How to Remove Forgot iPhone Passcode without Restore? (3 Simple Ways)


Forgetting the lock screen passcode on iPhone quite frequently happens on many iPhone users, especially when they set a new lock screen password shortly after they obtain a new iPhone. If you forgot iPhone passcode, Apple's official way to solve this problem is to restore your iPhone to the factory status to wipe out the password. However, many people do not want this way, since it may cause unexpected trouble and data loss on their iPhone.

Thus, this guide concludes 3 easy ways to reset forgot iPhone passcode without restore. You can quickly access your locked iPhone without restoring using these ways.

forgot iphone passcode without restore

Part 1. Why Do People Want to Bypass iPhone Password without Restoring?
Part 2. How to Unlock iPhone without Passcode without Restore Feature
Part 3. How to Bypass iPhone Passcode without Restoring with Password via iCloud’s Find My iPhone
Bonus Tips to Remember

Part 1. Why Do People Want to Bypass iPhone Password without Restoring?

It is not a good choice to restore iPhone when you forgot iPhone passcode, and the reasons are as below:

  • First, if you bypass the forgotten iPhone passcode by restoring it with iTunes, you must turn off Find My iPhone feature on your iPhone. However, Find My iPhone is enabled on all iPhone by default to erase, lock or ring iPhone when missing and few people will switch it off. So, you cannot use this way if you did not toggle off Find My iPhone before it gets locked.
  • Second, if you choose to boot locked iPhone into the recovery mode, the process may be very complex. Besides, some people report that their iPhones get stuck in recovery mode loop and are unable to exit or restart. As a result, many people do not consider removing forgotten iPhone passcode with restoring.

Part 2. How to Unlock iPhone without Passcode without Restore Feature

For people who want to bypass iPhone passcode without restoring or password, you can choose the two effective methods below according to your need.

2.1 How to Remove Forgot iPhone Passcode without Restore Feature Using iPhone Unlock

The best way to bypass forgotten iPhone passcode without the code and restoring is to use iPhone Unlock. iPhone Unlock is a professional program to unlock iPhone/iPad lock screen and iCloud lock on iOS devices with only a few clicks. And, it can remove all types of lock screen, including 4-digit & 6-digit passcode, the Touch ID and Face ID.

Besides, if you locked out of iPhone by the activation lock, you can unlock Apple ID without password within seconds. However, note that it may erase all iPhone data after bypassing Apple ID, and to remove the Apple ID on iDevices later than iOS 11.4 with Find My iPhone/iPad turned on, you will have the 2-factor authentication enabled and need to know the screen password.

Anyway, you can easily remove forgotten iPhone passcode without restoring and any difficulty by following the on-screen instructions. And it is widely compatible with all iPhone/iPad, such as iPhone SE (2nd generation)/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/Xs Max/Xs/XR/X/8/8 Plus/7 Plus/7/6S Plus/6S/6/6 Plus/5S/5C/5/4S/4, etc.

iphone unlock windows downloadiphone unlock mac download

Well, how to reset your iPhone when you forgot your password?

Notes: Please note that the unlocking process may erase the data on iPhone. So, before you start, you'd better back up locked iPhone first.

1. Install and launch iPhone Unlock on your computer and select Unlock from the toolbox. Then connect the locked iPhone to computer with a USB cable.

install iphone unlock on computer and connect locked iphone to the computer

2. Click Unlock iOS Screen on this program and follow the on-screen instructions to boot iPhone into the Recovery or DFU mode. After entering into the DFU mode, this program will display the device information, if the information is not correct, just select the correct information from the drop-down lists. Then click Download to install the firmware for your device.

necessary operations on this program before you remove forgot iphone passcode without restore

3. After the firmware is downloaded successfully, click Unlock Now to start unlocking the iPhone passcode.

bypass forgot ipone password without restore using iphone unlock

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2.2 How to Remove Passcode from iPhone without Restore Feature with Siri

This method works only on iOS 8 to iOS 11. If you are using such an iPhone, you can have a try, but it may fail to work, since Apple company may have fixed this security glitch with Siri.

You can follow these simple steps to try to wipe out the forgotten iPhone password without restore feature:

1. Activate Siri by pressing and holding the Home button for a few seconds. Then ask Siri Hey Siri, what time is it now? and tap on the clock icon that appears on the screen.

2. This will open the World Clock. Press + icon on the interface to add a new clock, enter a city name into the field and click Select All > Share.

3. Hit Messages icon to open a new message window, input anything in the To field and tap Return button on the keyboard. After that, the text in the To field will be highlighted in green color. Select the highlighted text and tap + icon behind it.

4. In the pop-up window, choose Create New Contact, tap Add photo and click Choose Photo option. Do not choose any photo when it opens the Photo Library. Then after a while, press the Home button. This will unlock the lock screen on iPhone.

bypass forgot ipone password without restore using siri

If this method does not work anymore, you can use iPhone Unlock to remove the iPhone passcode without restoring.

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Part 3. How to Bypass iPhone Passcode without Restoring with Password via iCloud's Find My iPhone

iCloud's Find My iPhone can also bypass iPhone lock screen without restoring when you forgot iPhone passcode. To use this method, you will need to have enabled Find My iPhone feature on your iPhone before it gets locked.

Before unlocking iPhone, you need to know that this way may erase all iPhone data while removing the forgotten iPhone passcode. Hence, you can give it a try if there is an iCloud backup of iPhone data.

How to remove passcode from iPhone without restore?

1. On your computer or other devices, visit iCloud.com/find from a web browser and sign in with the same Apple ID you used on the locked iPhone.

2. Click Find My iPhone from the top of the page and then All Devices.

3. Tap the iPhone that you need to unlock from the list and click Erase iPhone. Then all iPhone data and password will be wiped out from your iPhone. If you have an iCloud backup, then you can go to the setup of your iPhone and select Restore from iCloud backup to restore important backups to iPhone.

bypass forgot ipone password without restore using find my iphone

Bonus Tips to Remember

Now you may have understood how to bypass iPhone passcode without restoring, to avoid locking iPhone next time, here are some useful tips:

  • Keep iOS updated on your iPhone.
  • Set a strong and easy-to-remember passcode.
  • Regularly back up your iPhone to computer or elsewhere to prevent data loss.
  • Write down the lock screen password of iPhone or other passcodes on a piece of paper/notebook and well keep it.
  • Try to set multiple types of screen lock on your iPhone, like passcode, pattern lock, fingerprint, etc.

The Bottom Line

If you forgot iPhone password and cannot access your iPhone, don't panic! The 3 ways above can help you bypass forgotten iPhone passcode without restore feature. But activating Siri on a locked iPhone only works on iOS 8 - 11, besides, you can only unlock iPhone with Find My iPhone when you have enabled this feature on iPhone before it is locked.

Consequently, I highly recommend you to try iPhone Unlock. It is easy to use, completely secure, fast to unlock and requires no password or tech knowledge.

Well, if you encounter any problem during use, feel free to leave a comment below.

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