Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is another offline application you can use to convert images to PDF. This software allows you to resize the images and save them in PDF format. Here's how to create PDF from images using MS PowerPoint:

Step 1. Launch MS PowerPoint on your computer. Any version from 2007 has the required features. Click the dropdown menu under New Slide in the Home tab to create several blank slides.

Step 2. Click Insert, then select Picture from the ribbon. Search your computer for the images you want to convert. Add one or several images per slide according to your preferences.

click insert picture

Step 3. Click File on the menu and select Save As. Choose where to save the file on your device. Type the file name and select PDF as the Save as type. Click Save once done.

how to convert image to pdf using powerpoint

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Part 2. How to Convert Images to PDF Using Online Tools

Online tools can be good alternatives when you're using a mobile device or don't want to install software on your computer. You can also use them when you're using a computer that's not yours. In this section, we'll show you how to convert images to PDF using four online tools.

Method 1. How to Turn an Image into a PDF Using iLovePDF

iLovePDF is an online tool that converts images to PDF and performs other PDF functionalities. It allows you to import image files from your computer, Google Drive, and Dropbox. You can upload several images at once by pressing the control or command key when selecting them. Here's how to convert image to PDF using the tool:

Step 1. Visit ilovepdf.com and select JPG to PDF from the tools grid.

Step 2. Click Select JPG images to upload files from your computer. You can also import pictures from Dropbox and Google Drive by clicking on the icons on the right.

upload your images to ilovepdf

Step 3. Set the page orientation and the margins on the right panel and click Convert to PDF.

how to save image as pdf using ilovepdf

Step 4. iLovePDF will convert all the images and place them in one PDF file. The tool will also download the file when ready. If not, click Download PDF.

Method 2. How to Make PDF from Images Using Smallpdf

Smallpdf is another online tool that allows you to convert various image formats into PDFs. You can upload photos from your device or the cloud storage. Below are the steps to make PDF from images using this tool:

Step 1. Visit smallpdf.com and click Tools from the menu. Select JPG to PDF from the tools.

Step 2. Click Choose Files to upload images from your computer. Alternatively, drag and drop the images to the tool.

upload your images to smallpdf

Step 3. Once you upload all the images, click Convert at the top right.

how to turn an image into a pdf using smallpdf

Step 4. Smallpdf will convert the images and place them in one PDF file. Click Download to save the PDF file.

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Method 3. How to Convert Images to PDF Using PDF24

PDF24 is a free online application with multiple PDF tools. You can use it to convert GIF, PGN, JPG, and TIFF to PDFs. Below are the steps to follow:

Step 1. Visit pdf24.org and scroll down to the tools. Click Images to PDF.

Step 2. Click Choose files or use drag-and-drop to upload the images.

upload your images to pdf24

Step 3. Once uploaded, click Create PDF to convert the images.

how to make pdf from images using pdf24

Step 4. After conversion, click Download. Check the download folder for the converted file.

Method 4. How to Create PDF from Images Using PDF2Go

PDF2Go is an online tool that helps you work on PDF files in various ways. It allows you to convert, edit, encrypt, and merge the PDF files. You can use it to convert images to PDF. Unlike other online tools, PDF2Go saves converted images into separate PDF files instead of one. Here's how to turn an image into a PDF using PDF2Go:

Step 1. Visit pdf2go.com and select JPG to PDF from the tools grid.

Step 2. Click Choose File and select the images to upload from your computer. Click the dropdown menu if the images are in cloud storage.

upload your images to pdf2go

Step 3. The images will be uploaded one after the other. Once uploaded, click Start to begin the conversion.

how to convert images to pdf using pdf2go

Step 4. After conversion, PDF2Go will display all the converted files in a list, as shown below. Download each image at a time, or click Download Zip at the bottom to download all the files at once.

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Converting images to PDF helps you manage your images better. You can scan pages of a book and turn the images into a PDF file using an image-to-PDF converter. Or you can use the tool to organize your photos and share them easily through email. We've looked at seven tools that can help you accomplish that. There's a reason why Coolmuster JPG to PDF Converter is among the best image-to-pdf converters.

The app is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. It comes with a free trial and converts multiple images simultaneously. Best of all, the images maintain their original quality after conversion. Download Coolmuster JPG to PDF Converter today to convert your images easily and securely.

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