How to Delete iPhone Backup Easily to Free Up Space? (iTunes & iCloud)


In case of sudden data losses, most iPhone users will prefer making a phone backup of the important files so as to guard against such potential accidents. However, sometimes you could need to remove backups from iPhone. For example, when you want to free up more space for new downloads, you may need to delete iPhone backup; when you plan to sell out your old iPhone to get a new one, you could want to remove backups from iPhone so as to ensure the safety of your personal information. Then, how do you delete old backups on an iPhone? Here, we introduce how to delete iPhone backup from iTunes and iCloud. Let's learn together.


Part 1. How to Delete Old iPhone Backups from iCloud

If you back up your iPhone to iCloud, how do you delete backup for iPhone from iCloud? This part introduces how to delete iPhone backup on PC/Mac from iCloud. You can follow the guide below to do this easily.

1.1 How to Delete Backup from iCloud on iPhone

If you want to delete iCloud backups from your iPhone directly, you can do this via the Settings app. Below is the step-by-step guide:

Step 1. Go to the "Settings" app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Tap the Apple ID on the top and then choose "iCloud".

Step 3. Negative to "Manage Storage" and then choose the "Backups" section.

Step 4. Select the backup file you want to delete and tap the "Delete Backup" option.

Step 5. Once done, click "Turn Off & Delete" to confirm.

how to delete backup from icloud on iphone

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1.2 How to Delete iPhone Backup on PC from iCloud

If you want to remove iPhone backup from PC from iCloud, you can do this by using iCloud for Windows app. Here is how to do it:

Step 1. Head to the official Apple website to download the iCloud for Windows application onto your PC.

Step 2. Launch the installed software and log in using your Apple ID credentials.

Step 3. Navigate to the "Storage" section and then select "Backups" from the menu.

how to delete iphone backup on pc from icloud

Step 4. Choose the backups you wish to remove and click on the "Delete" option.

Step 5. Confirm the deletion when prompted to complete the process.

1.3 How to Erase iPhone Backup on Mac from iCloud

For Mac users, you can use the the iCloud option in System Preferences to clear iPhone backups without downloading any additional software. To do this, Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Click on the Apple icon and navigate to "System Preferences" on your Mac.

Step 2. Select your Apple ID, then navigate to "iCloud", and click on the "Manage" option.

how to delete old iphone backups from icloud on mac

Step 3. Within the "Manage" section, locate and click on "Backups". Choose the specific backup file you wish to remove, then click the "Delete" button to confirm the action.

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Part 2. How to Delete iPhone Backup from iTunes

Now we know how to delete old iPhone backups from iCloud. Then, if you use iTunes to back up your iPhone to your computer, how to do it? This part will provide you with the answers.

2.1 How to Clear iPhone Backups via iTunes

You can erase iPhone backup directly using the iTunes app. Here is how to delete iPhone backup via iTunes:

Step 1. Open the iTunes app on your computer.

Step 2. For Windows, go to "Edit" > "Preferences" > "Devices", while for Mac, go to "Preferences" > "Devices".

Step 3. Select the outdated backups you want to remove.

Step 4. Confirm the deletion by choosing "Delete Backup".

how to delete a backup on iphone via itunes

2.2 How to Remove Old iPhone Backups via Finder

For Mac users running macOS Catalina or later versions, you can delete iPhone backups through Finder. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Launch Finder on your Mac.

Step 2. Select your iOS device and navigate to "Manage Backups".

Step 3. Choose the backup file you wish to remove.

Step 4. Subsequently, click on "Delete Backup" and then confirm by tapping "Delete".

how to erase iphone backup via finder

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2.3 How to Delete a Backup on iPhone Manually

You can, of course, delete iPhone backup from PC/Mac manually. Just find the iTunes backup folder and pick out the backup file you want to delete on your Windows or Mac computer.

For Windows: C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

delete iphone backup from pc manually

For Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

clear iphone backups manually

Part 3. How to Permanently Delete iPhone Data

We have discussed how to delete iPhone backup; if you want to permanently delete iPhone data, what should you do? Here is a powerful software I want to introduce to you - Coolmuster iOS Eraser. It is a reliable software that can help you completely erase all types of data on your iOS device. The deleted files are unrecoverable even if you use the best iPhone data recovery software. What's more, you can choose the level of security that suits your needs.

Key features of Coolmuster iOS Eraser:

  • Erase all data from your iOS device without restoration, including private data, system settings, deleted files, etc.
  • Permanently delete contacts, messages, call logs, music, videos, and more.
  • Three levels of security for erasure are provided: Low level, Medium level, and High level.
  • Utilize a 100% read-only mode for safe iOS data erasure.
  • Compatible with all generations of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

It is super easy to operate; just do it as follows:

01Download and launch the software. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. If prompted, trust your device. Upon successful connection, the main interface will appear, as shown below.

the main interface of ios eraser

02Click the "Erase" button on the interface and select the desired security level. Once chosen, click "OK" to confirm.

choose security level

03Enter "delete" into the provided field and click the "Erase" button. Upon confirmation prompt, click "OK".

start to erase data

04Upon completion of scanning, the software will commence erasing your iPhone. Upon completion, the software will immediately overwrite your iPhone. Once the entire process is finished, you can proceed to set up your iPhone.

set up your iphone

In a Nutshell

All in all, knowing how to delete iPhone backups will help you manage your iPhone's backup files. Whether you back up your iPhone via iCloud or iTunes, this guide has provided methods to delete them. Besides, the Coolmuster iOS Eraser is a tool you should think about if you want to clean your device completely. It can help you get rid of all of your info permanently and protect your privacy.

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