How to Wipe Android Phone Completely before Selling?


Introduction: In this digital age, ensuring the security and privacy of your personal data is paramount. If you are contemplating selling or recycling your Android phone, it is crucial to know how to wipe an Android phone properly. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process to securely erase your Android phone, safeguarding your sensitive information.

Mobile phones are very sensitive gadgets. They store some of the important secrets, bank information, messages, business and personal emails, contact information, photos or even videos. These are things that you would not want to fall in the wrong hands. Therefore, if you are thinking of selling or giving your headset or tablet to someone else, you should consider how to delete everything on your phone.

If you ask how to delete data from Android phone permanently, performing a factory reset is what appears in our minds. It is correct to say that this is an excellent idea. However, it is not a hundred percent effective because the data and files deleted can be recovered using various programs available in the market today. The following are some of the methods that can help you completely remove away the emails, contacts, messages, cache, and Google search history from your appliance.


Part 1 - How to Wipe Android Phone Completely with One Click

In the fast-paced digital world, safeguarding your personal data is of utmost importance. Whether you're upgrading your Android device, selling it, or recycling it, knowing how to wipe your phone properly is crucial. This in-depth guide not only provides a step-by-step process for secure data erasure but also introduces a reliable tool, Coolmuster Android Eraser, to enhance your privacy protection.

Have you heard about the Coolmuster Android Eraser? It is an online program that helps mobile users to permanently and completely wipe all the data from their handsets with just one click. Unlike other methods, this program removes all the data permanently meaning that the sensitive information cannot be restored once they are deleted. If you have important files that you do not want to lose, you should consider transferring them to different storage before using this Eraser.

What's more, it is fully compatible with almost all Android phones, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Oneplus, TECNO, Infinix, Itel, vivo, Motorola, Honor, etc. Of course, the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, Galaxy S23 Ultra and more are supported, too. You can download the trial version on your computer and have a try on it below.

The process of using the Coolmuster Android Eraser involves several steps, learn how to wipe Android phone before selling now:

Step 1. Make your Android phone recognized by the program with USB cable or Wi-Fi

-> First, launch the Android Eraser in your computer.
-> Ensure that the online Eraser has detected the Android device before you start clearing all the data.
-> To ensure that the phone is recognized, you have to connect it to a personal computer either using Wi-Fi or a USB cable.

Connect Android with USB cable:

-> When using a cable, enable the USB debugging in your gadget on the prompt that appears on the screen. The type of prompt that is seen depends on the Android version of your mobile.
-> The Eraser will automatically start installing drivers on your gadget.
-> Tap on the "Install" or "Install this driver software anyway" command on the prompts that pop up on the screen. It will assist in completing the installation of the drivers on the phone.

For the Android versions that are above 4.2, the user has to allow the computer to access all the files in the device. All you have to do is to click on the enable button on the interface.

enable usb debugging on android

The application will be installed on the handset, and a connection will be created after you authorize all the permissions that have been listed there.

Connect Android with Wi-Fi:

-> When connecting the receiver to the PC using Wi-Fi, download and install the Coolmuster Android Assistant (Android Version) on your Android phone by visiting https://www.coolmuster.com/android-assistant-apk.html via browser.
-> Click the Wi-Fi icon on the program and open the Android version on Android phone.
-> Create a connection by scanning the QR code.

connect android via wifi

If needed, please check what to do if the program does not recognize your Android device.

Step 2. Set up and start to wipe Android phone completely.

-> Click on the "Erase" option to delete all the data. Always remember first to back up all the vital information.

android phone is recognized by android eraser

-> Choose and confirm the security level for the deletion. It could be Low Level, Medium Level or High Level.
-> In the space, type the word "delete" and then tap on the "Erase" button to clear up everything permanently. The program will immediately overwrite the data.

set up security level to erase android phone

-> Ensure that the connection is not interfered with until the delete process is complete.

start to wipe android data

Emphasis is placed on the importance of permanent data erasure to prevent potential buyers from accessing sensitive information. Introducing Coolmuster Android Eraser as a reliable solution is done naturally to offer you an additional layer of security.

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Part 2 - How to Wipe Android Device by Factory Reset

This is the most commonly used method to wipe a phone clean. However, the technique only deletes the data addresses thus hiding the location. Unlike the Coolmuster Android Eraser, using the factory reset does not overwrite the data and files in the tablet or the smart device. It means that the files can be recovered using off-the-shelf recovery software, such as Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android.

However, you can still clean the tool properly by following the following steps:

-> Encrypting the data-this is like locking your phone content, and you will have to enter a PIN or a password every time you are turning the device on. For data to be recovered the unique combination will be required to decrypt the gadget and any other individual will not have it.
-> Charge your appliance fully while the procedure is running. Alternatively, you can keep it plugged into the charger to make sure that it does not turn off.
-> Tap on the Settings icon.
-> Scroll down to "Security" and select the "Encrypt phone" option. Nevertheless, this step varies from one gadget to the other. Other models such as Samsung provide the option of encrypting even the SD card.

encrypt android phone before wiping android data

-> Factory reset by going to the "Settings", then select "Backup & reset" and then "Factory data reset".
-> Confirm your choice by tapping on the "Reset phone" option.

factory reset android to wipe android phone 

Completing this process deletes all the data and protects it from decrypting. However, if you want to be entirely sure that all the data cannot be accessed by a third party later, you should consider overwriting the encrypted data with junk data, and then factory reset it again.

Wrapping Up

We all have private data that we would not want anybody else to access. Using the Coolmuster Android Eraser and performing a factory reset are the two popular methods to remove all data from Android phone before selling or giving it away. In both ways, you should ensure that you have backed up the information that they need because everything will be wiped away.

Equipped with the knowledge provided in this guide, you'll confidently and securely wipe your Android phone, protecting your privacy in an increasingly connected world. Consider using Coolmuster Android Eraser for added convenience and assurance in achieving a thorough and permanent data erasure. Whether you're preparing to sell, recycle, or upgrade, mastering the art of wiping your Android phone clean is an essential skill that ensures your digital security.

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