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How to Fix Move to iOS Stuck on Calculating Time Remaining


"I currently have a Pixel 6 Pro and am trying to transfer everything using the Move to iOS app. However, it seems to be stuck on "Time remaining: estimating" with no movement at all. I turned on airplane mode and forgot all my networks in the settings except for one. The new iPhone 15 is on the same network as well."

- from Reddit

For you who would like to acquire a new iOS device, you need to look at how you can move data from your old device to brand-new iOS, especially if you are using an Android device. To help fix this issue, Apple developed a data transfer application called Move to iOS. This app grabs your account info from your Android and copies it to your iPod, iPad or iPhone. Note that this method can only be used when setting up your new iPhone.

However, many users complain that Move to iOS is stuck on calculating time remaining problem while using it. Take it easy. This article will talk about how to fix it to help you transfer your data successfully.


Part 1. Different Ways to Solve Move to iOS Stuck on Calculating Time Remaining Error

The section below will discuss how to solve issues such as Move to iOS says 13 hours.

Solution 1: Switch On Airplane Mode

Switching on airplane mode on your phone helps you prevent distractions from interrupting your data migration process. Here is how to do it in the fastest manner:

Step 1. On your home screen, swipe down twice to open Quick Settings.

Step 2. On the grid, look for a feature named Airplane mode.

switch on the airplane mode on your phone

Step 3. Tap on it. Switch on your Wi-Fi connection while the Airplane feature is still on.

Step 4. If you can't find the toggle, swipe sideways. This will enable you to access more icon.

Solution 2. Maintain Wi-Fi Connection

If your Wi-Fi gets disconnected, Move to iOS stuck on transferring error message will pop up. Please ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is stable.

Step 1. From your Home screen, hit the application icon, find Settings, and tap it.

Step 2. Tap Wi-Fi under the Wireless and Networks menu.

Step 3. Hit the menu symbol at the upper right corner, select Advanced and then adjust the Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep feature to Always.

connect wifi to iphone

Step 4. If your cellular data is on and you face this issue, it is recommended that you disable the Auto-connect feature.

You may want to know "Does Move to iOS need Wi-Fi", please don't hesitate to click below link to find the answer.

Does Move to iOS Need Wi-Fi? Solving Puzzle and Mastering Data Transfer

Solution 3. Update Your Firmware

Updating your firmware through Over-The-Air (OTA) could help solve the problem and get you back in business. It helps distribute software updates to keep everything running smoothly. Follow the below steps for an effortless upgrade experience and fix Move to iOS calculating time remaining problem:

Step 1. Open the phone Settings application and navigate to Software Updates.

Step 2. Select the Download updates automatically option.

Step 3. Select the latest update available.

select the download updates automatically

Solution 4. Turn Off Wi-Fi Power Saving

Sometimes, your connection to Wi-Fi may get disrupted, or you might have already realized that your device doesn't connect to Wi-Fi networks occasionally. Your device may also appear connected to your Wi-Fi network but doesn't access the internet. This might have been caused by a Wi-Fi Saving feature, usually enabled by default. Turning it off may help fix the issue you're facing here. Below are the steps to do so:

Step 1. Go to the phone's Home screen.

Step 2. Touch and hold down the Wi-Fi icon.

Step 3. Tap Settings (represented by the gear symbol in the notifications panel).

Step 4. Tap Menu (the three dots at your upper right corner), select ADVANCED, then select Wi-Fi power saving mode (the feature will turn off once you tap it).

turn off wifi power saving mode on your phone

Step 5. Restart your device.

Note: If your Move to iOS stuck at 1 minute, what should you do? Check this guide to find the answer.

Solution 5. Use Your Mobile Network Instead of Wi-Fi

If you're still getting Move to iOS stuck on calculating time remaining error message, it's time to try using your mobile data connection instead of your Wi-Fi network. This will help you determine if the issue is due to a problem related to your wireless network. Follow the below simple steps to turn on your mobile data:

Step 1. On your home screen, swipe down twice to open Quick Settings.

Step 2. On the grid, look for Mobile data and turn it on by tapping on it.

turn on mobile data and turn off wifi connection

Step 3. Switch off your Wi-Fi connection.

Part 2. The Best Move to iOS Alternative

The Move iOS application is challenging to use, and many users have reported issues with the app. If you've had a bad experience with Move to iOS, consider trying Move to iOS alternatives. If you're looking for the easiest, most hassle-free way to move data from an Android to iPhone, Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is your best bet.

With Coolmuster Mobile Transfer, you can effortlessly and securely share data between iOS and Android devices. It works well with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy S/Note series phones and more. It also supports the latest versions of both operating systems (iOS 17 & Android 14). This software allows fast transfers without any worries about overwriting the existing content.

Key Features:

Below are some simple steps to move data from an Android device to iOS using Coolmuster Mobile Transfer:

01 Download and install Coolmuster Mobile Transfer. Launch the application and connect your devices to your PC using USB cable. Confirm that the devices are arranged correctly. Your Android phone should be set as the Source device, and the iPhone should be set as the Destination phone. If they are not connected in the right way, click on the Flip button to interchange their positions.

click the flip button if devices are arranged incorrectly

02Select all the data you want to move. In this case, the program supports the transfer of Documents and Contacts. Click the Start Copy button to begin transferring your data from your Android to your new iPhone.

click start copy to transfer data from android to iphone

Part 3. FAQs on Move to iOS Stuck on Calculating Time Remaining

1. Why does the Move to iOS app get stuck on the "Calculating Time Remaining" screen during the transfer process?

It could be due to weak or unstable Wi-Fi connection, large data volume, software conflicts, insufficient storage space, or other reasons.

2. When my device gets stuck on the "Calculating Time Remaining" screen, how long should I wait?

The exact waiting time depends on the size of your data and the network speed. If you find that there's no progress for a long time, you can try restarting the app or the device. However, please note that in some cases, the app may prompt you not to turn off the device. If restarting doesn't solve the issue, please use the solutions mentioned in this document.

3. Will restarting the devices during the transfer cause data loss?

Restarting the devices during the transfer will interrupt the process, but it shouldn't cause data loss on the source device. However, you may need to start the transfer process from the beginning after restarting.


Move to iOS data transfer process is time-consuming and sometimes gets stuck on the move to iOS stuck on calculating time remaining error. But there are other applications you can use to move data from an Android device to iPhone without having to worry about the issue. All the apps mentioned above support transferring data from an Android device to an iPhone. However, if you want to avoid Move to iOS completely, Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is the best bet. It is easy to use. With the help of this app, you will be able to enjoy a hassle-free transfer process without interruption in no time.

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